Sexy glamourous nails make any girl’s hands attractive. Those drool-worthy acrylic nails with colors from nudes to rainbow have become super popular recently. They are so tempting and addictive to all the girls. 

Things to Know Before Getting Acrylics

But before you head to your nails bar to get a new set of claws, there are some things you should know about acrylic nails. Let us take you to the information panel of acrylic nails:

1. Uncomfortable To Acrylic Virgins

Those of you who are going to get it done for the first time must be prepared about a little uneasiness at first. They will annoy you for a day or two but then you will adapt to how good they look and the uneasiness will be gone. You can also feel your nails to be a bit tight, do inform your nail artist if that happens. But the nail virgins are so going to feel amazing about the new makeover with their hands and be ready for the compliments coming your way. 

2. Regular Maintenance

You can not just get your nails done and forget about it. Your natural nails are growing at their pace hence pushing the acrylics forward. So you need to get the filling done after every 2-3 weeks. If you delay your fills, it may get stuck by moisture and that is not good for your real nails. In worst situations, there are chances of fungal growth in between your nails. And if not filled at the right time they can break off and that certainly can hurt you. 

3. Heavy On The Pocket

Getting acrylic nails is certainly not a cheap deal but it’s worth it. There is the cost of getting it done and then a price for their maintenance and nail arts. There may be nail studios that are offering the deal at a cheaper price but you need to be sure to get it done with somebody experienced and good at it. Be ready to financially commit to your acrylic nails. 

4. Some Hindrances

They make some everyday tasks a little difficult. You will have a problem with scratching your itchy skin, picking up small stuff, and putting or removing contact lenses. So be prepared to face some everyday difficulties before you get your acrylic nails done.

5. Experiment with Designing

Our natural nails grow in a certain shape and we cannot make any changes to them but the case is not the same with acrylics. You are free to choose your nail shape ranging from round to pointed to square and do experiments at every fill. You are free to choose your colors, designs, and accessories for your nails to give them the glam look you want. It’s amazing experimenting with your nails and enjoying them.

5. Use Cuticle Oil

Don’t forget your natural nails while you are busy adoring your acrylics. Do buy cuticle oil for your cuticles to make sure your natural nails underneath stay strong and healthy. It is important to provide them with enough moisture at least twice a day. So make sure you take care of your natural nails.

Use Cuticle Oil
Use Cuticle Oil

Removing Acrylic Nails

It is very very important to remove your acrylic nails the right way or else it can damage your real nails. Some salons use a drill to remove your acrylics but that can damage the layers of your real nails. You can save yourself a few bucks and the visit to the salon for nail removal by safely doing it yourself. 

All you need to do is dip your nails in acetone for about 30 minutes. That will soften your acrylic nails and will remove them easily with a cotton pad. Following this, you can file your natural nails and apply cuticle oil and a primer base to keep them protected and healthy. This process is going to take a while but you should follow it. Never pop or try to pull the acrylics off. They can do serious damage. 

Do good research before you go for acrylic nails. Be sure of where you want to get it from, the shape, and the color or design. The options are endless and you have to go with your taste. You can even go for short acrylic nails ideas if you don’t want the long ones. Also, you will find thousands of choices in acrylic nail polish and different acrylic nail look. At the end of the day, acrylic nails look super elegant and attractive.

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