Why Do I Feel Like Peeing All The Time?

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urge to urinate
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Urge to urinate? JUST IMAGINE. You with your family or friends are going on a road trip enjoying and singing along and suddenly you ask to pull over! Why? You need to use the LOO! But, wait didn’t you just an hour ago! Having urge to pee frequently and running to the loo at any time from a conference to in the very middle of the night obviously does make you incredibly annoyed and furiously frustrated. 

Why did the Universe had to curse you with such annoyance and this kind of a plague? You certainly might think something is wrong with you, to be specific, your bladder and certainly something in there in not normal. Turns out that there is some science behind all of this and also, a few ways to avoid running to pee more than often!

“Always” Might Be Normal

It may sound weird but going to loo eight times a day might be normal and in reality a healthy thing to do! Urogynecologists suggest that even though it might be annoying to get up in the middle of the night to pee, it is absolutely normal to do and have the urge to! Maybe, if you’re frustrated with this monotony try maintaining a record and perhaps the tally of the same might make you feel totally normal.

Tiny Bladder

Many people reason out the high frequency of rushing to pee by saying that they have a small urinary bladder. And upto an extent, It really might be the case! Like for instance, people have variance in terms of height, some being tall and some short, Similarly anatomically everyone can be different and some may have small bladders. However take note that most bladders can hold upto two cups of fluid and if you’re going to the bathroom often and producing less than that, that is probably not right.

You Consume Less Water

Commonsensical notion is if you drink less water and don’t drink as much, you’ll think you wouldn’t be needing to run to the washroom often, Right? Well, this notion is bladder sabotage. When you consume less of H²O, the Urine becomes more concentrated, and the more concentrated it is the more harmful and bothering it can be to your bladder, which can trigger the sensation and urge that you have to go more than often. Paradoxically, if you consume more fluids, you may be able to hold more because the more dilute the urine is the less irritating it can be to your bladder. 

Infection or Kidney Stones?

A Urinary tract infection and the little crystal formations known as kidney stones can irritate the bladder, increasing how often you feel to have to pee. Both of the things show up the same symptoms so you should get an indication that something is up. Though usually kidney Infection or stones might cause a lot of pain in the back or sides. While in UTI, you might have urges to run to pee badly and it might also hurt while urinating.

Legit Overactive Bladder!

If you’re going more frequently and probably more than eight times a day, you might have a bladder that is overactive. It is a condition that is found in women as they age, possibly because our nerves age along with the body. More likely other medical conditions that also can affect our frequency that includes for instance, back problems that could lead to vertebrae pushing on the nerves that then make the bladder feel full. If pelvic floor exercises and improving the intake of fluids doesn’t make a difference, prescriptions medication might help the bladder relax into holding more urine.

urge to urinate

You May Be Diabetic.

If you have tried and tested out all the other causes of constant peeing, there’s a chance you might have diabetes. If your blood sugar levels are high, the kidneys would not be able to process the same, and in turn some can spill into the urine. The sugar will pull more fluids and water out of your body, hence generating more urine. Eating foods or candy that contain a high amount of sugar is also enough to make you go constantly. 

Something More Critical

Small bladder or diabetes, many of us just try to figure out the way we pee. However a sudden transition in the frequency is something you should be concerned about and bring up with your doctor, as it could be something serious and sign of underlying health issues. For example, herniated discs may be compressing the nerves. It can also be an indication of multiple sclerosis or tumors growing in the abdomen could press the bladder. Though these all are rare yet it’s never a harm to get yourself checked up!

So go on to read and think about why you have powerful urges to pee. It might be anything, so never hesitate to get yourself checked and live a healthy life!

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