Today, the modern women of India are successfully breaking every age-old hurdle as well as meeting both personal and professional challenges. But, there is still something missing? And that is a woman should free herself from certain financial over-dependence, whether on her husband, in-laws or even family. Alright, we heard you saying that it isn’t important to be financially independent! 

Well, you should know that being financially independent is a strong weapon for you to secure your life as well as the lives of your loved ones. Who said that finances are not for women? Hello, finance is meant for everyone, irrespective of gender. Talking about women empowerment, you just cannot empower yourself until and unless you will be free in all the terms. You agree or not, but the truth is that financial independence certainly plays a very big role in a woman’s life.

Meaning of Financial Independence

Basically, financial independence is every bird’s right to fly! You do not have to take any permission from anyone before flying high. Every Indian woman has either seen or experienced a lot of restrictions in their life. Most Indian women have to take permission as well as wait for approval to do something. A woman’s cycle of taking permission starts right from her father where she has to take permission to do a little thing in her life, then the cycle shifts to her brother to whom she asks permission about what is appropriate to wear to her office and finally with time the cycle shifts to her husband or in-laws.  

But we all should understand that our society is progressing and it is high time for us to evolve with the changes happening around us. Every woman out there must move forward and decide to take charge of her own life. It may sound silly or even difficult, but as a woman what makes you and me strong is the two weapons we own, that is, our Education & financial independence. If a woman pledges to use these weapons, then trust us- “No one can stop her to break her cage & fly high”.

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Why A Woman Should Be Financially Independent? 

Financial Independence
Financial Independence

Here are the reasons why you should take your financial responsibilities:

  1. To Deal Certain Emergencies– Has your family planned for a contingency? If not, you should be! As our lives are not at all secured. And if your husband is the only bread earner in your family then you have got multiple reasons to get worried about your family. You should be well-prepared for emergency situations. And if you belong to a family running with numerous EMIs, then lady, you better move forward and find a job for yourself.
  2. To Deal the Increasing Cost of Living: Lately, we all know that Inflation, has noticeably risen. In the present time, a family requires two incomes in order to own a home, to sent their children to a reputed school as well as to live a good standard of living. If you are a financially independent woman, then you will be able to contribute to the daily expenses of your household and also help your whole family to meet your financial goals.
  3. To Feel Capable & Increase Morale: Normally, financially independent individuals are capable of making their own decisions, as well as they, do not depend on anybody for anything. And this behavior boosts their self-respect making them more confident to deal with any type of situation in their life. Most women from traditional backgrounds have many aspirations and dreams and in the end, they depend on their parents or partners to fulfill them. If you are a financially independent woman, then you will be able to self-sufficiently fulfill all your dreams, work for various skill-sets, plan a trip with friends, or even purchase stuff that you need and many more.
  4. To be a Role-Model: Undoubtedly, you can become a role model for your little ones. When your kids see that their mom is a financially independent woman, they will understand the value of money as well as will be greatly influenced to be a self-sufficient individual in their life when they grow old. After all, the children learn from what they see!!!

Single, Married, Separated, Widowed or Divorced- you should be financially independent!! 

So ladies, plan & manage your finances today and enjoy the fruition of goals tomorrow.

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