After being in a relationship with someone for a long time, people tend to complain that how they maintain consistency in a relationship as their relationship becoming stagnant or boring, this is known as the relationship rut in the modern lingo. With all these new trends emerging and dating becoming a casual thing, most people tend to feel that a serious relationship is a huge deal. 

You probably heard of people mentioning that they aren’t ready to commit with their partner as it is a lot for them and they probably aren’t sure about the person. People want to keep their options open and that is completely fine, one should never settle for the second or third best. 

If you are someone who thinks they have found the right person and want to learn the secret of a healthy committed relationship continue reading. 

How To Maintain Consistency In A Relationship ?

Don’t fret about committing yourself to a person you think is right for you and your feelings are mutual. However, you should learn that commitment and consistency in a relationship go hand in hand. If you are devoted to the person in your life, you should show and prove it to them through consistency. 

Along with the qualities you look for in a partner, in order to actually be with someone, you should have a consistency to never let your relationship turn towards the rut part. A relationship is a combined effort of both the partners, it seeks the same things from both sides. In order to move ahead, both partners should deliver their best to the relationship. 

Now if you are wondering what is consistency in a relationship? It is through these little ways that you can keep it or maintain it in your relationship. 

1. It is a Mutual Effort

We have already discussed how important it is for both partners in a relationship to put in mutual efforts. It is okay to make the other person feel better when they are going through a rough phase in your relationship.

There is nothing wrong with them getting distracted for a little while but if you’ve been the only person who is trying to maintain consistency in your relationship then it is a major red flag

2. Notice the Consistency of the Negative Aspects of your Relationship

As much as it is important for you to maintain the consistency of your relationship, it is equally important to know if there is any consistent negative behavior from your side or from your partner’s side. As not being able to do anything for a relationship or not wanting to change the situation is a sign itself that you are not happy or willing to stay. So, it is better to move on than to get hurt. 

3. Keep Trying to Win Them Back 

It is rightly said you should never stop trying to win them back. It is very natural to have a few ups and downs in every relationship but what matters is how you handle them. If you want someone in your life you will give your best to make it a reality. 

Benefits of consistency in relationship
Maintain Consistency In A Relationship

4. Never Stop Surprising Them

No matter how long you’ve been with each other, surprising your special someone never goes old. You don’t have to go all the way; it can be as simple as ordering them a special meal or a thing that they’ve wanted for a long time. This only shows how much you care for them. It’s never cliché to prepare a meal for your special someone; it only shows that you are working on creating a better space for both of you. 

5. Know Where the Relationship is Going

It is very important to have a vision for your future, it saves you from wondering where your relationship is heading. 

If you are not sure if you want to be with them in the future you wouldn’t feel the need to go the extra mile and maintain consistency in the relationship. 

Tips for relationship consistency
Maintain Consistency In A Relationship

6. Talk About It

In order to keep the commitment and consistency in relationships, you must learn to communicate more with each other. Many couples fall apart because they stopped discussing and sharing their feelings with each other.

They tend to hurt each other over and over by not being honest and that is the worst part. Learn to be vocal about your feelings and share them with your partner. Also, encourage them to do the same to keep consistency in the relationship. 

7. The Cupcake Phase Ends

You need to learn that your relationship will not always be roses and cupcakes, as much as we love the initial time of any relationship it tends to move towards the mature phase. 

In order to be able to not get hurt through the changing period, you should be prepared. This won’t necessarily be the same for all relationships. If you feel your relationship is as good as it was when it started, congratulations you’ve met your soulmate. 

What is your Comfort Level?

You should ask yourself this question when you start to move towards thinking about commitment. If you feel like you are comfortable with a person and you feel they too are their natural self when they are with you. You should take it as a positive sign. 

Relationship consistency tips
Relationship consistency tips

Sometimes when couples compromise with their comfort levels with a person they tend to worry about it later in their relationship which never ends well. So, in order to go for the long run, you should be prepared. 

1. Learn to be Disappointed Sometimes

You can not always think that things will always be in your relationship. You must know that disappointments are a part of every relationship, not just romantic ones. You should be accepting and acknowledge the other person’s decisions as well. 

2. Love Should be the Priority 

All this talk of commitment and consistency won’t be possible if you do not love the other person. So even before you think about talking about the future of your relationship and the topic of consistency in a relationship you should ask yourself whether or not you love this other person to go the extra mile for them? 

Tips for maintaining relationships
Tips for maintaining relationships

If you love them, commitment and the importance of consistency in a relationship is not something you have to fuss about at all it will happen naturally. 

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