Are you sensing that your man is a bit distant from you? Are you both arguing too much about silly things? Is he avoiding you? Or is he not paying much attention to you as he was earlier? Since you are already on this page, you might be facing these problems and most importantly, you might be concerned about your relationship. Worry not darling, your man may be simply going through the phase where he is confused about the relationship?

Reasons For Feeling Confused About Relationships

There may be numerous other reasons for this kind of behavior in men but, being in a confused state is the worst. This eventually leads to other additional issues that you will hate. 

1. High Expectations

It is human nature to always attain or strive for the highest rewards in life. In some way or the other, men end up believing that their life partner is not less than a reward. Some men demonstrate their respective spouse as a perimeter of pride and social status. Thus, slowly yet gradually, they start doubting their woman’s capabilities and potentials to maintain a healthy relationship with him and his family. Once he passes through this unnecessary confusion, he will surely see what matters. 

 High Expectations
 High Expectations

2. Self Doubt

Here, the problem is the other way around. We all go through the phase where we start doubting ourselves. This can be another phase where he is starting to doubt his own skills and abilities. He might be worried or in the state of questioning himself about the fact whether he could provide you with all your necessities and the ability to make you happy for your entire life. He might be suffering from self-doubt. Society has made everyone believe that men can handle all sorts of problems and that they are strong and tough which is why men usually hide the fact that sometimes men need help too. Well, that’s wrong. It is not fair to expect the man to solve all the puzzles of life.

 Self Doubt
 Self Doubt

3. Loneliness

Yes, loneliness kills. It kills all the magic, the spark, the love, the bond and the intimacy of a relationship. If your man feels avoided and spends most of his time alone, despite being in a relationship, he will certainly think twice or in this case, for a couple more times about taking the relationship to the next level. 

A relationship is a place where you or your partner is cordially welcomed all the time. Yes, there will be fights, arguments and disagreements, but one should not feel alone. Do not worry ladies, every lock has a key and so does every problem has a solution. There can be numerous other reasons for your man to be confused about your relationship. But here are some do’s and don’ts which will help you flip the situation. 


What To Do When Man Is Confused About The Relationship?

Here are the points that you should do to save your relationship:

1. Stay Calm

First of all, take a deep breath and calm yourself. Do remember that, you are strong. And you can handle all sorts of problems in life by yourself whether you have or you don’t have your man beside you. The right man will always be with you irrespective of any situation. 

2. Give Time

There can be times when you feel exhausted or tired and frustrated about certain things going on in your life. This can happen to your man too.  Either way, this will eventually affect your relationship. So give some time to your man and also take some time for yourself. Time has the potential to heal. In other words, you need time to heal. Once you both are calm and steady, talk about the relationship and get through it. 

3. Give Him Space

Sometimes distance can help. If your man is arguing and disagreeing with you about every silly thing in life, then giving him some space is the right thing to do. Distance yourself from him and let the steam go off his head. Let him realize how much he loves you vis-a-vis you love him. 

4. Bring Back The Spark

Every relationship has a spark. If you are feeling that you are losing it then bring it back by creating some new ones. You simply need to rekindle!

Following are a few tips to recreate the magic

  • Don’t be always available to him
  • Don’t tell me all of your plans right away. Let him wonder about you too.
  • Take care of yourself and dress up well whenever you plan an evening out.
  • Pay attention to your own life too. Create your own experiences and maintain a personal life. This will help you have something interesting about yourself to talk about and also ask about him.
  • Take care of his needs
  • Appreciate him

What Not To Do When Man Is Confused About The Relationship?

Here are the various points that you shouldn't do in your relationship:

1. Don’t Panic

Panicking is always bad. You need to stay at bay from overthinking and panicking. It will not help your relationship and instead will ruin the love between you two. So don’t ever overthink, all the pieces will fall into its perfect place.

2. Don’t Pressurize

You might never know what is going on in his head or his life. He might simply be worried about his work or career. Therefore, don’t give him any more pressure. Doing so will only push him away. Stay calm and be there for him when he opens up his heart to talk to you. 

3. Don’t Be Too Self-Centred

Are you too self-centred? Is he always taking care of you and your needs? If yes then please take a moment and think for a while: is it fair to think about only ‘the self’ in the relationship? He might be seeking love and care too. So stop being so self-centred and take care of your man. Not all the time but at least be a caring and a loving partner when required. It is your responsibility too to take care of him. 

4. Don’t Play with emotions

No one should ever play with any person’s emotions. Some may suggest you do so but remember, any sort of game regarding emotions might hurt the other person and the pain that person went through will someday soon be yours. After all, this is what KARMA says right? Since you both are going through some difficult times in your relationship, stay calm and make it the opportunity to remake and restart the relationship with new memories and experiences. 

Bring the magical spark back and live a long and happy life.

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