A person’s mental health is very critical yet essential. There is an increasing rate of mental illness in this generation. Out of all, only 20% of victims seek help from professionals and the other 80% of them deal with it themselves. This 80% of people either live a painful life or take drastic actions. 

If you are one of them facing anything related to women’s mental health issues, please share with your loved ones, talk to your friends, and consult a doctor if required. Taking proper care of your mental health is as important as taking care of your physical health. Every single human being’s mentality is different from the other. And studies say that as a group, women’s mental issues are different from men. There are various reasons which may affect a woman’s mental health. 

What Are The Common Reasons For Women’s Mental Health Issues

Here we have listed some of the common reasons for women's mental issues


Most of the time society creates problems in our lives. Especially Indian civilization has drawn the picture of a woman’s character a long time back and those beliefs are still limiting the lives of this generation. 

In today’s world, women are highly educated and independent. But the restrictions from the family which is actually from the society end up affecting a woman’s mental health. The family restricts to maintain an honorable social status in their culture.

Unresolved Emotions 

Take control of your emotions. A happy heart leads to a happy life. This, therefore, gives the strength to face any situation. There are many phases of life where you will face heartbreaks. 

But do not let your heartache ruin your whole life. You might go through breakups or betrayal but hold on. Take your time and get over it. 

Social or family support

Every human being in this world needs some support. You will find many people to stop you or to discourage you, as it is very easy to blame or to criticize someone, but you will hardly find a shoulder to rest on and share your words to. 

A woman is always considered as a perfect person. She is not expected to make any mistakes. And if she makes any errors, there are a lot of people to criticize her.

Women are the caretaker of her family.

A woman always acts as the guardian of her family. She manages each and everything all her life. Taking care of all the aspects of a family imposes a lot of pressure on the psychology of women.


Depression is a common disease nowadays. Approximately, 2 in every 5 people suffer depression and go through it. Women are more likely to face depression than men. Even though it is very common, victims rarely seek any help from professionals. It is an illness mainly caused due to stress and anxiety. 

Women’s Mental Health Statistics

  • Nearly 41.9% of women suffer from a depressive disorder, whereas 29.3% are suffered by men. This disorder is caused due to neuropsychiatric disability disorder.
  • Violence against women rambles from 15% to 50%. People are educated enough and are living a better life yet the violence against women is increasing day by day.
  • 80% of women, who are wives and mothers of the battalion, go through depression due to constant stress and worry for their loved ones. These women are affected by violent conflicts, civil wars, etc. Daughters of these brave men also suffer this issue.
  • Rape victims or attempt to rape,  undergo immensely deep mental illness.
  • Divorce: Divorce is pretty common nowadays.
Women’s Mental Health Issues
Women’s Mental Health Issues

Center For Women’s Mental Health

  • NIMH: National Institute Of Mental Health.
  • Nupur Dhakephalkar: Center For Mental Health in Pune, Maharashtra.
  • Ontario Mental Health System.
  • AMITA Health Center For Mental Health.
  • EMOTICONS Mental Health Service
  • Kaehler Shinde: councillor and Psychotherapist.

Women’s Mental Health And Hormone 

Women’s hormones can also be a cause of mental illness. Deficiency of specific reproductive hormones such as estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone can create mental imbalance. A woman confronts various mood swings during pregnancy and that can last for months even after childbirth. 

Minor mood swings take place even during the menstrual period. There is also a chance of depression due to hormonal imbalance. Depression is basically caused by a low level of serotonin present in the brain. It regulates the mood swings like happiness, grief, anger, anxiety.  

Is There Any Cure For Women’s Mental Health Issues

Yes, there are many cures. First of all, do not panic or feel shy to talk about your mental issues. Consult a psychiatrist. The professional hand will definitely help you out. 

Tips To Prevent Mental Health Issues

Here are some of tips listed to prevent mental health issues

Open Up

Open up your heart to your loved one, or to the one you are comfortable with. Sharing your issues will lessen up the burden of your heart. Talk about your problems with the one you trust the most. Who knows, that person might even give a solution to your problem. And yes, do remember there is always a solution to every problem. 

Women’s Mental Health Issues
Women’s Mental Health Issues

Do Something You Love

Do you have a hobby? If not, get one. Or at least do something that you really love from your childhood. Whenever you are happy, it will be easier for you to control your emotions. Try and fight to make yourself happy.

Women’s Mental Health Issues
Women’s Mental Health Issues

Yoga And Meditation

Practice stretches and yoga regularly. Yoga helps to regulate all the functions of the body. It balances the blood circulation and results in controlling of hormonal imbalance. Yoga empowers the body and creates a total peace of mind. 


Healthy diet leads to a healthy mind and body. Provide your body with proper nutrition and vitamins. Diet plays an important role in women’s mental health. 

In this competitive world, it is very common to face any sort of mental illness. Do not panic. Negotiate with professionals about your situation. They will surely bring you out of your dark days. 

There are many experts on women’s mental health. Have courage and take your first step to lead a beautiful and peaceful life. It’s your life, don’t let it go in vain. Take Care Of Yourself.  It is the best thing you can do. Life is amazing. Create an incredible journey for yourself.

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