Women get extremely body-conscious; we are never satisfied with how we look. There are always a few extra pounds here, an acne scar there or a bad haircut, we are extremely critical of our appearance. We think a man notices all this, but nothing can be further from the truth. Men are just appreciative of your appearance.

Intimate Things Men Notice About A Woman

Most women complain that their man doesn’t pay attention to details, and doesn’t notice things about them. But nothing can be further from the truth. Men are extremely visual creatures, and they notice minute things, in bed.

1. The messy hair look

 They are appreciative of you at your finest, but they like you at your messiest too. Men find the unkempt, slept-in hair to look extremely sexy, maybe that is why they initiate morning sex. Ta-Da!!!

2. The enticing eyes

When you are in bed together and just holding onto each other, he will end up noticing the smallest details about you. Eyes are said to the window of your soul, and your partner will be trying to gauge your feelings for him through your eyes. He will notice the color of your eyes, the way your eyes light up, and the way they crinkle when you laugh.

3. The luscious lips

It is a no-brainer, that a guy will be noticing those beautiful lips. Even if you are conscious of your laugh, he just loves it, and the way you crack up, when he tickles you during sex. And obviously, he loves kissing them.

4. Breasts

Which guy doesn’t love breasts, so it is obvious that it will be one of the first things where his eyes will land, when you are in bed together. The way your chest heaves during sex, the area just above the boobs, the nape of your neck, nothing misses his attentive eyes, fingers, and lips.

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5. The way your body feels

Women are generally softer than men, thanks to the tons of moisturizing we do, and being biologically blessed too. A guy always notices how soft, and enticing your body feels against his. This is what makes him so grabby in bed.

6. The way you smell

A man might not know the perfume that you wear, but he certainly knows how you smell. When he is nuzzling your neck, he will notice it, and he will appreciate and remember the lingering aroma when you aren’t beside him.

Men Notice About A Woman
Men Notice About A Woman

7. The way your body responds to his touch

A man likes being appreciated for his efforts in bed, and nothing speaks more than actions. He might not hear what you have been saying over dinner, but he most certainly pays to heed the way your body reacts to his moves- the way you breathe heavily when he goes down on you, and the way your expression changes. Those moans and the dirty talkbacks just spice things up. It will spur him to do better!

8. Your level of confidence

Women often have body image issues. But truth be told, a man doesn’t care about your appearance when he sees you naked. But he will certainly notice how comfortable you are in your skin, and a woman with low confidence is often a huge turn-off.

9. The hygiene and grooming down under

If you are expecting to get some action down there, make sure you maintain your level of hygiene. It is best if you take a quick shower. Also, keep your bushes trimmed. He might not complain, but he will surely avoid it the next time you are in bed together.

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10. A woman who knows what she wants

You should tell your guy what you want; frankly, he isn’t a mind reader. A guy notices how you reciprocate. It will not only make you feel good but make it a memorable experience for him too. Also, if you sometimes make an effort by dressing up or getting some racy lingerie, the efforts will be much appreciated.

11. Willingness to experiment

If you never initiate sex or try to spice things up in the bedroom, trying different moves can become extremely disheartening for your partner.

Men Notice About A Woman
Men Notice About A Woman

12. How you react post-sex

Whether you act aloof or want to cuddle will go a long way in deciding the way your relationship progresses. Guys like intimacy as much as women.

13. He notices every flaw

A guy is extremely sensitive in bed, and he will notice the scar, the love handles, and every blemish on your body. But he loves them and finds them as something unique to you. The next time, you catch him staring at you in bed, you know the things he is paying attention to.

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