Have you ever wondered why some women avoid the beach? 

Laurel was hanging out by the beach the other afternoon with her family in a bikini when she snickered at the conversation her aunt was having with her mother.

“Her figure is not bikini appropriate”, she said.

“It’s her choice”, her mom replied.

Laurel looked at herself as she encountered a ceaseless wave of insecurities consuming her. She went back to the hotel feeling devastated at how not perfect her body was, therefore, promising herself to never wear a swimsuit again. Laurel is just one of those many women who are made to feel insecure about their shapes and sizes. 

Women Avoid Beaches
Women Avoid Beaches

Not having a fitting body for a swimsuit or a bikini is one of the main reasons why women avoid beaches. Beach insecurities are not entirely bogus. There is this preconceived idea that beach women are supposed to have a perfect figure in order to look bikini appropriate. The perfect beach body paranoia is supposed to be a thing of the past. “How to feel confident in a beach suit” has been making the headlines for years now and honestly we are tired of it.

If you are looking at the cover of an unattainably thin model of a glossy magazine and feeling insecure about your love handles, it is time for you to discard that magazine. Even though the world today is all about body positivity and women empowerment, women still suffer from body image issues and are worried about getting judged if they happen to show “too much skin”.

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Top Reasons for Avoiding Beaches by Women

In this article, we have put together a few reasons why women hate going to the beaches.

1. The fear of showing “too much”

“Put those insecurities away”, said no one ever. Women often say no to beaches because of their paranoia of getting judged for showing too much. There’s a reason why bikinis are called bikinis. They are supposed to look like that. There’s nothing as “too much” on a hot summer afternoon, even if you are 30.

2. The inability to hide their fat rolls

Reasons for Avoiding Beaches by Women
Reasons for Avoiding Beaches by Women

Fat rolls or love handles are something that makes most women insecure, especially when it comes to wearing a swimsuit at a beach. You do not have to worry about your fat rolls looking prominent when you sit down. No matter what your shape is, fat rolls occur naturally.

3. The pressure to have  a perfectly shaven body

Do you remember the phrase, “long hair, don’t care”? The same should hold true for your unshaven body or bikini lines. If you are bogged down by the pressure of looking “bikini perfect” with a completely shaven and well-tanned body, it’s time you come out of that. You do not have to go for a full body and a bikini wax if you are not willing to. Do what pleases you.

4. The fear of having families around

Why Women Avoid Beaches
Why Women Avoid Beaches

Those families who are keeping you away from enjoying your beach vacation are not Amish or something. This is another vital reason why women avoid the beach. It’s a beach, for heck’s sake. You don’t wear pajamas to beaches. 

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5. The need to pack everything, including sanitary napkins and the cooler

This is where it gets interesting. Bathing suits and bikini outfits are not the only reasons keeping women away from enjoying a vacation at a beach. 

Of course, the beach is a great place to relax. However, women often see it as a sand trap with no kitchen or cooler. There’s always this urgency to pack almost everything just in case of an apocalypse- food, beverages, lotions, sunscreens and not forgetting the essential sanitary napkins, because periods, we tell you, come anytime, anywhere. Well, we don’t think a few items of necessity should stop you from hitting the beach.


The list of insecurities for beach women is never-ending. It is true that society's continuous efforts to sexualize women in bikinis and swimsuits create a feeling of discomfort among women, therefore, keeping them away from beaches. Very little do people realize that a beach wear’s purpose is not to promote sex but shield a woman from complete nudity while still allowing her to enjoy the soft breeze and briny waters of the sea. 

As women approach their 30s, their energy to burn off those extra calories decreases by the minute, thus adding to their list of insecurities. Additionally, the belief that beach outfits are meant for the youth only who are apparently “attractive” and “skinny” furthers the disappointment in women about their shapes.

Let us remind you. Beach avoidance would in no way help you get over that insecurity and belief that has been injected into your mind by society. Confidence should come from within. The anxiety, paranoia, and apprehension you feel while wearing a bikini are nothing but ridiculous insecurities that should be discarded immediately.  

It is indeed a matter of shame that women are holding themselves back from enjoying a beachy vacation because they are insecure about their appearances. Holidays are supposed to be relaxing. If women avoid the beach for such reasons, they are missing out on a lot. 

Society's standards of beauty have definitely left many women feeling underconfident about themselves. It is time that women step out of their bubble and embrace themselves for who they are and how they look.

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C’mon! Beaches are beautiful. They are ethereal. Why do women avoid beaches? Because of some set standards that nobody can force you to live up to? You can be 70 and still rock a bikini on a family beach trip. You can also be 19 and feel unattractive in a bathing suit. It ultimately comes down to how you feel about yourselves.

The bikini season is super short, it’s time you start feeling comfortable in your skin and shape. Say no to the absurd insecurities because you are beautiful the way you are. Do not let those rake-thin models take away your confidence. So, go on, load up your wagon because it’s time to say yes to the beach.

Because you are worth it!