Is your crush a Disney person? Well then, it’s time to unleash your inner Disney pick up lines energy to make an impression. The best part about Disney pick-up lines is the fact that there are lots of scopes, given the immense variety of Disney. Find out your crush’s or your partner’s favorite Disney book, movie, or character and curate the pick-up lines accordingly. If you’re smart with them, the transition from uttering Disney pick-up lines to having Disney movie dates won’t be too long. Want some help? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! 

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Best Disney Pick Up Lines

Checkout the best Disney pickup lines to swipe your crush off their feet:

  • Are you Ariel? Because I feel we mermaid for each other

Fan of wordplays? Use this one to remind your partner that both of you are made for one another and win their heart. 

  • I may be a beast because you are surely a beauty

Who doesn’t like to be called a beauty? You girl does, for sure! Beauty and the Beast references have something about them and you should try them out. 

  • Don’t you worry, Cinderella. You’ll be home before the clock strikes 12

Princess pick-up lines are incomplete without the mention of Cinderella. Use this to assure your girl before taking her out. 

  • You’ll crave to spend more time with me in bed rather than sleeping, beauty

Smooth, right? What are pickup lines without sexual innuendos? According to us, boring. Spice up your time with your beloved by saying this one. 

Disney Pick Up Lines
Disney Pick Up Lines
  • Are you a Disney princess? Because you are (cinder)hella fine

The wordplay is crazy and so will your time with your girl be. Even if you fail to make things lovey-dovey, you’re going to have a good laugh about it. Great way to initiate a conversation, we’d say. 

Time for Some Dirty Disney Pick Up Lines 

  • The magic carpet isn’t the only thing that you’ll ride tonight

Love Aladdin? Try out this pick-up line for your special night with your partner. What better way than a bit of Disney in your dirty talk? We’re all for it. 

  • If you rub my lamp, all your wishes are going to come true

What kind of wishes, though? Looks like the sexual ones. You couldn’t have imagined these Disney pickup lines when you were reading or watching Aladdin as a child, could you? Did we ruin your childhood yet? There are more to come. 

  • I’m Mickey but nothing is Minnie about me

Too much information for the initial days but with time, you can get comfortable enough with your partner to use such pick-up lines. Is it time for her to know too much yet? You’d know! 

  • You can call me Nemo when I “touch the butt”

Again, there’s nothing sexier than consented dirty talk. This one’s quite creative and deserves to be tried out. Find your match and impress them with ‘Finding Nemo” references.

Cheesy Disney Pick Up Lines 

  • Are you ready to walk with me? I’ll show you A Whole New World

What could be better than turning someone’s favorite song into a pickup line?  Say it before starting a new journey with your loved one and melt their heart. This is definitely going to work. 

  • You can call me Pooh, because you, honey is all I’d ever want

Cheesy but cute. Winnie The Pooh supremacy for the win. With Disney pick-up lines, you can be ever so fun and direct. With a character as cute as Pooh, it’s hard to go wrong, unless you’re trying on the wrong person.

  • People say Disneyland is the happiest place to be on Earth because they haven’t been in your arms

We are stan! Being in your lover’s arms is the most beautiful thing that can happen to you. There’s no better way to acknowledge that than this cheesy yet full-of love pick-up line. 

  • Will you come with me to infinity and beyond? 

All Disney feels right there! This is a very popular pickup line that’s going to make your partner feel loved and wanted, whenever you say it. It holds a promise of staying together and being there for each other, irrespective of everything else. 

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  • You’re the happy thought to my Peter Pan

Your lover’s supposed to be your happy thought, no matter what. This is one of those sweet and cheesy Disney pick-up lines that make the conversation take a wholesome leap. Using this would be the most suitable way to end a happy date.

  • Are you wonderland? Because I’d like to be Alice

Your partner indeed seems like your wonderland where you want to invest your all and explore everything. This one’s surely going to bring a smile to both of your faces. If you’re good with your words, who knows, you may as well get an entry to the wonderland you’ve been waiting so long to see. Sexual innuendo much? Hell yes! 

  • I think I’m melting because you’re worth melting for

Disney pick-up lines like this would make your heart really full, right? Because, same. When you say this, it would be an expression of your love and fondness and nothing else can ever match up to that. 


What’s the use of all these Disney pick-up lines? Creativity adds dimension and variation to otherwise ordinary and basic conversations. These are not just for people who are about to begin a new romantic journey but are also for those who have already made a considerable part of the journey. If you feel that the spark of your relationship that was once there, does not exist anymore, it’s time for you to work on it. Disney pick-up lines are a great way to bring back those restless butterflies in the tummy back. 

Use them on your partner on their special days, as well as regular days, to make them feel special and wanted. You know your lover the best and their likes and dislikes. It wouldn’t take much to come up with fun and cute one-liners. Even if it does, is it too much to ask for? That’s the real question. 

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