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If you have been thinking of going on a solo trip or with your loved ones in Europe, and haven’t quite decided the destination, I will say one-word FINLAND!! 

This Nordic country is one of the world’s northernmost countries. You must make Finland your next go-to destination for vacation because it is a very mesmerizing place with pretty houses to mountains, waterfalls and there’s so much more. Anyone with dreams to see northern lights in real life? If yes, then you must visit, because you can enjoy the northern lights in Finland during the winter. If you have a taste for outdoor activities, then it is your destination for sure. 

Planning for this destination might be a little more than what expected in case of the budget. But I would advise you to visit this place at least once and do not skip it for another place to suit your budget. Sometimes you may have to go overboard with the money in case of destinations as beautiful as Finland. 

Places To Visit In FINLAND

These are the places that you must visit if you are planning to go to here with your family and friends:

A trip to Turku

Turku is one of the biggest and modern cities here. If you are a lover of cultural sites, a big-time foodie, and have interests in historical architecture, Turku is your place. 


Helsinki is the capital city and you have to get the sauna experience here. Sauna is a big part of Finnish culture; it is more like a traditional thing. I would also suggest visiting Suomenlinna which has an actual fortress built over six islands. Hike lovers out there, be sure to check this place out. Visit the Helsinki cathedral which is a classic landmark of Finland located in the heart of Helsinki.


Lapland is best to visit during the winter season and if you want to try some of the winter outdoor sports such as skiing, snowboarding, riding on a snowmobile and many more such activities; Lapland is the place to do it. 


Lapland is famous for its snow or ice-based hotels. Yes, you heard it right! The entire place is made of ice. Experience a night’s stay at an icy hotel, quite an experience it will be! Here, you will get to experience one of the most mesmerizing things of nature, The Northern Lights. These are visible on clear night skies from September to March.


To explore the authentic Finnish cuisine, a visit to the local vendors, cafes, and restaurants is a must. In Finland, bread is a mandatory part of every meal. The staple food is potato, grains, wheat, barley, oats, fish such as salmon, herring, whitefish. My advice for you is to try an authentic Finnish Buffet once for the complete food experience of Finland.

Weather & Climate Of FINLAND

The weather here is somewhat unpredictable. The average temperature in the month of January or February is about minus five degrees Celsius. However, the average temperature varies from city to city depending on the location of the city. 

Spring is pleasant up to some level and starts from mid-April. The average temperature that you can expect is ten degrees Celsius and the ice-cold lakes start to thaw gradually.

Summer in Finland is mild and warm but you can also expect a cool summer. So, it will be wise to carry lots of long sleeve clothing with you. If you visit during summers, it might be possible that you may experience a daytime of around 20 hours. So brace yourselves for a maximum duration of the sunlight.

Fall starts from the month of September and continues until December and you can expect some rain and sometimes even snow lowering down the temperature. Visiting Finland is not a good idea during this season. 

Winters are obviously snowy & cold, starting from the month of October in small amounts initially. Irrespective of the extreme winter conditions, Finland is most visited by tourists in the winter. 

The bottom line is Finland is a pretty little country with unique and breathtaking country views, beautiful modern cities with lots of outdoor activities which can be tried if you have the zeal for a journey full of adventure. 

And yes, Finland is expensive and there is no denying to it but it is totally worth it. You just have to select the appropriate timing for your vacation in Finland, choose the locations according to your taste and budget and you will have an experience of a lifetime. 


Few Fun Facts About Finland 

Mosquito-killing competitions are held where you have to kill the parasites and the contestant with the highest mosquito kill count wins. What a strange world right!!

Finland has an old tradition of maintaining sexual equality. It was the first European country to provide equal voting rights to women in 1906.

Finland is very safe for everyone. So, women thinking of going solo or in groups, plan a trip to Finland and have a great time.

Take care♥ Do visit Finland and share your experience with me in the comment section♥

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