Unemployment, is an awful period, isn’t it? No person in the world would ever want to come across such a period, but unfortunately, most of us struggle with unemployment at least once in our lifetime. It is the phase of your life where you will stay without any job of yours. 

Saying about no job does not necessarily include you staying idle. It is just that the society in which we are surviving comes up with so many connotations, most of which are negatively inclined. But I want to fall into the positive connotation. There are a lot of ways in which you can get the best out of this period. Want to get the ideas to stay productive? 

Making Most of Your Unemployment Period

Navigate through the below and improve your quality of life during unemployment.

1. Assess Your Financial Situation

When you have come into such a situation where you do not even have a source of income, life seems harder. The only option that you are left with is to collect all your savings. Even those one-two rupee coins gain their respect at that moment. 

Count how much you have in your hand. Then make a list of all the expenses you have. Make sure that you do not take the small expenses leniently because the sum of all the small expenses would cost you more than the large expenses. Make a plan because you have to run yourself with a limited sum of money.   

2. Stay Sharp & Productive

Stay updated on your LinkedIn with your resume. Apply to all the companies that offer the designation that you want. In this period, don’t stay without applying for any job opportunities. You can do some freelancers’ jobs, they can help a lot stay productive. 

This is the best thing that you can do when you are literally out of any employment. You will get a source of earning money, even if not to the extent you would get from any desk job but it is always better to have 1 than a 0.

3. Let Yourself Be Fun-employed, But For A Limited Period

Have some fun baby. These are the days that you are not going to get back. make this your time. Relax and rejuvenate yourself. But remember, keep this time short, or else you will end up your life stuck in this time of yours.

4. Take Advantage Of Being In Full Control Of Your Schedule

You don’t have a secured job or a permanent income, but see the positive side, you have something over which you have sole authority. Your free schedule!!!. You will lead and shape your days, so why not make the best of it. Do something that will enhance your discipline. In today’s time, discipline is something above the mark.

5. Dress up and get out of home

Get out of your PJs. get a warm bath or a cold bath, based on preference, dress up well and go out of your house. Look around and try to grab every opportunity that you come across. Staying at home will never make you employed.

6. Travel

If you have enough money, travel to places that you have always wanted to. Plan a trip, pack your bags and go on. Take some help here if you are a solo traveler.

7. Make Time For Wellness

This goes with everything. The fundamental of all is ‘you’ or in general it is ‘us’. I have already mentioned earlier that this time is all yours, so how will this come true if you don’t take care of your wellbeing? You should make this a habit. Every day take at least an hour or half and do things that help you internally as well as externally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually. This is all about grooming yourself and the prime of all.


8. Never Stop Learning

Even if you get to your late 80s, this is a must. You should never stop learning. There are an infinite number of things in the world that we don’t even know a hint about. Our whole life is too small to capture all the things together in our process, so do not waste your time by stopping learning. Even if it is about your toenails, you should learn.

9. Network

Try to increase your network, be it social or professional. This will help you expand in the meantime. You can attend seminars, some events, a fest or any conferences. This will help you both professionally and personally. Improving your network will introduce newer and wider opportunities that you can consider

I hope by now you have strongly made up your mind about the way you want to spend your unemployed days. And a thing to keep in mind, you need to get up and do something, because, manifestation without any action is less likely to come true.

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