Games: a word that gets everyone excited, whether you are a nine-year-old at a birthday party or a group of office-going adults hanging out together. Games can not only be a great way to break the ice and get the conversation started, but they can also bring you closer to the people you already love so much. When played with the correct people, games build a space for banter, laughter, warmth, and friendly competition. They are an effective way to cut down the distance, especially if you are reconnecting with someone, be it after days or years. 

Also, when you play games, the part of your brain that is so stressed about everything shuts down and instead just focuses on having fun, which is just what you deserve! Sure, you have to pay for the pills or finish that assignment. But you can get back to worrying about it after a few rounds of some fun games with your favorite people. 

For the older crowd, games can take an exciting turn. Of course, this depends on who you are playing them with. If you are playing with your significant other, you can choose more intimate games such as kissing games, or even sex games, if you both are comfortable. But if you are playing with a group of friends, things can be just as fun because the options are endless. So, either way, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. The star of today’s article is one such classic game that never gets old no matter how much times change: Never Have I Ever.

What Is “Never Have I Ever”?

Although you probably do have a vague idea about this game, let’s start by revising the rules. “Never Have I Ever” is a party game that can be played in two different ways, depending on whether all the players involved are of legal drinking age and if they are comfortable with alcohol consumption or not. 

First, all the players sit in a circle. If you are playing the non-alcoholic version of this game, you start with each player having ten points. Then, someone starts the game by saying “Never have I ever…” followed by a thing which they have never done. For example, the first person might say “Never have I ever eaten a whole burger alone”. 

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

Now, if there is someone in the group who has done it, they will lose a point. The game will go on until there is one person left who still has points. You can choose to play this version with non-alcoholic drinks as well, so instead of losing a point, people have to take that particular non-alcoholic drink. 

The second version of this game is the drinking game, in which the same round of statements is made, except instead of losing a point people have to take a drink. This game has no clear winner and will go on until everyone is too drunk to continue or the questions have died down. 

This can be fun when played with a group of close friends because then you can ask questions based on your knowledge of them and recall shared memories. With interesting or scandalous questions, the people who have done those things may offer explanations, which makes the whole process even more hilarious.

Of course, it is good to set some ground rules before you begin. There are some things people might not want to talk about. What is comfortable for you may be invasive for another. Thus, remember to respect each other’s feelings and not cross any lines just for the sake of a laugh. If you are playing the drinking version of this game, be responsible and do not over-drink or force anyone to drink. Always remember that safe fun is the best fun. 

Best “Never Have I Ever” Questions

Now that you know how to play “Never Have I Ever”, you may want to look for questions that will make things more fun, keeping everyone’s comfort in mind. Well, we are here to help you out in making your party more fun by giving you this list of 17 best “Never Have I Ever” questions that you can ask.

1. Never have I Ever Tried Cutting my Own Hair

This one is a safe question to start with because it could have disastrous answers and funny incidents shared in response by some of your more risk-taking friends. After all, cutting your hair with your own hands is an adventure in itself, one that could go in either direction.

2. Never have I Ever Gone Skinny-Dipping in a Pool

Better to steer off this question in the presence of minors, but if you are all adults then this question can have interesting answers. After all, swimming naked in a pool is sure to have a thrilling story behind it. Remember to gauge the atmosphere however and only ask this question if you are sure your friends will feel comfortable. 

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

3. Never have I Ever been on a Blind Date

This one could have both romantic or disastrous responses, depending on how the date went. Some of your friends may have found a special someone through this, while others might have needed to fake an emergency just to get out of it. Either way, you are bound to have fun listening to their answers.

4. Never have I Ever Fractured a Bone in my Body

From childhood accidents to adulthood mishaps, this question is sure to bring in stories of some memorable incidents. 

5. Never have I Ever Travelled to a Foreign Country all Alone

Travelling is always a fascinating experience, but traveling alone is even-more so. If you have friends who have been to foreign countries as solo-travelers, they might have many enthralling anecdotes to share with their answer.

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

6. Never have I Ever Fallen in Love at First Sight with Anyone

Ah, another one for the hopeless romantics. Whether love at the first sight happens or not is still a mystery, but if you have friends who have experienced it themselves, they may have some warm stories to share. Or life lessons, depending on how it went. 

7. Never have I Ever Experienced a One-Night Stand

A special question for your adult-only parties, where some of your sexually comfortable and adventurous friends can share stories of their interesting escapades, provided that they are comfortable.

8. Never have I Ever been Caught While Cheating on an Exam

Cheating on an exam is common, but getting caught cheating is a whole other story. What followed after getting caught might involve creative lies or tricks, hearing which would make for an interesting evening.

9. Never have I Ever been Arrested 

This one could get you some unexpected answers, even from the people you have known for so long. However, be sure to gauge whether this is safe to ask because you do not want to accidentally trigger some traumatic memories. 

10. Never have I Ever Accidentally Sexted the Wrong Person

Oh boy, this one will bring some second-hand embarrassment, especially if the text was sent to someone who really wasn’t supposed to see it.

11. Never have I Ever Tried Skydiving 

This one is for the thrill-seekers inside you all. If any of your friends have experienced this, they will definitely have captivating memories to share. You can alter this question with other adventurous options such as scuba diving, bungee jumping, etc.

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

12. Never have I Ever had a Crush on Someone in this Room

This one is definitely a cute one to ask if you know that two of your friends like each other at the moment. It could also bring memories of embarrassing past crushes.

13. Never have I Ever Tried Drunk-Dialing an Ex

Well, this is probably not a smart question to ask when everyone is already getting quite drunk, but hey, you have all shared so much already, nothing can faze you anymore.

14. Never have I Ever Pulled an All-Nighter

What better way to bond than to recall stressful college nights before an exam or doing overtime in your office? Luckily, you have those drinks and the company of friends to wash down the exhaustion of those memories 

15. Never have I Ever Seen or Felt a Ghost

Whether you have a friend who has seen a ghost or one who thinks they have seen one, this question will either chill your spine or make you roll your eyes in disbelief. Bonus points if there are people in your group who do not believe in ghosts and this sparks a lighthearted debate. Of course, if the incident share is traumatic or emotional in any way, everyone should steer clear of jokes.

Never Have I Ever
Never Have I Ever

16. Never have I Ever Confessed to Someone

This one could bring both cute and disastrous answers, depending on how lucky your friends are in their love lives.

17. Never have I Ever Met Someone Famous

Why not end this list with a bang? Meeting celebrities always seems like such an impossible thing, but you would be surprised at how some of your friends might have run into someone famous in the most unexpected places.

Remember that Safety First, Fun Second

Ultimately, remember to stay safe and be careful having all the fun. Cut down on the drinks if you see that everyone is getting a bit too drunk. Remember to not drive back anywhere after this game if you have been drinking. Practice caution at all times, because that should always be your priority. 

The whole point of this game is to connect through shared experiences. Don’t use this game to make fun of someone or drag out painful memories. Instead, try to keep things as light and comfortable as you can so that everyone can have fun. The best “Never Have I Ever” questions are those that are asked with consideration for everyone. After all, a happy and comfortable group is the best group that will make your night a warm and memorable one. 

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