Why Is It Important To Keep Up Your Metabolic Health

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Everyone has heard of metabolism! Sometimes a low weight person who has issues gaining weight is told that it is because of a high metabolism that they don’t gain weight. And sometimes, it’s the vice versa, where a person who has issues losing weight is said the failure for the same is a low metabolism!! But these are some of the cases. And there are lots of myths related to metabolism and the impacts it has on the health of a person. 

Metabolism is the internal body process by which the body expands energy and burns calories regularly. Metabolism works 24/7 throughout life to keep the body moving, even when the person is resting or sleeping, it is conducting the activities in the body.

During rest, metabolism converts the food and nutrients the person consume into active energy which the body would require to effectively circulate blood, breathe, fix and grow cells and for every activity of the body. However, the metabolism rate differs from person to person. A person may have a fast or a slow metabolism or even an average metabolism, regardless of the body size and fat composition. 

Many things affect metabolism in a person. Age is a crucial factor of affecting metabolism, the age gradually slows down the metabolism rate in a person over the year even though they have had a fast metabolism rate in their prime days. The differences in the rate of metabolism can be witnessed in how easy or how hard it becomes for the person to gain or lose weight.

Many people are susceptible to develop metabolic syndrome which means that person is more likely to develop diabetes and cardiac ailments. As stated above, age plays an integral role, so if you are on the wrong side of 50, you should pay close attention to your diet and fitness regime in order to control metabolic syndrome.

A person with a slow metabolism burns much fewer calories. This means more and more fat gets deposited in the body and the person has issues losing weight or controlling it. A person with a fast metabolism burns calories much faster, which means even if the person eats sufficient or even a lot, the person fails to gain weight. However, metabolism isn’t the only and every factor to blame for the weight issue. There is a multitude of factors like a poor diet or lack of exercise and activity which are equally to be blamed for weight issues in people. 

How to develop Metabolism

Studies have pointed out that it is possible to manipulate the metabolism rate of a person but to a certain extent or degree. It is a small change in the metabolism rate of a person. If a person has weight issues, then it is essential to adopt the following practices for developing metabolism in addition to embracing a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and a nutritious diet. 

Picking up Pace

Include high-intensity interval training to the daily routine. Exercising helps train the body and the mind after a specific period of regular exercise, the metabolism rate will be developed for much as a full day. For example, if a person is regularly walking or jogging at speed up for 30 to 60 seconds, it is essential to slow down the usual pace and repeat the cycle for eight to 12 minutes regularly to develop metabolism.

Invest in Protein and Weight Training

The metabolism of a person increases whenever the person eats, digests and stores the food and energy. This process is called the thermic effect of food. The protein nutrient has a much higher thermic effect as compared to fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients. This is because the body takes a more extended period to burn the protein and absorb it. The most efficient way, according to studies, is to combine the regular intake of protein with proper weight training. This will increase the muscle mass of the person and in turn, boost metabolism. 

Drink Green Tea Regularly

According to studies, green tea consists of a compound called epigallocatechin gallate. This compound increases the calories in the body as well as the fat the body burns. As per a study, consuming around 250 milligrams of this compound (equal to 3 cups of green tea) helps to increase metabolism required to burn an average of 100 additional calories in a day.

Developing and managing proper metabolism is necessary for life. Adequate metabolism also helps prevent many medical conditions and illnesses and enhances a healthy and fit lifestyle for a person. So track your metabolism and enjoy the healthy living with it! 

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