Marriage is one of India’s favorite thing to discuss at social gatherings, festivals, house visits, birthdays, graduation parties, basically every place possible if you are around the designated marriageable age, especially when you are a female. 

So, there are a lot of defense mechanisms that we females have to acquire over the years to avoid marriage talk at all these times. These are foolproof and always come in handy if you have recently started receiving these questions.

Getting married or not getting married, marrying at a young age or in the later years is the choice of the girl that they must not compromise just because people are asking them things that they were not supposed to in the first place. When you feel like you want to settle down and start a family you should only think about getting married then. 

We shall look now look at the excuses and how girls avoid marriage like a pro. They have been doing a pretty good job and these can get as creative as you can think. You obviously don’t owe anyone any explanation but just in case.

Excuses Girls Make to Avoid Marriage 

If you are a woman born in India, you might have experienced subtle if not direct comments regarding things you should do or shouldn’t do. We have progressed a lot but there still is a long way until everyone minds their own business and let a girl live the life she likes. 

So many strong independent women who are not planning to settle down any time soon, swear by these mantras that you should know of:

1. I’m Focusing on my Career

This one is a classic. It is honest too. If put your career above everything else and are not willing to compromise you should be upfront and honest about it. 

Marriage often requires a few compromises and often a woman is expected to shift to another state or country for their husbands and leave often involves leaving your job or career behind. If you think that is not for you, at least for now then you should speak it as it is, no sugar coating. 

2. I Plan to Study Further

Most families in India, believe in getting their daughters married as soon as they are out of school and this is good in no way. Every woman must have a right to study further at least an opportunity to explore her options before she starts a new life with someone. 

This is not an excuse but an honest and courageous step for you to only take what you think you deserve. We live in the 21st century and now we see women doing jobs that once were considered impossible to them. So, if the sky is the limit then why stop exploring. 

3. Guys are Intimidated by Me

This can true for so many independent and career-driven women, that men sometimes find them intimidating. So, you should not feel guilty about it and let everyone know the truth. You tell them like it is the problem of the other person that they cannot handle this.

Of course, if someone doesn’t feel that way around you and supports you in whatever path you choose is obviously Mr. Right, but until then you be the Mr. Right of your life.

4. The Sibling Card

This one is another amazing excuse girls make to avoid marriage. If you are younger and have an older brother you should use the fact and let everyone know that you will only get married after them. 

5. I’m Preparing Myself for Marriage

This is a great way for girls to avoid marriage talk instantly. This cannot be turned into a topic of discussion, as the person can’t give you such reasons. It is also a choice, if you think you should prepare first to take this step, you should be honest about it. You can easily persuade them that you are learning to cook or getting in the right shape, whatever you feel like, you can get creative with this.

Excuses for marriage
Excuses for marriage

6. I’m Exploring my Sexuality

We are living in the 21st century and this is something that we need people to be accepting about. If you are not sure about your feelings about a particular gender then you need to let your parents know before it’s too late. If you are already seeing someone, then introduce them and give them some time to know each other better. 

7. I’m Not Ready to Leave my Parents 

This can be your excuse to shut those nosey relatives. You are not ready to move out of your house and leave your parents or your family. You love them and going away into a completely different family takes a lot, you should be prepared for that. 

8. Marriage is not for Me 

If you feel this is what works for you, tell them as it is. You don’t see yourself ever settling down with anybody, ever in your life then let them know about this. It is better to speak the truth and have peace of mind instead of looking for excuses every time someone talks about marriage with you. 

9. I Want to Earn Millions Before you get Married

This is one excuse for you to avoid marriage talk any time soon. This is obviously not impossible but puts off the talk until you earn that much so it is a pretty good excuse.

10. I Do not have Time to get Married

This just might be true. We want to achieve so much and there is so little time for us to have all the things we want that getting married just don’t fit in. If you want to avoid marriage talk you can simply brush anyone away with this. It is not just an excuse for the marriage talk but also a slight indication to them to mind their own business.

Women have always proved that they get what they want. So, if not getting married is what you want then go for it. You go, girl! 

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