#001 Yoga- The Life Saver

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Pratigya Dhali
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Yoga was founded in India during the Rig Vedic Age and has been practiced in the Indian subcontinent since its inception. The Western world has only recently woken up to its amazing benefits.

In recent years, the millennial generation has embraced Yoga with open arms. For those of you, who have still not started reaping the benefits of Yoga for women, let me inform you of its amazing properties.

The holistic benefits of Yoga:

1.       Helps in coping with stress and anxiety and promotes inner peace

2.       Assists in weight loss

3.       Improves immunity

4.       Keeps you energized

5.       Better flexibility and posture

How Yoga is beneficial for women?

It is beneficial for both men and women and across all age groups, but at TheVoiceofWoman, we pay a tad bit more attention to our sisters. There are certain life events that afflict only women, and it can help during these situations:

· Menstruation- women during the menstruation age have to undergo monthly emotional and physical changes, which can be extremely taxing. It can help cope with these changes. PCOS is a common malady that is affecting 1 in 100 women, every year, and it is used to combat its severe symptoms like stomach cramps and irregular periods.

· Pregnancy- it is a wonderful but difficult time for women, and Yoga makes this period enjoyable. Over 60% of pregnant women, who practiced yoga, said it was much easier to cope with labor and also helps in strengthening the cervical muscles. It reduces other pregnancy-related risks and also helps in getting adequate sleep.

· Menopause- it is a difficult juncture in the life of women, with a see-saw of hormonal changes and its physical manifestations. It is extremely beneficial to reduce symptoms like hot flashes, fatigue, night sweats, mood swings, and others. It also helps in decreasing the chances of cardiac problems, and osteoporosis.


Beauty benefits of Yoga

Ø  For hair: most of us are plagued by hair related issues and it helps in proper blood circulation which improves the quality of hair. These Asanas help with health-related problems like indigestion, sinus, common cold, blood circulation, thyroid problems, and proper cognitive functioning.

· Hair loss- 1. Kapalabhati Pranayam

                2. Utthanasana ( standing forward pose )

               3. Vajrasana ( diamond pose )

                4. Adho Mukha Savasana ( downward dog pose )

Ø  For skin: It helps in proper blood circulation and other and multiple health benefits, whose result can be seen in the naturally flushed and glowing skin.

· Glowing skin- 1. Halasana ( plow pose )

                2. Matsyasana ( fish pose )

                  3. Trikonasana ( triangle pose )

                 4. Bhujangasana ( cobra pose )

                 5. Tadasana ( mountain or standing pose )

Yoga for women has innumerable positive attributes and can have a tremendously positive effect on your personality and life. Consult a professional Yoga practitioner, who can show you the proper way of doing the different postures. If you have any orthopedic problems, then do consult the doctor.

Embrace Yoga and change your life for the better!

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