25 weeks down, only 15 weeks more to go! You have almost reached the end of your second trimester now. Soon you will be in the final stage of your pregnancy, the third trimester. It is time that you start planning your baby shower. You deserve some celebration after all! You might also want to get done with setting that nursery by now. Everything would shift to new gear as you are 25 weeks pregnant and almost into your third trimester. 

Also, you should enroll yourself in taking childbirth lessons. We know that you still have time in your hand but preterm labor can be a possibility for anyone. As your child is maturing, it is getting ready to survive in the outside world. In case, your baby plans to show up a little early, it is better to be prepared for that too. Prevention is better than cure anyway!

Pregnancy Week: 25

At 25 weeks pregnant, your baby is still growing and gaining some weight. However, your baby would have become a little over 12 inches in height and would weigh around 778 grams. The size of the baby is almost as big as an average eggplant. 

Your baby’s kicks must have become a little stronger now. You could even notice it from the outside. Your adorable little one is now growing hair on his head this week. The soft, fine hair that covers the baby’s body called lanugo is well-formed by now. Also, your tiny human can sense smell now. The olfactory system is now fully developed and can smell different odors and scents. Although, inside your womb, it can now only smell amniotic fluid. 

Initially, your baby’s liver produced all the red blood cells. Now that you are already 25 weeks pregnant, the baby’s bone marrow has become the main site of red blood cell production. In week 21, the bone marrow became a major contributor to production and by week 24, the bone marrow took the sole responsibility of producing red blood cells. Now that your baby’s red blood cell production is on full-fledged, your baby’s skin is turning pinker. No matter what is the baby’s skin color, it will turn pink due to the blood capillaries that are under development beneath the skin.

Besides, your baby has shown tremendous progress and has completed its second stage of lung development. In this second stage, the canalicular stage, the branches of lungs, small passageways, and the capillaries have been formed. Although, there are still two more stages to complete. The last stage progresses in childhood. Soon your baby will be able to breathe fresh air when it gets out of your womb.

25 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms

Many women must have been sensing their babies kicking for some weeks now but those who could not would definitely will be able to sense it this week. The second trimester comes with a different set of pregnancy symptoms and discomforts. You might have been experiencing some of these like Braxton Hicks Contractions, Leg cramps, heartburn, vision changes, and nasal congestion. This week you may notice a couple of new symptoms. You might find your chest-pounding and have some itchy rashes on your belly and breast area.

1. Heart palpitations 

Now you have got two hearts to take care of that you are pregnant. Before pregnancy, your heart worked at a different and normal pace. However, now it pumps up to more than 50% of blood than it used to earlier. It also pumps it at a 15% faster pace than usual. You may or may not notice these changes.

Some pregnant women often complain about these heart palpitations and this is a common pregnancy symptom. You might sense some different feelings like your heart fluttering, skipping a beat, pounding, racing, and extra beats. Take these as the signs of having found your true love. These are normal to experience during pregnancy and nothing to be scared of. Although, if you find it very discomforting then share your concerns with your doctor in your next prenatal visit. 

2. Belly and breast itch

Around 20% to 40% of pregnant women complain about having itchy skin during their pregnancies. It is a common symptom that can occur after being 25 weeks pregnant. The reason behind this happening is not yet completely understood. Although, dry skin, stretching skin, and hormonal fluctuations are suspected highly. This week, you might find yourself experiencing this symptom mainly on your breasts, abdomen, and belly area. 

25 Weeks Pregnant ultrasound

In week 25 of your pregnancy, you are most not likely to get an ultrasound scan. Unless your doctor has asked you to. Anyhow, your baby has achieved its balance inside your womb. It can sense equilibrium now! Your little smartypants is now learning which way is up and which way is down. 

25 Weeks Pregnant ultrasound
25 Weeks Pregnant ultrasound

Also, your baby is growing more fat and those baby soft hair as well. 

Some Self-Care Pregnancy Tips

Tips for self-care pregnancy:

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and making sure that you remain hydrated would help with your itchy skin as well as heart palpitations. 

Start taking childbirth lessons

Your baby is still a few months due. But sometimes preterm pregnancies are likely to happen. Although, there is not much to worry about. A 25 weeks pregnant woman giving birth would surely sound scary and dangerous but your baby’s survival chances are strong. According to statistics, about 67% to 76% of babies born in week 25 of pregnancy survive. Although, it is essential they are kept in NICU under intensive care and guidance. 

However, with each passing week, your baby is getting more ready than ever to fit into this world. Thus, it is better if you also put some effort and prepare yourself to help your baby doing the same. It is time that you start taking childbirth lessons. 

Take care of your skin

Start taking cold showers instead of hot. They make your skin dry. Also, keep your skin moisturized and steer away from harsh soaps that might be damaging your skin. Switch your detergents and wash your clothes with mild detergents. Their residue on your clothes could be a possible reason for your itchiness as well.

You have come pretty far with your pregnancy and we are proud of you! There are only a few more weeks to go before you hold your tiny human in your arms. So stay strong like you have been doing all this time and patiently wait for these few more weeks to go by!

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