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Do you also sport a signature part ever since like forever? Never mind, most of us fall into the same category too! Hair parts aren’t they that one least discussed hair topic?

No matter how preciously you treat your tresses or style them, changing the hair part will be the last thing on your list. Yeah, like if it has already been ages of you having the same part, that might require some effort ( pretty minimal as compared to the other hair treatments) but trust me on this, they’re absolutely worth it! Just a simple change in your hair part and they’ll give a twist to your entire face!  Also, did you know the secret to the most effortlessly look transition? Change your hair part! Not convinced enough? Here are 4 celebrity hair parts that got us swooning over them!

The Side Sweeps of our Very Own PeeCee

Our Desi Girl never fails to make heads turn. With a correctly described style of a blend of “Two parts quirky to one part haute culture”, she rocks both the side and middle parts like the pro she is! 

.. when she looked perfectly natural, innocent and cute with the simple side sweep

hair part

Obsessed with straight hair? Well..

hair part

Let’s not forget when she managed to look perfectly desi with a hot factor styling the simple side sweep with a saree!

And the unforgettable freshness….

hair part

The edgy twist? Here it is! The Quantico star reportedly made a stir at the Instyle Awards with this edgy, wet and fresh look! Also, brownie points to this for emphasizing her features so well! 

The Simple yet Elegant Middle Parts of Kim K

Love her or hate her, you just can’t ignore her. Yes, that’s Kim Kardashian for you! Not just with her ultra sexy, trendsetting outfits, she also makes sure to steal the spotlight with her hairstyles to match her every look! Our faves? Well here they are! 

The Layered Middle Part With Side Bangs

hair part

Gorgeous, isn’t it? Who knew a simple middle part could make you party-ready in less than 20 minutes! Look beautiful but bubbly with this effortless middle part anytime, any day! 

A More Sophisticated Look? Oh Yeah! 

hair part

We definitely couldn’t exclude her famous, sleek middle parts from the inspo list! Being the businesswoman she is, the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star has a number of examples to offer to the sophisticated section too! We love the bossy aura her blunt middle-parted bob radiates. Doesn’t go too well with your look? Well, there are the bun and pony versions too! 

hair part

Stand out of the crowd with this sleek, middle-parted bun!

hair part

Or choose the sleek pony for some Uptown vibes! 

Simply Gigi Hadid?

Well, your perfect supermodel inspo is right here! Known for her perfect but effortless hairstyles, she is sure to take your girl-next-door looks a notch higher! Let’s get a glimpse of her most iconic side sweeps? 

The Slightly Off-Centred Side Part

hair part

Admit it, you just feel in love, didn’t you? So did we! The “baby faced” supermodel definitely has her own way of pulling off the looks! A revelation? Trying this is actually much easier than it looks! Just part your hair a little off the centre and you’re good to go! The best thing though? You can flaunt this part in short hairstyles too! 

Yes, She Rocks The Extreme Side Sweeps Too!

hair part

The “Supermodel of the year” for a reason right? We simply can’t get enough of her long side part from the Lanvin Menswear Fall 2020 show. This look will remind you that a simple side part in a long hair is no joke either! The perfect example of “chic with sprinkles of candour!”

A Bit More Drama?

hair part

If you thought long hair couldn’t be dramatic, what about some rethinking! Make a remarkable fashion statement with the Wet- Style look like the It girl! 

The Ultimate Jennifer Lawrence Middle Part

hair part

Yeah, with a face like hers any and every hair part would look perfect, but the summers being right around the corner, the stunning centre-parted waves of JLaw are apt as ever! Let your tresses down with some waves and look exotically boho and cute with this easy, effortless hairstyle! 

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