When it comes to fashion and women style icons , some names cannot be forgotten who’ve elevated and changed fashion with their styles. They are women-style icons who keep inspiring us whenever we’re on a creative block and need some inspiration immediately. We always go back to their pictures to emulate their timeless fashion choices. 

Some of these fashion icons have given us iconic women’s styles that are high on trend even today. The fashion industry is always going to be thankful to these women for having such strong personalities and reflecting the same in their day-to-day fashion. In this article, we’ll be talking about a few of these women-style icons we’re obsessed with and can’t do without when it comes to dressing up, especially for special events. If you don’t know who these people are we are talking about, read along and find out! 

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Style Icons
Style Icons 

Women Style Icons 

Here is the list of most popular style icon women:

Audrey Hepburn 

Audrey Hepburn’s choices, both in terms of fashion and her work, have been applauded for ages now. She is the ultimate style icon for most women since the time they learn the meaning of fashion. She is well known for sporting pearls and sheath dresses as Holly Golightly and her stunning outfits in movies like ‘Charade’, ‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s, etc. Her popular hair bun is one of the most iconic women hairstyles, adorned by women even today. If you’re wondering whether she could slay in casual outfits or not, you should surely see her pictures in black straight-fit jeans and tops that go well with it. We can truly never get enough of her. 

Michelle Obama 

Style Icons
Style Icons 

A former FLOTUS, this woman looks like a goddess in whatever she wears. The magic lies in the way she carries herself no matter what she’s wearing. She’s one of our favorite women-style icons who’s gifted us various iconic women styles starting from basic wrap dresses to playful floral off-shoulder gowns. She wears lots of colors and her cool and casual dresses and suits make her look one of a kind, being immensely fashionable and classy. She elevated the traditional, classic American style by several notches and will always remain one of the most known faces when it comes to well-dressed, strong, and opinionated women. 


When it comes to bold and risky fashion, Rihanna is whom we can think of at once. She’s usually into statement pieces that are meant to grab all the attention. She also has her clothing lines like Savage x Fenty and Fenty so that her iconic women’s styles can be made accessible to the masses. One of her most popular fashion choices is the Adam Selman gown that was sheer and covered with crystals. She was seen clad in it for the CFDA Fashion Awards that took place in 2014. 

Kate Middleton 

The style of the Duchess of Cambridge is unique and way different from people belonging to her background because she wears affordable and accessible outfits with the same ease with which she adorns royal, designer outfits. We’ve got a lot to learn from Kate as far as styling the basics and looking chic even in not-so-fancy outfits is concerned.

Style Icons
Style Icons 

 She is usually seen wearing colorful, structured pants, palazzos, etc. or flowy, floral dresses, depending on the event and her mood. You would be able to relate to her clothes, given that she’s often seen in affordable brands like Zara and Topshop. 

Grace Jones 

We’re all for queens who stand up for gender-fluid clothes and Grace Jones is surely one such women-style icon. She has never followed conventional fashion rules that show business is usually associated with. Her style is very edgy and vintage, consisting of structured and colorful pieces. These can range from baggy suits to heavy leather jackets, also consisting of matching hats and chunky gold jewelry. This is quite similar to the fashion trends that are currently prevalent and we owe a lot to Grace Jones for introducing us to her way of styling wardrobe staples and making them look gorgeous. 

Meghan Markle 

We stan Meghan’s love for neutral and pastel colors that not only make her look sophisticated and royal but also soft and casual. Considering that she’s the Duchess of Sussex, her fashion picks are quite on point, consisting of the appropriate blend of structure and casual. 

Style Icons
Style Icons 

She makes dressing up look effortless with her extremely elegant regular choices. We’ve been her fan way before she became the Duchess but her fashion sense seems to be getting better with every passing day. 


It would be unfair to not talk about our Queen B while mentioning powerful women who’ve made a change in the way the world perceives fashion today. She’s yet another woman-style icon who’s known worldwide not just for her fashion but for her musical genius. Her creativity reflects in the clothes that she chooses to wear, always consisting of surprise elements and unique combinations.

 She’s into a lot of crystals, sheer, sequins, and all things glam that goes beautifully with her feminine yet bold and edgy personality. She carries all her outfits like a dream and we seldom think anybody would look as divine as she looks on stage even if they wear the same outfits. We can’t get enough of her gorgeous body either. 


We’ve mentioned some of the most legendary women style icons who’ve been paradigm-shifting when it comes to beauty and fashion. Whenever you’re in doubt, you should blindly trust these divas for providing you with all the inspiration you need. It’s all about styling well and making your outfit look as effortless as possible.

Another important fashion tip to emulate from these icons is to be comfortable in your skin. You shouldn’t blindly follow trends that don’t go well with your personality. You would look appealing to other people only if you’re appealing enough to yourself. Are you dying to stalk these celebrities on social media already? Do it right away! 

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