The idea of living a fun and flamboyant lifestyle mainly associates with active sex life. Having a well-pleased sex drive and a gratified lifestyle seems like the ultimate goal for many.

However, an active sex life means having more chances of unwanted pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very big step and an important phase of one’s life. You surely wouldn’t want this beautiful thing to happen unplanned and at the wrong timing. 

To avoid this bliss from turning into a bale, one can opt for birth control methods. There are many birth control options to prevent unplanned pregnancy and other sexually transmitted diseases.  This way you can continue living your life without keeping the adrenaline rush in check. 

Short Term and Long Term Birth Control Methods

Different types of birth control methods have different applications and last for a varied timeframe. Each female birth control method has a different approach to it and costs asymmetrically. 

Birth control methods can be done both ways, surgically and or with the help of implants or barriers, having a short term or permanent effects. Depending upon the woman’s pregnancy plans, different birth control methods can be chosen. 

A few of the various types of birth control method are as follows-

Best Birth Control Methods

Below are the best birth control methods:

1. Condom 

The most commonly known and widely used birth control method is using condoms. Condoms are attenuate, stretchy sack-like covers, that is worn on the penis to avoid semen transaction while having sex.

Best Birth Control Methods
Best Birth Control Methods

Using a condom is 85% effective and also a cheap birth control option. Besides preventing unwanted pregnancy, it also facilitates safe sex by forestalling any sexually transmitted diseases. Also, it can be disposed of after use. Thus, maintaining a handful of stock is also necessary.

However, the only stumbling block of using this type of birth control method is that it has to be worn every time one has sex. 

2. Birth Control Pill

After consulting a doctor, females can subscribe to the birth control pill as an effective birth control method. These pills are taken as per the schedule prescribed by the doctor. It contains hormones that keep the female’s fertility potential in check. Other than preventing pregnancy, it also has other health benefits.

It is the easiest and safe birth control method. Birth control pills are 91% effective and don’t cost much. It is available in any drugstore and can be bought easily. 

The only drawback of this super easy birth control method is that it has to be taken on schedule. Missing the routine even once can disrupt the fertility cycle, eventually disrupting the birth control method’s insurance.

3. Birth Control Implant

Nexplanon, a birth control implant, is a thin needle, about the size of a matchstick. When implanted inside your body, it releases hormones that prevent fertilization. It is inserted through the arm by an expert. 

It the most effective birth control method, giving an insurance of 99% effectiveness. However, it is a little costlier than the other birth control options. You won’t need to worry about getting pregnant as it lasts for about five long years.

Consult a doctor first before getting it implanted and share your pregnancy plans in near future to get it done accordingly. 

4. IUD

An intrauterine device or IUD is a tiny device inserted in the uterus, which helps prevent pregnancy. It is a T shaped piece of soft flexible plastic. Just like the birth control implant, it is also 99% effective and a little expensive birth control method. 

The IUD can be taken as per your pregnancy concerns and plans. It can last about 12 years in a single run. 

Many commercial pharmaceutical brands offer different IUD devices for an effective birth control method. There are mainly two types of UIDs available in the market: Copper IUDs and Hormonal IUDs.

It is the best way to get a worry-free sex life.

5. Birth Control Shot

Depo-Provera, the birth control shot is an injection, taken as per a schedule. Usually, females have to get this injection shot once every three months. 

Best Birth Control Methods
Best Birth Control Methods

It is a safe and convenient birth control method if taken regularly. It releases hormones in the body which prevents ovulation and also makes the muscles of the cervix thicker. This way it prevents the sperm to enter into the body, ultimately preventing fertilization.

It is a 94% effective approach and is also pocket friendly. 

6. Birth Control Patch

The birth control patch is a transdermal contraceptive patch that is worn on different parts of the body. It is a safe and easy to use type of birth control method. It has to work in the correct way to get the desired results.

Best Birth Control Methods
Best Birth Control Methods

The patch contains hormones that prevent pregnancy. On application, it releases and proliferates these hormones, deep in skin cells, through the surface of the skin.

However, the effects last only about a week. The Birth control patch gives an assurance of 91% effectiveness and doesn’t cost much.

7. Surgical Birth Control Methods

Other than these temporary and reversible methods, there are surgical methods also. These are the best birth control methods if someone doesn’t plan on getting pregnant ever in life. This is more of a permanent approach and can be performed on both, the male and female.

Usually, people opt for this birth control method when they already have kids and do not plan on having any more for the rest of their life.

8. Sterilization

Sterilization, also known by many different names like tubal litigation, female sterilization, and also getting your tubes tied. It is a surgical procedure that aims at stopping the production of eggs by blocking its passage through fallopian tubes. It is the safest method as it permanently prevents pregnancy.

However, it is the costliest birth control method. But look at the bright side, you will never have to worry about getting pregnant ever in your life, that too without compromising your lifestyle.

9. Vasectomy

Putting a full stop at the pregnancy story by permanently closing the gates of reproduction can also be done through vasectomy. Vasectomy is a surgical procedure and one of the best birth control method. It is also popularly known as male sterilization.

In this procedure, the small tubes present in the scrotum which produces sperms are either chopped off or blocked. Making it impossible for the sperm to swim towards an egg. 

A vasectomy is a permanent approach to contraception. Before getting a vasectomy surgery one should be 100% sure about ‘no more kids’ for the rest of your life option. Since it is a surgical birth control method, it is a little expensive. 

Make Way For Fun And Fantasies

Women are the ones who bear a child for 9 long months of pregnancy. They are the ones who have to incessantly worry about possible pregnancy while having sex. Unlike men, women can’t go around and live their sexual fantasies without worrying about the same. 

But by opting for these birth control methods mention afore, living your fantasies and fulfilling your sexual drive with zero worries is possible.