Picture this: you’ve stayed up far too late watching episode after episode of your favorite show, and you’ve got to leave the house tomorrow. Or you’ve been burning the midnight oil studying hard for an exam. Or even worse, you’ve been crying all night due to the dreaded symptoms of PMS. Unless you’re exceptionally lucky, there’s a good chance you’ll wake up in the morning with a classic case of puffy eyes. Everyone has those moments, and here’s how you deal with them. 

Remedies For Puffy Eyes

Get rid of your puffy eyes in no time with the help of these natural remedies:

1. Use a cold compress on puffy eyes

Get a cloth or a small towel, wet it with cold water, and sit back and apply it to your face. Do it gently and don’t push anything into your eyes. This will also help you relax if you’re particularly stressed or anxious about something, and you can get some time to yourself to calm down.

2. Get hold of some spoons

Who knew cutlery had so many uses? The cold metal of the spoons will feel soothing over your eyelids. It’s a good idea to leave them in the fridge for some time, particularly if you dread waking up with puffy eyes. If you haven’t done that, you can always place them under some cold water for a few minutes, and then place them over your eyes. 

3. Drink enough water

 Puffy Eye
 Puffy Eye

Ideally, everyone should be drinking at least eight glasses of water a day, but that doesn’t always happen. Dehydration can cause eye puffiness, and the water you drink helps clean out excess fluid in your system. You’ll feel much better after a nice, long glass of water. Keep a water bottle with you at all times so you can remember to drink your eight glasses a day, or install an app on your phone to remind you. 

4. Drink less alcohol

Everyone likes a night out every now and again, but alcohol is a dehydrator. It can also lower an antidiuretic hormone present in your body, which, again, can lead to puffiness. Alcohol is also a known depressant and it can keep you awake longer nights, which will again result in puffy eyes in the morning. Cutting back on alcohol will contribute immensely to helping your puffy eye problem.

5. Sleep more

A night’s restless sleep is often unavoidable, but when it becomes a habit, it becomes an issue. Not getting your eight hours’ sleep regularly can lead to many problems, big and small, and puffy eyes are definitely a symptom. Try to get to sleep on time by following a strict nighttime schedule, avoid caffeine before bed, and switch off your phone or leave it in another room so you don’t waste time in bed scrolling through social media (invest in an alarm clock instead). In the meanwhile, you might have to buy a stick of concealer to hide your eyebags. 

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 Puffy Eye
 Puffy Eye

6. Put some tea on puffy eyes

This might sound strange, but the caffeine in tea (black tea especially) helps blood vessels contract, thus improving your puffy eyes. The antioxidants help too. Soak two tea bags and then place them in the fridge for a bit. Then place them over your eyes for about five to ten minutes. Your eyes should look much better after a while. 

7. Use some egg whites

Whip some egg whites until they’re a bit stiff, then apply the liquid under your eyes. Keep it for a few minutes and then you can wash it off with water. Just don’t allow the actual substance to get into your eyes!

8. Slice up some cucumber

There’s a reason they give you those cucumber slices at spas. Keep a cucumber in the fridge from beforehand, then wash it and cut some small slices. Place those on your eyes and that should help with the swelling. Keep them there till they’re room temperature and then remove them.

9. See a mental health specialist

If you’ve been crying a lot, it might be cause for concern. If there are specific issues that are bothering you, you should see a psychiatrist or a counselor. There’s no shame in talking about your mental health, and it is just as important as any physical issues that you might be having.

10. Talk to your doctor

Puffy eyes could be a symptom of a larger disease like conjunctivitis. You could have some kind of allergy that might be causing the puffiness. In this case, before taking any un prescribed medicine for applying any kind of medicinal cream, it might be better to see a medical professional. 

It can be hard to look in the mirror and find yourself looking worn out when you already feel stressed and tired. Most women worry about puffy eyes at some time or another. Like a bad hair day, they can make you feel a bit too conscious of your appearance. These tips should have your eyes going from puffy to bright-eyed in no time! 

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