9 Reasons Why You Should Be Thankful For Big Butts

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Big butts

Trouble with jeans sizes, belts, and tight dresses, if you’re a woman with big butts, you probably have a lot going on. At some point, you must have cursed them or hated them and why not, after all, they are the reason why even narrow chairs or spaces can make you nervous! You would have to think 10 times before wearing tight stuff even if it is super cute. Relatable right? But you know what? Big butts are actually much more than you think. If you have big butts, consider yourself lucky! 

Here are 9 reasons why big butts are a gift from God!!

Fats aren’t always harmful, especially when in the butts! 

Generally, fats are not something good for us but butt fat isn’t harmful and it doesn’t affect the body with high blood pressure and other such diseases that happen due to fats in other parts of the body. In fact, they might even protect you from diabetes and heart diseases, as claimed by some scientists! 

Big butts make you more attractive

Big Butts

Some psychological studies say men prefer females who have bigger butts as it makes a woman look more curvy and feminine which is preferred by most men. 

Having bigger butts will also make you more perceptive! You will deal with more men and thus, be more experienced and intuitive. Though there’s no scientific evidence to prove the same, there are many studies who back up this theory! 

Climbing stairs is easier for you! 

For climbing steps or an inclined road, you need to have power in the muscles below the waist. The most important muscle for the strength of the leg is gluteus maximus,  which is the largest muscle of the butt and provides us with most of the support and energy to walk or climb stairs. 

Always Energetic! 

Being hungry isn’t an issue for you. Women who have big butts generally need to have enough food to keep themselves full but if you don’t get time to have your food the extra fat stored in the butt serves as an energy source. It is like the backup source of energy that will help you to survive in a tough situation! 

The bigger, the stronger! 

It helps you to have better core strength. When your butt is weak you have smaller muscles and less butt fat which makes your core weak and may cause several back problems and even make your knees weak. 

having a big butt

Pregnancy is easier

Pregnancy can be one of the toughest experiences of a woman’s life (hats off to all the mothers out there!!) but did you know a big butt even makes your pregnancy easier. It will help you stay fit during pregnancy as it balances the weight of the belly which increases during pregnancy and helps you to feel less pain in your back

Big butts

Great posture!

Already well accustomed with the compliment? Well, your butts might be the reason. Having a big butt can make your posture better as it increases the strength of legs and the core muscle which can help you in maintaining a proper posture and a nice posture is always appreciated by everyone.

Smarter kids

Big butts store omega-3 fatty acids. Many scientists say that when a woman breastfeeds her baby the omega-3 fatty acids enhances the breast milk. It is very helpful for the babies as these help in building the brain cells, nervous system and even help in eye development. Due to all these reasons some believe women with big butts can develop babies smarter.

Falling doesn’t always hurt

You have been through the situation when you felt that you fell hard but it just didn’t hurt as much! Well, now you know why! The fats in your butts act as cushions and protect your tender bones from some extra shocks! 


So, ladies with the big butts, now you know the benefits of your buttocks and should be happy for yourself. All these struggles aren’t for nothing, big butts do give you enough benefits too! 

For the ladies with smaller butts, you aren’t missing out on anything! You’re just beautiful and gifted in a different way. We are all made unique and every kind is equally beautiful. Yet, if you are indeed obsessed with big butts, you can workout to achieve your goal or just go for a butt enlargement surgery for fast results. 

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