Women are embarrassed to state their age or are they not? Why do we want our ages to be hidden or concealed? Age is just a number then why is it hard for some women to admit to it? Why women are worried about aging? Is it because they are bound to work till a certain age and then harbour a family? Or is it just a psychological habit?

What Is Ageing?

Ageing is a natural and insuperable process; it is a sign that your body is shifting to a new phase and these changes are subtle and detectable. 

Every living being on this planet has a fixed life span which is broadly divided into childhood, adulthood, and old age. We, humans, can also not beat this process and we are susceptible to grow older each day. So no point to be worried about aging?

How Does Ageing Works?

Cats and dogs also grow old, fish as well and birds too. It would be a wonder to remain young and energetic for a lifetime, but as delightful as it sounds, it is not possible. We are mortal beings. 

We have a body that is subjected to decay. Our cells repair every day, new cells and tissues are formed to replace the dead ones, but as we grow older this machinery starts to get affected. It will not be as effective as it used to be, we will be tired more and not boisterous like we were a couple of decades ago.  Are You Scared To Grow old? If you can relate to the below listed reasons then you are surely scared to grow old. Let’s find out.

Do You Feel Compelled To Hide Your Age?

As a sorority of women we have always been scared of growing old, we hide our grey hair, and wrinkled eyes, saggy skin and much more. We feel less pretty and maybe a little hideous. But the whole concept of ageing is beautiful, essential and natural. 

If we wish to have a firm face or baby soft skin at the age of 50, it is preposterous. Our internal organs work really hard, to keep us healthy, to keep us alive and it is our responsibility to care for our bodies.


Now it is a common disposition among the women’s community to hide their age, to libel, twist, conceal, and never say it. Asking a woman her age is insolent and unpleasing. If you are a man reading this, you are not supposed to disclose her age in public. We, women, are scared of it. For us, it is always either sweet sixteen or forever 21 there are no other numbers that would work for us.

Do You Want To Stay Young Forever?

Early 20′ s makes you feel young and beautiful. You have ideas to explain, content to create, the whole world to travel, dreams to live, you are a free spirit. You are not ready to settle down. You try to cross every hurdle, every boundary ever, meant to prevent you from doing this. 

You take it as a challenge to prove the world wrong. You take care of your skin and your health; you cannot compromise with it. But, after 25, you start to feel low, you are not at the top of your game anymore, you are not pleased with it. 

You are aware that the process of ageing is inevitable and you are a victim trying to escape. But this is all in your head; you are going to be young as long you feel it within.

We keep applying anti-wrinkle creams in our twenties, give yourself a break, you have just started to breathe. You want toned skin, reflecting your youth, but you have to focus on your talent and skills after all, the highest mountains are not pioneered in heels. 

You are worried about wrinkles on your skin and saggy breasts. You start coloring your hair to hide the greys and whites, applying Henna, and anything to make it look more black. Well, this is just a start. Wait till your 30’s, which is more intimidating, you have to nurture a family, your child, your career, your whole life, at the same time you have to preserve your beauty, your natural glow, you have to manage to look pretty. 

You will not be able to give yourself enough credit, you will not spend much time on the cosmetics you have been applying throughout your life. You will be praised if you have maintained a perfect figure or flawless skin at 40 but the whole idea that only the women of youth are attractive is absurd.

Why Is Ageing Hard?

Why are we afraid to grow old? Maybe because we know the end is unavoidable. What is it about ageing that scratches your mind? The fact that you will not be as attractive as before or that you are less active and lethargic more? Are you afraid that somebody is gonna call you “Aunty”? Or maybe because in your late 20’s your family will persuade you to get married? 

If you are a model, an actor, an air hostess then ageing becomes your worst nightmare. As an actress you will not get good roles in potentially good movies, air hostesses are transferred to ground duties. 

It is true that some Professions; especially in the case of women seek early retirement. A male lead in movies can play the role of a college student even in his 50’s, but a female will have to play mother or grandmother at the same age.

So I guess that is why it is wrong to ask a woman her age. She feels unflattered about her age. Saying your true age out loud will not make you any less hot or appealable. Is it psychological or patriarchal that women feel threatened about their age? 

It is unclear. In our country, your age defines your purpose in life; you should have a job by 24, get married by 25 and children by 28. But we are not compelled to follow this norm. You have to do what feels right, marrying at 24 or 50, it is up to you, age has nothing to do with it.

Positive Outlook On Ageing

Ageing is beautiful if you focus on the brighter side, the calmness and peace of mind, a sense of achievement and accomplishment, the newfound maturity and intelligence, reviving the wonderful experiences makes ageing a sirenic process. Your wrinkles show that you have lived and grown-up, you have had a great life. Look at your friends, they all stand where you do.

Take Care Of Yourself

The grey of hair, wrinkles on your skin, menopause, weaker bones, forgetfulness and lethargic outlook, these are all the symptoms and the side effects of ageing. 

It is very important to take care of yourself, especially at this stage, you might want to start taking medicines and supplements to support your weaker bones. Menopause can be a hormonal turmoil. 

Activities You Could Do After Retirement

The women above the age of 50 should have a clear understanding that this phase is all about resting, you might not be as active as your youthful days, but you can do several things like painting or gardening or tutoring, learning a musical instrument. 

So sit back and relax, you had a great life, you took care of your family, made a career and now it’s time to focus on your health, your physical and mental state.

Tips To Have Younger Body And Skin

But if you want to feel youthful, even when the ageing has started; there are some remedies that could be helpful:

  1. Start drinking more water, it will keep your skin rejuvenated.
  2. Apply baby oil or rose water to your skin to moisturize it.
  3. Sleep for an adequate amount of time.
  4. Start doing meditation and yoga.
  5. Eat healthy food and lower your salt intake.
  6. Exercise regularly to keep your body in shape.
  7. Remove your makeup before sleeping. This will keep your skin healthy.
  8. Use renowned and reliable brands of cosmetics.

These are a few changes you could make in your daily routine that will give you the fresh and healthy skin that you desire.

You Are Beautiful Regardless Of Your Age

Age is just a number and ageing is universal. There is no need to hide it or feel insecure about it. Embrace it as it is and stop hiding it. You can try to keep your skin and body healthy, but you will grow old eventually. 

No matter what your age is, 20, 30, 40 or 50, you can do whatever you want, your spirit will be young forever. Your sole purpose here on this planet is to discover yourself, so channel all your energy in doing that. Be healthy and proudly tell your age to anyone who asks.

Enjoy your youthful days, for these are the times when you will achieve most of your dreams. Ageing and growing old will not stop you from accomplishing anything. You can still work after retirement and indulge in things that make you happy. 

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