Having a tiny version of you running around the house is something a lot of people want in their lives. Getting pregnant is all exciting and fun until it quickly starts to take a toll on the body. As the baby grows through the months, your body has to accommodate the baby as well. Here we will learn about yoga for pregnant women.

Being healthy and fit is of the utmost importance when you are pregnant. However, it is tough to do any form of exercise when you are carrying a baby in your belly. Not only is your stomach heavy, but you are tired and moody all the time too. When it comes to exercise, gymming is not recommended for pregnant women unless you have proper supervision. 

However, a pregnant lady can do much more to take care of her health than just go for a walk. This is where yoga comes in. The main aim of yoga is to bring your mind, body, and soul together and bring peace. Of course, it should not be forgotten that there are many other health benefits of yoga as well. 

Is yoga safe for pregnant women?

You have to be careful when it comes to exercise during pregnancy. Pregnant ladies are usually scared of diving into any sort of exercise other than walking. But yoga is more than twisting and turning your body. It also helps you breathe easy and relax. 

Yoga has helped adjust the physical demands of pregnancy and the toll it takes on the body. A pregnant lady has to deal with so much emotional and physical stress in pregnancy. Yoga helps to channel all that energy in a productive manner. Here are some yoga poses that are safe for pregnant ladies. 


One of the most common problems that pregnant women deal with is back pain. The cat/cow yoga pose is great at relieving that back pain. The pose allows your stomach to hang, thus relieving tension in the area. It also helps the baby move into an optimal position for birth. 

To get the most out of this pose, sync your breath with stretching. When you do the cow stretch, breathe in, and when you get into the cat pose, breathe out.  


As the months of pregnancy go by, your stomach gets bigger and heavier. Anything that can relieve the tension around the area can feel amazing. This is precisely what balasana does. For this posture, it is best if you can kneel on the ground. Put your butt on the heels and feet against the floor. The knees should be hip-width apart.

Slowly bring your chest to the ground. This will allow your body to come between your legs. Extend the arms over your head and touch the mat with your forehead. You could also lay your arms alongside the body with palms facing up if it feels more comfortable. 

Supported matsyasana

Your body certainly feels very different when pregnant. If you are feeling tired and sore all over, this pose can help you go ‘ahh’ with relief. Avoid doing any major bends when you are pregnant. This is why there is a supported version of the matsyasana for pregnant ladies. 

Try to keep your legs bent as it would soothe the hip area. Sit in a comfortable area after grabbing two yoga bricks. Place the bricks in such a way that one brick would support your back while the other would support the head and neck. 

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Slowly rest your head and back on the blocks while keeping your feet in the butterfly position. You can move around a bit to find a comfortable spot. Once you find it, let your arms rest naturally on the sides. This yoga position should help you relax and feel rejuvenated.

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While yoga is surely helpful for pregnant ladies, it is best to consult your doctor before you start. Each individual has different needs. Your doctor may be able to guide you with some specific yoga poses that might make the pregnancy journey much easier for you.