Which one will you select? A glass filled with cucumber slices or a glass of oreo shake? If you are health-conscious then you will, for sure get a glass filled with the cucumber slices, but if I ask you the reason for opting for the cuke glass, will you be able to retaliate with detailed info? In this blog we will know about the health benefits of cucumber!!

This is where you need to look good or else people will think you, as one of those who go with the flow of trend without knowing the whys. You should know the reasons why you are preferring something over the other.

Cucumber is a superfood

Here is the information about the health benefits of cucumber:

You will find 16 nutrients in cucumber with peels, whereas 15 without peels.


Protein: 1g

Fat: 0 g 

Fiber: 1 g

Carbohydrates: 4g

Sugar: 2g

Sodium: 2mg

And beyond their low-cal package, health benefits of cucumbers pack a lot of important nutrients:

Vitamin C: 14 percent of the RDI

Vitamin K: 62 percent of the RDI

Magnesium: 10 percent of the RDI

Potassium: 13 percent of the RDI

Manganese: 12 percent of the RDI

Health Benefits of Cucumber

1. They Act as Antioxidants And Contain Various Micronutrients

As per the journal of aging research and clinical practice, health benefits of cucumber consists of a group of polyphenols known as lignans, which are well known for treating estrogen-related cancer.  This is one of the most beneficial cucumber benefits.

Some natural treatments with cucumber:

Puffy eye

De tanning

2. Cucumbers Have the Capacity to Keep your Blood Pressure Under Control

Your health may be at risk and may even get worse at situations if you are suffering from hypertension, high blood pressure which is one of the health benefits of cucumber. One of the must consumables that you should keep in your dining table is the cukes. They are high in electrolyte potassium, which enables them to reduce sodium induced water retention and hence lowers your blood pressure.

But you cannot solely depend on consuming cukes one after the other to keep your blood pressure under control. You should also follow the stringent advice that you are prescribed with. 

3. They Keep Your Digestive System Healthy

The calories that are present in any cucumber, comes from fiber. Researchers have come up with stating that fibers help nourish your gut health and regulate bowel movement. They also prevent you from overeating, thus keeping you healthy.

4. They Keep You Mega Hydrated

The major health benefit of cucumber is keeping your body well hydrated. Staying hydrated will help to transmit nutrients to your cell without any obstruction, prevent constipation, and will help to throw out bacterias. 

Intake of cucumber in a good amount can fulfill all your daily water requirements. This is because a single cuke is made up of 95% water. 

Even if you take 1 cup of cucumber, you will stay well hydrated the whole day. Staying hydrated will also improve your skin health. Hence if you are a beauty oriented person then cucumber will help you to achieve your dreams.

5. They Keep Your Gut Healthy And Happy

As mentioned earlier, cucumbers carry a lot of fibers benefit within them. These fibers help your gut to stay healthy. 

It turns even healthier when pickle is made out of a cucumber. The right addition of vinegar, salt, spices acts as a rocket towards gut happiness. The fermentation of all the ingredients when consumed, it works for your gut the same way ginger works to your sore throat.

6. Cucumber is a Very Good Promoter of Healthy Weight

Cucumbers will not make you thin by stopping the fats accumulation in your body. You will definitely gain weight if you keep on eating junk with 1-2 cukes. I addressed cucumber as a promoter of healthy weight in the sense that, if you consume cucumber, you will get less attracted to having junks. This is because cucumber has a huge portion of water in it.

Practically speaking when you drink 1-2 glasses of water how does your stomach feel? You can add cucumber juice in your diet as well because there are thousands of health benefits of cucumber juice. Do you feel like eating anything (rice, chicken, chocolate, burger, pizza, etc.) after consuming so much water? No, right? This is exactly what happens when you have cucumber. 

They reduce your junk intake and this reduces your fat intake leading to a healthy weight record. In this it is best to have cucumber for weight loss.

7. They are a Good Regulator of Diabetes

Because of the above-mentioned quality of cucumber, your body’s craving towards sugary items is reduced, which is a good way to maintain your level of insulin.  

8. They are Versatile in Cooking

Cucumbers are quite neutral in taste and that is why they can be used in almost all the dishes. There are several benefits of eating cucumber. To get the dishes and recipes, you can click the names below:

Cold cucumber soup

Healthy Asian crab avocado spiralized cucumber salad

Cucumber sushi rolls

9. They Help Strengthen Your Bones

Calcium is not only the element that regulates your bone’s strength. Vitamin-k that can be found in cucumber also plays a crucial role in bone powering.

All the above provide a good amount of information from which you can find a valid reason for why you would prefer cucumber over oreo shake and not just say ideally because some other health-conscious said it. 

Have your own reasons and keep eating cucumbers.

Stay healthy!!!