Why Would Your Man Go Down On You?

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It is always fascinating to keep things spiced up in the bedroom. There are bundles of bedroom secrets that neither of the partners spills out. Couples do experiments in the bedroom and can go highly crazy. There is no limit to what a couple can or cannot do in the bedroom and it should be this way. With mutual consent, a couple can and must make their bedroom life a wonderful world to be in.

One such act is that of going the oral way with your partner. While some men do not like to go down on their women, some just love to love the vaginal orally. And both the cases are absolutely normal. As the facts speak, guys are obsessed with vaginas. They just love to touch, feel and lick it. That is the reason they love to go down on their woman to provide them heavenly pleasure. Making his woman reach orgasm through oral sex gives a man a sense of achievement. Here are the reasons why your man loves to go down on you:

  • Pleasing you- When it is about in the bedroom world, a man really wants to love his lady in the best way possible. Your likings and dislikings in bed are always well acknowledged by your man. So if you are guiding him down there and just ask for him to play in that zone. He will. He wants to please you and give you heavenly pleasure. 
  • Highest level of intimacy- Your man going down there is the highest form of unification. You are offering your man the most precious part of your body. Men do understand that and they do really appreciate it. Hence, they just love to be down there on you. 
  • The noise you make- Guys are so turned on by the noises you make while he is doing you there. Your moaning in pleasure gives a guy the utmost satisfaction they have been looking for. This is one of the major reasons why guys love going down on women.
  • It’s delicious- Vagina is not the taste of every guy. While some don’t like the taste, feel and smell of the vagina, others do love it. The smell and the taste drive a man crazy that each time during lovemaking, he wants to have your vagina no matter what. 
  • Tit for tat- Man lives by the concept of getting back what’s been served. He is going to take you to heaven when he goes down on you knowing you will treat him similarly. He knows you are going to treat him when it’s your turn to serve him orally. He knows that your hands, tongue, and mouth are next in-store and he just loves you for that. 
  • Prepared for the big game- Nothing makes a woman wetter than oral-service by her man. Even if he makes you cum with oral pleasure, you are still going to remain wet for the commencement of the bigger game. After serving you with pleasure, a man finds his field to be cleared for all the fun he is going to have like a dictator. 
  • Guaranteed orgasm- It is never always certain that a woman will reach orgasm through intercourse. But the case is not the same in oral love. Most men are obsessed with their partner’s orgasm and they don’t get satisfied until his woman hasn’t reached the orgasm. So oral is the best route for a man to satisfy his woman. 
  • The wildness of the woman- Oral penetration makes a woman wild. The way she feels that time is inexpressible. Men just love the way their woman starts to behave post oral fun. She goes wild, has no limits and can revolve the bedroom world around. Men just love that behavior from their women. Hence, they always want to serve her down there.

Crass as it may sound, men are obsessed with his lady’s vagina. Unapologetically they love to go down on their women. This is not just the sexual act but an interesting way to spice up things in the bedroom. Every couple should be open to experiences and if you haven’t tried it till yet, then it’s time to ring the bell now. 

Simran LakhinaSimran Lakhina
A content writer with a specialization in journalism and mass communication. Being a post-graduate in English, I aspire to write a work of fiction one day. I enjoy interacting with new people and like to be in a positive aura.

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