Beach Hairstyles!!!

Summers approaching and you must be looking for the next vacay destination. A summer vacay is always a beach I might have got you right, didn’t I? Well, all you need to prepare for is get your body shaped, buy some sexy bikinis, sunglasses, beautiful hats, comfy footwear, sunscreen, and one of the most important that you need to think about is your hair. What type of hairstyle will you be wearing i.e. Beach Hairstyles?

Getting a perfect hairstyle will make you look sexier for the beach trip. That will also make you stay relaxed and struggle free because on a scorching hot day you cannot risk your bangs to get sticky with sweat neither you can leave your hair to dangle over your neck. You may feel you’ll look good only if you open your hair but that will make you feel chagrin. You can try on some trendy beach hairstyles that will let you enjoy as well as stay funky for your vacay. I bet you’ll look prettier. 

Here is the list of 10 beach hairstyles for you:

1. Double bun hairstyle

Why not go for something that is out of the box? You can have a single bun, but why not try getting a double bun. Won’t that be crazy? If so, you’ll get crazier going to the beach. 

2. Scarfed Beach Hairstyles

They are a perfect way of adding color to your beach look and an appearance for a flowery chic. I am such a big fan of scarfed hairstyle, that I have got plenty of hair scarves for myself. To get one for yourself, you can click here and get home the ones you like. They are a fashion come back after decades. To get the step by step of how to wear, click here.


3. Messy twisted bun

You don’t have to try so hard here as it is best beach hairstyle. With just some twists and turns you are all set to go.  To set it properly you can follow the 8-step guide.

4. Low braided bun

Side braids that flow down to a low bun is an awesome way to flaunt your messy look. You can embellish by complimenting your bun with some flowers. They are exceptional, although suggested because of the high-class look attached to it.

5. High curl with bangs

This is something unique. Not everyone gets it done but a must-try for those with curls. You can get this style done within just 5 minutes, watch this video and do that.

6. Twisted side pony

A hairstyle for post destination marriage vacay with your hubby. This is the easiest of all the hairstyles. All you need to do is tie your hair and then twist your hair inside a hole above your hairband. If you are not able to get what i am directing you can go and search on youtube. They’ll show you beginner’s tutorials.

7. Hair upbraided boho bun

You can see a lot of girls wearing this hairstyle while they are on their beach vacay. Why don’t you try to get this beach hairstyle. Looks complicated but it’s just a combination of 3 individual hairstyles: high knots, braids, buns. Get all three in one.

8. Quad braid

If you have short hair and want to add some volume to your hair then go for this. Section your hair into four and then make french braids from each section and finally join them together to form into a huge pony.

9. Side Swoop Braid

This is the one that looks easy to do until you actually try to do one by yourself and end up in a tangled mess. To know how to do, search on some tutorials. 

10. Twisted doughnut bun

If you want to maintain an aristocratic status while enjoying the beach then this hairstyle will help you maintain a classy look. This is so much easier than it appears to be. Go and see for yourself if you can get this on your hair.


You can pick any one of the above 10 if you like them, but make sure that you stay comfortable, or else you will not be able to live your beach days. You need to look good but should equally pay attention that you do not miss to enjoy the last. 

Go through this link if you want to take good care of your hair.