Are you the one who feels like your head would burst immediately after you cry? Does it ever happen that you have an urge to sleep due to a headache just after having your meal? If it is so, you should dig deeper for the reasons for the same. It is not normal as well as natural. First of all, let’s turn to the question of headache after crying. Why does it happen to some and not to others?

Kate Simmons, a famous myofascial pain therapy specialist explains that. She answered on Quora that all of us have several levels at which our body deals with stress hormones. These hormones are inclusive of cortisol. While there’s a flood of emotional thought processes, we have many of such hormones functioning within. Our human body system undergoes the escape or face process! As a consequence of this, our body undergoes breathlessness and a violent-paced heart rate. It happens due to cortisol’s functioning. This functioning is inclusive of vasodilation. 

Cortisol is a hormone affected by the steroid. To be extra precise it is affected by glucocorticoid. It is a production done by zona fasciculata which is present in the adrenal cortex. This particular hormone finds its way out when there is extreme stress. It is consequently related to the low level of blood glucose. 

So, when such a thing happens, just know that your system has chosen it as a way of responding to your emotional needs. During this phenomenon, an immense amount of cortisol is released. Due to this, there is quite a lack of reduced level of blood for other functions of the body. These functions include all internal functions as well as non-muscular functions, cardiovascular functions, etc. The system stands on a stagnant status. But since our generation is too busy we keep on running from post to pillar even after being so busy. When we say the system is stagnant, we mean anything related to the parasympathetic nervous system. 

But what we have to focus on in this discussion is the connective tissue connecting head and face. Whenever we are too emotional, our face muscles are forced too hard. This is consequential to excessive cortisol secretion. So, our face further contracts as its lacrimal glands contract, therefore, resulting in tear production. So, this contraction of the face and the inclusiveness of connective tissue is one fine reason why your head hurts. Also, it happens because of dehydration. When we cry, a lot of body liquid gets loosened. And our brain is too sensitive to the fluid. Therefore, it happens. 

So, another point of discussion is why your head hurts after you eat your meal? 

Ever thought about that? 

Reasons for Headache After Eating or Crying

There is a multitude of reasons why this happens. Here we enlist all of them for your convenience:

1. Too much sugar intake

Going mad looking at candies is something we just can’t help! Right? But that’s what makes you feel like you’re on a headache all the time. It is because it takes your blood pressure on a quick high low. According to Medhat Mikhael, M.D., Medical Director, Non-operative program, Spine-health center, MemorialCare Orange Coast Medical Center, “This high low phenomenon causes reactive hypoglycemia. In other words, we can call it after-meal low blood pressure issues. This is what catches people often in a dizzy and headache state. It may also feel like you are getting too much sweat and out of breath. “

2. Being a too salt fiend

We don’t notice but most of the things we have these days are full of salt. All the processed stuff that we gulp down is full of salty ingredients. For instance, we can take processed cheese, pasta, macaroni, etc. Especially the sauce that we love has an immense level of salt into it. Eating such things may catch you exhausted and lost. According to the British Association, it has been found that a decent sodium intake is 4000 mg of it each day! So, those who eat above this suffer from headaches and mental dizziness 33% more than those who don’t!

According to the American Heart Association, you should never go about eating more than 12000 mg-15000 mg of salt daily. It is because the excision of sodium in the human body makes the blood volume rise, due to which it occupies more space as compared to usual in your blood vessels. Now, of course, your blood vessels have to accommodate this blood, so they expand, and this causes you a headache. 

3. Having food that triggers your migraine

Ever thought of a particular food item that can trigger your migraine? If not, then go think! Food items like red wine, old cheese, charcuterie are all responsible for triggering migraines in the patients. They contain tyramine, which is considered by medical science as an amino acid that is held responsible for the triggering of migraine. Also, food items that contain excessive nitrates, sulfites, other preservatives, or taste enhancers like MSG are the ones that act as an active agent in worsening your headache. It is because they add up to your blood flow in the brain. To keep away from such things, keep away from alcohol, processed food. 

4. Food Intolerance

It often happens that some people are allergic to dairy and poultry products. According to research, celiac is a disease that is often concerned with a headache. Owing to this research observation, many people have a headache because they have an issue with lactose intake. And wait, do not mistake this headache with a migraine. We are talking about the usual headache. Although, the study is still on to find stronger evidence. But if you find it unsuitable for you, then stay away. Because food intolerance is something that is quite an individual experience for everyone. And no one can tell if it happens to you or not, so go with your gut. 

Food Intolerance
Food Intolerance

5. Brain Freeze Issues

Ever noticed a quick brain-frozen moment, when you try to sip something too cold all at once? In scientific terms, it is known as sphenopalatine ganglion neuralgia. When your mouth comes in contact with something cold, your blood vessels start restricting the blood flow towards your brain. This makes you experience a little headache. But it goes away in just a jiffy.  So, next time you feel this way, remember do not sip it all in one go. 

How to Rectify it?

Taking pills is no perfect solution. Hence, you need to find some permanent solution to it. But it has to be a strategic solution to sleep down to the grassroots level issues. According to Michael, a medical practitioner, “every time you feel this pain, write down your symptoms, and what was the last meal you had. If you notice one particular food item worsening it up each time. Then go about eliminating it from your diet. And if you still find that it doesn’t provide you relief then you should consult your doctor. “

Stay watchful, stay healthy 💚

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