What is your safest bet when you think about wearing footwear? Slip-on or loafers? In our opinion, loafers are your best bet. Women loafers come in various varieties. And we all know that when it comes to females, they love a good amount of options! Don't, we ladies? 

What is the definition of loafers as a shoe style? Loafers are shoes that are worn without a lace or fastening system and are simply put on the foot. As a result, they're sometimes referred to as "slip-on." They usually have a low or no heel. They are a casual or dress shoe type that men, women, and children can wear.

History of Women Loafers

Native American moccasins inspired the design of loafers, yet today's loafer fashions vary widely, with some being quite dressy and showing little relation to the original form. Moccasins are often laced across the top, but there is no heel or separate sole.

The Wildsmith Loafer was designed as a rural house shoe for King George VI by Wildsmith Shoes of London. It was utilized as inspiration for the Aurland moccasin by a Norwegian shoemaker. In the 1930s, American businesses began referring to them as loafers, with G.H. Bass adding a band of leather from across top with the diamond-shaped incision distinctive of penny loafers and referring to them as Weejuns. Others copied the design and sold it as the Harrow. In the 1960s, Gucci upped the ante by adding a metal strap to the top. They were accepted as appropriate professional attire.

Types of Women Loafers Shoes

Who knew that there are different types of loafer shoes for women? Well, the more the choice, the happier we women get! So, here we go with the different types of loafers you can try. 

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Women Loafers Shoes
Women Loafers Shoes

1. Penny Loafers

This model features a forefoot leather strap with a diamond-shaped slit large enough to contain a coin. Since the 1950s, they've been a popular men's shoe.

2. Loafers with Tassels/kiltie Loafers

The Alden Shoe Company created this slip-on design, which Brooks Brothers popularized. It has beautiful lace on top with tassels.

3. Gucci Loafers

Gucci developed a loafer with a brass strap that was available in black and was ideal for business. Women's Gucci loafers have also become highly popular.

4. Moc Loafers

Overcast sewing, similar to traditional moccasins, is used on these.

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5. Apron Loafers

Over the forefoot is an apron-shaped patch of leather with lacing.

6. High-Heeled Loafers

Loafers typically feature flat or low heels, although high-heeled loafers are frequently referred to as women's pumps with vamps that resemble traditional loafers. Loafers are a type of dressier slip-on shoe with little or no embellishment.

How Can You Style Women Loafers

Loafers are typically not excessively close fit in the heel, allowing them easy to put on and take off with the help of a shoehorn. Loafers don't involve lacing or tying, which is a significant plus, especially for elderly people.

  • The easiest way to wear loafers is with skinny jeans, which will draw attention to your feminine contours and give you a sensual, cool look. Because loafers are a sort of men's shoe, wearing highly feminine clothing will create an interesting contrast while also emphasizing your best features. This gives off a modern, laid-back, and on-trend vibe.
  • A professional appearance for the office would be to combine them with skinny jeans and a blazer. You may wear them casually with a pair of dark jeans or, more formally, with a pair of slacks.
  • Wearing a more formal top, such as a shirt or fine blouse, with a blazer and shorts underneath is another more stylish option. Your legs will give your ensemble a sensual and feminine touch, making it a true head-turner. To achieve the desired look in the winter, pick flesh-colored or transparent tights.
  • Another trendy look these days is to wear a skirt with knee-high socks that reach either below or slightly above the knee. This style, which pays homage to the schoolgirl look, is growing in favor. To avoid an overly evident look, match this outfit with loafers or brogues, which will give your outfit a more innocent feel. You'll look fantastic!
  • Now, for a look that is right on trend, combine two incredibly fashionable items: a cape and loafers. When we talk about cloaks, we're talking about the kind our grandparents wore. This vintage look has resurfaced but with a more contemporary twist. It's a cross between a coat and a poncho that's appropriate for any occasion.

How Comfortable are Loafers for Women?

Loafers can be very comfortable for women. Loafers have smaller heels than others, making them easier to carry. Their comfortable design enables you to walk and stand in them for hours without making your feet hurt. And what better option to opt for other than the ones that provide you with utmost comfort? 

Top-Rated Women Loafers

If you want to add a pair of loafers to your footwear collection, do it the right way. And by the right way, we mean get your hands on the best loafers. 

1. Tory Burch ruby suede logo loafer

Tory Burch is known for her polished everyday and workwear attire, so it's only natural that the brand's loafers would be worth adding to our shopping baskets. Along with a lush suede covering, a modest chain accent at the heel adds to the style's elegance - a detail that continues to be popular in the footwear world.

will take you from work to play? Lorraine loafers from Sam Edelman fit the bill perfectly. The menswear-inspired style has an almond toe, distinctive front hardware, and a low block heel, making it ideal for wearing with mom jeans and a tee or a laidback suit piece.

2. Louise et Cie Calden loafers

According to Minor, since 2013, Louise et Cie has been creating elegant, stylish, and cheap shoes. He recommends this pearl-embellished model for a less traditional but equally adaptable loafer that can easily transition from the workplace to happy hour. He recommends wearing these loafers to work with great black slim pants, a classic white silk button shirt, and a black jacket. "For a night out, ditch the blazer and replace it with a leather motorcycle jacket."

Regarding women loafers India has also caught hold of the trend. It's an easy and fashionable alternative to flip-flops and sneakers- and is considered one of the safest bets when choosing appropriate footwear. 

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