Fashion never goes out of style. The same goes for hairstyles as well. As of now, most of us are obsessed with the bob hairstyle, aren’t we? Ladies of Hollywood are flaunting all kinds of bob haircuts making us obsess over it. Bob Hairstyles are of different kinds if you have noticed such as- the A-line bob, Asymmetrical bob, Inverted bob, Long bob. There are so many other variations in the case of haircuts than you can imagine. If you are thinking of getting yourself a bob you’ve got to know about this bob hairstyles and its types. 

1. Messy long bob with side bangs

Bob Hairstyles

One of the awesome things about bob hairstyle is that it makes you look chic and pretty. If you don’t want to manage it and just let it flow naturally. Naturally straight hair women have to set it to make it look this way. 

2. A-line long bob with middle partition

Bob Hairstyles

A-line bobs are longer in the front and short at the back without any layers though. This is one of the most common and yet classiest of all bob hairstyles. This one is for you if you like to cover the sides of your face. Recommended for straight hair.

3. Asymmetrical angled bob

Bob Hairstyles for women

Asymmetrical bobs have long hair on one side and shorter on the other side. You can wear this hairstyle in any way you want to be it straight or wavy. The choice is yours.

4. Bob with fringe

Bob Hairstyles

Fringes are best for us who have a broad forehead or if you want to hide lines in your forehead. Side-parted or middle part fringes are also in trend now.

5. Layered bob

Bob Hairstyles

Layers work best with wavy hair. So, if you have wavy hair you can definitely try this hairstyle of our gorgeous Penny from Big bang theory. Ladies with straight hair if you also dream of the layered bob, you can also go for it. But your hair will require some maintenance to make it look like this. So, if you are willing to make an effort in setting your hair then give it a try.

6. Inverted bob with bangs

Bob Hairstyles

This is almost similar to the A-line bob. Also known as the graduated bob, unlike in the A-line bob cut, inverted bobs have tapered back with stacked layers. If you have watched Jurassic world the one with the charming Chris Pratt, the hairstyle of Bryce Dallas Howard in this movie was quite eye-catching. Now that’s an inverted bob with bangs. However, the layers at the back can be subtle or noticeable.

7. Shoulder length long bob

Some of us ladies aren’t brave enough to chop off our hair and try out a new look. Kudos to those women who can experiment with their hair fearlessly! This hairstyle is for us who aren’t sure if we will really like the trending hairdo or not. So, this will be a safe bet.

8. Pixie wispy Bob

Bob Hairstyles

My friend if you are annoyed with your low volume hair making your face look bigger, then you can try this sexy AF hairstyle. For this, you have to be daring to chop off your hair a bit shorter than usual if you have long hair. This haircut will definitely make you look bold if you can carry it well.

 9. Simple bob 

Bob Hairstyles

One of the iconic bob cuts is the simple one. You may also know it as the Blunt cut. You can style this haircut in any partition- middle or sideways. 

 10. Faux bob

Bob Hairstyles

Gigi Hadid flaunted her faux bob at the American Music Awards, so can you. Not too sure about cutting your hair but want to try the bob look? Then you are here for a treat because you can try this at your home. To try it watch this simple video, you will get the idea.

 So, these were the few trending bob hairstyles, you can try if you’re thinking of getting a new look. Before getting any different haircuts always think deeply whether you will be able to carry it confidently or not. Also, keep in mind that the shape of your face also matters a lot while you are getting a new haircut. So, choose your hairstyle wisely and flaunt it.