There can be no better time of the year than Halloween to express your wit and impress your crush. This is not just a time of partying and merry-making but also, a golden opportunity for you to polish your humor. Try these 18 Halloween Pick Up Lines. Making yourself Halloween ready doesn’t just refer to dressing up as your favorite spooky character. It also indicates being vocally ready to initiate a playful or romantic conversation. While strengthening your pickup game, keep in mind that you should use it on someone who welcomes it. It’s not advisable to go around hurling Halloween pickup lines at random strangers who would either laugh at you or think you’re creepy. 

Consent is most important when it comes to expressing something, more so, when you’re about to utter the craziest Halloween pickup lines to someone. Do you like playing with words and cracking jokes? We love doing it too and we wouldn’t leave out a chance to show off our skills. Would you? We’ve curated some of the coolest and funniest pick up lines for you to memorize and enjoy your Halloween, your way. 

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Quirky Halloween Pick Up Lines 

Here are the 18 most quirky Halloween pickup lines for you:

  • “I look like a pumpkin because you’ve carved a smile onto my face”

This is one of the most appropriate Halloween pickup lines that you can try on your crush or your date. Even if it fails to impress your special one, you’re going to have a good laugh about it. 

  • “I’m a zombie, who admires you for your brains

This pickup line might just be perfect for winning over your ‘beauty with brains’.

  • “I forgot my Halloween costume at home, can I go as your date?”

Getting to hang out with the one you like on Halloween. Perfect, right? Try using this pickup line to go on a date with your crush. Use it on someone who’d play along, without spoiling the fun. 

  • “I don’t need to see your blood to know that my heart beats for you” 

Some say that this Halloween pickup line works well for doctors. Does it? Try for yourself! 

  • “Will you be dressing up like a broom on Halloween? Because you’ve swept me off my feet”

Cheesy, right? Not too much if you are a wholesome kino couple. Use this one and make your partner blush. 

  • “Is it Halloween yet? Because you’ve lit up my life” 

Have you been feeling on cloud nine lately? Has your beloved brightened up your life? Halloween pickup lines like this one do their job of validating someone and making them feel special. 

  • “Are you a ghost? Because you haunt me every day” 

Obsessed with your crush, yet? We can tell. Grab the opportunity and confess your feelings on Halloween night. 

  • “Bored of my old broom, have you anything that I can ride on?” 

If you’ve been someone who’s spent the entire teenage, working out sexual innuendos, this one for you. Whether it will work or not, depends on your charm.

  • “Do you own a magic wand? You’ve seemed to have cast a magic spell on me” 

Feel the sparks and let the magic happen with the one you’ve got your eyes on. Whether the magic spell would be long-lived or not, depends on you.

  • “This house seems haunted, wanna stick together?” 

Halloween pickup lines can be smart but there’s also the fear of rejection. Our advice? Go for it!  At least you won’t have anything to ponder upon and regret after Halloween is over. 

  • “Who needs a costume? You look like an angel already” 

When women are complimented on their looks, there are chances that they may notice you, if you are successful in making an impression. Be smart and spontaneous. Street-smartness is attractive. 

Halloween Pick Up Lines
Halloween Pick Up Lines

Dirty Halloween Jokes? Yes, Please 

Are we done with cheesy pickup lines? We’ll see. Let’s dive into some scandalous and dirty Halloween jokes for you to share only in front of your BFF-squad. 

  • “Why can’t vampires make babies? Since they have to seek permission before coming in.”

Scandalous, right? We’d warned you. Not too bad either for telling your drunk friends on a Halloween night. 

  • “How do you think skeletons have an orgasm? By boning”

 Quintessential skeleton jokes on Halloween? We’re all for it. Not too great for work parties though. 

  • “Which instrument should you play on Halloween? A Spook-ulele”

Quite the kind of joke for music lovers. Impress your musician friend. Too poor a joke? Everything works on Halloween. 

  • “How do ghosts open locks? Using a spoo-key”

You’ve got to crack up at this with your friends on Halloween night, if not with your crush. Wordplays are the real deal. 

  • “What would happen if you kiss a ghost? Your mouth would be full of sheet”

Are you scared of ghosts inside white bedsheets? We are, too and we want to forget about all the white bedsheets that we own. 

  •  “What would be the name of the kid if a snowman and vampire have sex? Frostbite. 

 Worldplay, yet again. Dirty Halloween jokes are incomplete without a fair utilization of puns and innuendos. 


Starting from hookup proposals to lovey-dovey dates and even night out with friends, we’ve covered Halloween pickup lines for every occasion. You could get things the way you want to with a confident flair, directed towards the right person. Puns and pickup lines are usually used in casual, light-hearted conversations and shouldn’t cross lines at any point in time. You’ve got to look for the perfect moment to drop one, that would make an impact immediately. Have you noted down your favorite ones yet? Get started if you haven’t already and come back to those before every Halloween to get all the attention you need. Positive or negative attention? We’ll leave that to you. 

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