Workout is good for you. I know, you have known this for the longest time but things just don’t fall in place when you try to workout. The people who actually manage to workout in the early mornings before work seems like the ones who can win over the world with their determination. You must’ve seen those gorgeous women with the beautiful figures and wondered why you couldn’t workout and be fit like them. Ladies, those days are over. Here are some easy hacks that I’ve recently figured out for the lazy folks like me. It’s been about 2 months for me following these and I haven’t skipped workout even for a day (except Christmas and New Year of course). You can do it too! 

Tips For Morning Workouts

Here are some tips to help you workout more efficiently than ever before!

1. Set a goal

Set something for which you will be happy to put effort. It can be about fitting in an old dress or attending the reunion with a better shape or getting a flat belly to wear lehenga in that family function. Choose an exciting and challenging goal and you’re already halfway through!

2. Plan your moves

Planning is the most crucial step for any execution. Bring out the strategist in you and plan about how you can manage your time most efficiently. As for me, since the gym is just at a 2 min walking distance, before leaving for it I usually pack my lunchbox, put the rice in the cooker, turn on the geyser and the washer. Doing these in advance will make you more active prior to gym and will also help in having a relaxed workout session. If your gym is a bit far, you might want to pack your things and leave them in the car so you can just do the changing and leave for office. Tip-  Do all the packing and sorting you can, the night before. It will help you to have more time for yourself in the morning. 

3. Make  friends

Friends can make everything better. Friendships can be tough but once you have found someone you can talk to, there’s no looking back. If you’re in the gym for quite some time you naturally have friends but If you’re new, try and look for known or friendly faces. You never know who will match your vibe! You can also ask one of your friends to join the same gym as you. 

4. Listen to music

It has been scientifically proven that listening to music makes you happier and more productive. Start your day with some energetic and positive tunes and shift to your favorites for the workout session! 

5. Have healthy meals

A bowl full of nutrition will enhance your energy in the gym mornings. Have foods that are high in proteins with low fats. Try to have fruits like bananas, melons, mangoes and avocados. They will energize you instantly and will also perform their goodness on your skin, hair etc. What a win-win!

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6. Keep a tab

Notice your change. Measure with a tape every week and stand on the scale every day. Once you see even the slightest change, it will motivate you like no other! The satisfaction will drive you to keep the hard work up! 

7. No breaks

Keep a shorter alternative of the workout routine for the busier days but never stop. Even if you are busy, workout for 20 minutes at the least. Once you stop for even a day, the next day you try to go will be the toughest for you. 

Successful Morning Workouts
Successful Morning Workouts

8. Additional points

Remember to not go too hard on yourself. Our health is not at its best always. If you do not feel well, it is okay to pack up for the day. Wear comfortable clothing to the gym. Workouts won’t give you the desired results right away, so be patient. Have healthy drinks and food and you will see the results faster. Last but not the least, love yourself, ladies. You are amazing. You can do it! Grow old to be that healthy woman every youngster looks up to. 

Bottom line

All good things come at a price, right? The health and figure you dream of is no exception. There will be tough days, busy day, gloomy mornings and of course procrastination but you will have to overcome them and never stop. You have to live your life at its best! Workout has numerous benefits but negligible side effects. Whenever you feel like stopping, just remind yourself of the benefits of working out. Some alluring benefits are better heart health, healthier mood, glowing skin and better body shape

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