Sex life could sometimes become super challenging. From newbie couples who have a hard time keeping their hands off each other to a boring pair who have lost their spark over the years, there are stories that talk about the growing differences between partners not just emotionally, but also physically. Even though sex is an integral need of life, sometimes it so happens that often happy couples stop having sex. In some cases, couples find it especially a very sensitive topic to even talk about. After all, not everyone may feel comfortable enough in disclosing details or personal information about their sex life.

couples stop having sex
couples stop having sex

Let’s be real. Relationships go through a lot of changes over the years. If you are one of those people who is finding yourself having a lot less sex than you did when you had started dating, then you are not alone. The objective is to help those people who find it particularly difficult to identify the reasons why couples stop having sex, we have put together a few of the most common reasons that can lead to it. Perhaps, after going through the following list, you will be able to understand the underlying reasons that possibly lead to the sexual disparity between you and your partner. No matter what the reason is, we illuminate the importance of openly communicating your feelings with your partner once you have your reason figured out.

Why Do Happy Couples Stop Having Sex?

In most cases, couples stop having sex after being together for a long time. They get so involved in their daily chores that they hardly have the time to devote to their significant other. This might make the partners grow physically distant and aloof, stagnating their relationship even further.

1. Stress

Stress is one of the most common reasons that can take a toll on the sex life of an individual. The stress could be due to anything- work-related stress, family-related stress, sometimes both. Sometimes, some individuals may also be under the impression that they need to look physically appealing to get their partners to feel physically attracted towards them. The pressure to look good at all times might act as an obstructing factor in one’s sex life and make couples grow apart.

2. Romance has Faded Away

A survey had been conducted to get a fair idea about how couples deal with their sex life; revealed that most people were opinionated that their romance had evaporated over the years. The spark had gone. The intimacy was no longer there. No foreplay, no seduction, no romance altogether pushed their relationship down the road.

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3. Intimacy is Restricted only till the Bedroom

Sex is an everyday affair. Well, not literally, but for both the partners to feel the connection, the relationship must be paid proper attention to. You need to make your partner feel desired and wanted just like those initial days. The little touches and gestures matter a lot and would add up way too quickly. A little teasing outside the bedroom including public places can always spice things up in a relationship not just physically but also emotionally.

4. Poor Hygiene

In most cases, married couples stop having sex after a few years mostly due to either of the partner stopping to pay attention to their hygiene. Not maintaining oral hygiene, not taking timely showers, not changing clothes all add up to poor hygiene. Of course, couples do get comfortable with each other after a certain time. However, that in no way means one should stop cleaning themselves up. Hygiene is an essential factor that needs to be taken care of if you want to keep your sexual life active. If you have your eyes locked on this article, it is probably because you are having a troubled sex life.  It’s time you sit down and figure out the reasons you’ve stopped having sex. It could be anything. Conflicting parenting ideas, inability to maintain a balance between your work and personal life, lack of trust in your partner, etc.

What to Do When Happy Couples Stop Having Sex?

Now that we are aware of what are the issues that are stopping you from being intimate physically, let us now take a look at how to rekindle the old spark.

1. Make it a point to share your desires and fantasies

Be very transparent about what you want from your partner. Share what makes you feel good. Sometimes unmet expectations can hinder your marriage. A long-lasting relationship often involves good sex. Irrespective of the number of times you have made love to your partner, the awe of mutual attraction should be still there.

2. Make Plans

Work and busy days are a definite part of life, the clutches which nobody can escape from. However, making time for your partner amidst busy and hectic schedules is what keeps the spark of a relationship alive. Make plans as thrilling and exciting as unsolicited and spontaneous sex. This includes setting the mood in advance. Start the foreplay in the morning if you want to lure your partner into bed at night. Signal your partner throughout the day. Drop hints through texts, emails even pictures. The teasing should continue throughout the day to keep your partner in the mood.

3. Be the one to Initiate Sex

If you feel your sex life has hit the rocks, do not hesitate to initiate it more often. Expecting your partner to always be the one to initiate sex can often make it seem one-sided thus increasing the frustration.  Both the partners need to take equal responsibility for having a successful relationship both emotionally and physically. 

4. Pay Attention to your Partner’s Desires

Meeting your partner’s sexual expectations is as important as having your expectations met. Understanding their likes and dislikes and making an effort to live up to them will not only make them desire you physically but will also instill in them a feeling of love and affection.

5. Seek Professional Help

Sometimes talking to a therapist can also help you fix your sexual relationship with your partner. Seeking doctors or consultants can help open the lines of communication between you and your partner. This way you will be able to explore your relationship further and work together as a couple to fix issues that might be affecting your sex life.

Married sex can no doubt sometimes get dismissed as boring and couples stop having sex. it however does not have to feel that way. If at all your relationship or sex life has hit the snag, the good news is that you can get it back on track just by paying attention to some of the factors that will help you spice things up eventually. But is there any truth that happy couples stop having sex or is it what we conjure to hide a real and more pressing situation?

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