What’s Your Take On Having A World Without Birth Control?

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birth control
Mili Joseph
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Let us just imagine that all the birth control tools get banned in the world, that means sex will be done only for the sake of procreation. No condoms, no pills in any of those chemists near you. What do you think? Yes, the world will change, that too rapidly!! The birth rate will climb up affecting a lot of things around the globe.

Agree or not, but childbirth and pregnancy have numerous risks. A high rate of births means higher possibilities for things to turn awfully wrong.

Before discussing the condition of the world, let us discuss how no birth control will affect a woman!

No birth control means high chances of pregnancy! Women will lose the capability to organize their tomorrow with all those extra children they have. There will be a few women who would earn a degree as well as they will have a very hard time toiling outside their home. Most importantly, her family income will terribly fall, forcing her to work even more.

What about the entire economy? Yes, no doubt that it will also suffer. No birth control is going to be hard on our environment as well. For instance: a study clearly stated that each American baby produces approximately 7 times the carbon footprint of each Chinese baby.

Quick population growth is nothing less than a piece of bad news for the whole world. Do you want to know why? Because of the rapid growth of the population will automatically overtake the gains in economic development. Population growth is believed to be a wake-up call! If the world fails to start investing as well as family planning, all the progress that is somewhere a weapon against poverty could be easily lost.

Over the next 40 years, if an average woman delivers half a child extra (on average), then it will have a nearly incomprehensible intense effect on practically everything that is going to happen in the 21st century. Doesn’t that sound a bit scary to you?

Well, how different the world will look based on its population? Already, we confront a multitude of challenges such as nourishing the growing figures of middle-class people eating meat, improving the condition poor community in the world as well as assuring that the overgrowing economy is environmentally maintained. And if there will be a world without birth control soon, then all the above-discussed requirements will become even critical. And in case the population grows rapidly, then there are high chances of a scarcity of enough food supplies as well as adequate sources of water, particularly in poor countries.

So, the lack of consideration is one of the worst mistakes we will commit in recent decades. With no time, budgets for family planning will collapse.

Without birth control, numerous elements of development such as health and education will also get affected due to high population growth. In all the past research, the researches have not found a single country, excluding some oil-rich states, which has advanced or rescued itself from a poverty level while sustaining a high average size of the family.

birth control

For all those countries with high birth rates, it is difficult or even impossible to develop their education systems & health systems sufficient to meet the needs.

The bottom line is that with no birth control, the world can pull itself to 8 billion populations by the very end of this century. It is just too many people that will cause inevitable harm to the planet.

And if birth control is that necessary then we will have to come up with other ways to assure that the population growth can be slow down.

If we fail to do so, then we will not only be giving birth to more children but also a new & difficult era with utmost poverty.

So, what do you think?