While there is nothing one can do to have a certain type of butt since everyone’s genetics are different, but there are multiple reasons, all fact-checked by science, why women with big butt are winning at life. Big booty problems often catch all your focus and you can lose sight of how awesome your big hips truly are and no, we ain’t lying. (Shakira? Hips don’t lie? Yes!) So, buckle your seatbelts because we are going to dive deep into this appreciation spree for girls with big butt! 

Women With Big Butt

Here’s a list of reasons to remind you exactly why women with big butt should be grateful:

1. Butt fat is harmless

First thing first, unlike what the general impression is, the fat in your butts is relatively far less harmful. Comparing it to the white fat in your gut, that surrounds your organs and could potentially create medical issues for you like that of high blood pressure and inflammation, the yellow fat in your butt is benignant and innocuous. So breathe easy women, your big, smooth butt will not cause any health issues for you.

2. Big butts are very desirable

Speaking from a biological viewpoint, women with bigger butt have a curved spinal curvature which diminishes the changes to get injuries during pregnancy and birth, since it supports the mobility of food within yourself until a mini human arrives. Besides that, according to a study published in Evolution and Human Behavior, it was concluded that men are more attracted to and prefer a woman who has a fuller butt!

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3. No saggy jeans

Isn’t it the worst when you like particular jeans and you’re excited to try it on and the minute you slip it on, you see how your jeans are sagging around your bottom? Women with big butt cannot relate to that because pants fit them like a second skin. Cheers to absolutely no struggles with saggy jeans for big butt ladies, ever!

4. No hungry situations

A hungry woman is a cranky woman, that’s non-debatable. But big butt women have a quick rescue plan at hand! When there is no time to munch on something at work or if you’re stuck in draining traffic or your food delivery is taking longer than usual, the fat on your big butt will serve as a temporary fuel that would allow you to at least survive the at-hand hangry emergencies. 

Who could have thought your big booty could also be a backup meal while you await the real one?

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5. Climbing stairs? Not a problem for women with big butt

Climbing up on the stairs mostly requires muscle strength from below the waist which involves your big butt! So even though stepping one stair after another could be more exhausting for someone with a flat behind unless they have legs of strong iron, women with bigger butt can just climb up with ease.

6. Big butt? More like a personal cushion

If you ever slip and fall, the blow wouldn’t be as grievous as it would be for someone with flat behind. Not only does your big butt provide safety cushion but also even if you end up with a stress fracture on your pelvic bone, you’d be up and about on your feet in no time. Great save, right?

Women With Big Butt

7. No diabetes ever

According to research, women with a smaller waist and bigger butt are less likely to develop type-2 diabetes. So the bigger your waist-to-hip ratio, the safer you are from the diabetes monster ever grabbing you by your butt!

8. Say hello to good cholesterol

We are going all scientific again here. According to some researchers, the fat in your butt is linked to healthier levels of cholesterol. So that puts you to lower risk of ever contracting a chronic illness some years down the line. Women who have a narrow waist and bigger butts have higher levels of HDL or good cholesterol which keeps your arteries all clear and lower levels of LDL or bad cholesterol which blocks and harms your arteries. 

9. Big butt? Better intuition

Weirdly, that’s also a thing, yes. Generally speaking, women are more empathetic than men and find it easier to connect and understand another person’s turmoil. But, there have been some studies which indicate that women become more in tune with the feelings of people around them, almost at the same time puberty hits them and the development of their curves takes place. There have been some theories that have theorized the possibility of emotional intelligence being linked to fuller butt. Well anyway, women with big butt do attract a lot more men than others so over the time they do develop better social skills to assess people in their quest to choose their partner.

10. Big butts got your back

A small and weak butt would find it hard to push forward the legs of a person as they walk forward. This is why women with bigger butt have more strength to strut around with far better ease and almost no strain. Big butt helps in avoiding any pain to your back, knees, and others.

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11. Big butts are a boon for all pregnant ladies

The growing baby ends up adding extra kilos to your weight and it’s very harsh on your spine to maintain balance during pregnancy. So while big butts won’t make the labor pain any better, the pregnancy time still becomes easier to sail through since it helps in staying mobile and balancing your adorably yet heavy baby bump!

12. Big butt raises your oomph level

While every body shape and size is perfect and one must celebrate their body regardless, women with bigger butt just have to look at their perfect behind and their self-confidence would soar in the air! And let’s just be honest, big butt does make you feel sexy, doesn’t it? It’s celebration o’clock for women with a big butt because after reading this you need to go look at yourself in the mirror and appreciate what you have!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do squats make your butt bigger?

A. Yes, squats can help you build bigger glutes.

Q. What are the benefits of a big butt?

A. It can protect you from certain chronic illnesses and leg injuries.

Q. Why is my butt getting bigger?

A. Sitting or lying too much can make your butt bigger. 

Q. How can I reduce my buttock size?

A. Running and other cardio activities can help you reduce your butt size.

Q. How should I dress if I have a big butt?

A. You should wear sturdy fabrics. You can also wear dresses that highlight your lower body.

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