The benefits of your sexual response cycle are unwittingly reaped during sex. It's not uncommon for sex to feel good because of increased blood flow that allows more blood to rush to the vagina, resulting in mind-blowing sensations.

When you're having sex, your body and brain are going through an array of physiological changes to ensure that the experience is as enjoyable as possible. It's called the "sexual response cycle" for a reason. What you're seeing is a kaleidoscope of activity. Keeping this in mind, in this article, we have gathered information about what does sex feel like for women and what things they experience during sex. So let's ponder upon this information and get some knowledge.

What is Sex?

What is Sex
What is Sex

To begin, we need to define the word "sex." Many people's idea of "sex" is limited to penis-in-vagina encounters, but this excludes a large number of people. We think it's too narrow of a definition even for those of us who are fans of P-in-V. You can also get pleasure from oral, anal, fingering, genital rubbing, mutual masturbation, and so on. 

Sex Begins Inside The Mind of the Women

Sex Begins Inside The Mind of the Women
Sex Begins Inside The Mind of the Women

Men are disappointed when she doesn't crave it in their bodies the way he does. However, her body's hormones are vastly different. Both sexes are affected by testosterone, but to varying degrees – the male's scream is louder, and the female's whispers are more infrequent. She gets revved up by imagining, remembering, and fantasising about hot sex. Consequently, when she is infatuated or in love, her sexual appetite is heightened, and arousal is effortless. Therefore how does sex feel for a female depends on how sexually aroused she gets during the process.

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Is it Painful to Have Sex?

The act of sexual interplay should not be harmful to anyone. There is, however, the possibility of pain if you're having sex that involves some kind of penetration (P-in-V sex, for example, anal sex, or vaginal or anal fingering). It's best to spend as much time in foreplay as possible to ensure that you're fully turned on before penetration begins, and don't forget to use lube! There are many options if sex is painful: you can stop, return to foreplay, change positions or add more lube, or you can choose to focus on non-penetrative activities.

Is it Painful to Have Sex
Is it Painful to Have Sex

Unless the giver is using their teeth to perform oral sex, it should not cause any discomfort to the recipient. Adding lubrication to any kind of manual sex, such as handjobs, can alleviate some minor discomfort and enhance the experience during sex.

A painful penetration can be caused by a variety of medical conditions, including endometriosis and vaginismus. Let your body and doctor tell you what it needs. And if you've had a bad experience with sex in the past, it could be physically or emotionally painful. First, it may be beneficial to discuss your boundaries with your partner and then proceed cautiously. 

Some Real-Life Explanations for What Does Sex Feel Like for Women

Here are some of the real-life examples of women explaining their experiences during sex.

When I am with him, I feel like I am flying

Everything is dripping wet and toasty. My pussy feels warm and tingly when my clit is being properly cared for, and it's a constant source of pleasure for me. It's as if a rubber band is being stretched to its breaking point inside of me as the orgasm begins to build. Explosive bursts of pleasure and heat.

In this statement, the woman explains how her vagina becomes warm and tingly during sex. This warmness and tingling sensation is a constant source of pleasure for her. 

Fullness and pressure are the dominant sensations

It's incredible. Pressure and fullness are the sensations that come to mind. Even after the orgasm, you walk around feeling like you've had sex, which is another good feeling, and I'm not referring to the post-orgasm fairyland stuff here. You have a positive sense of emptiness. 

In this statement, the woman explains that during sex, fullness and pressure are the dominant sensations, and these sensations provide the best feeling.

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My entire body feels energised as a result of the stimulation

Having sex makes me feel as if I'm one with myself, as if every part of me, which is all me but rarely interacts with one another, is suddenly linked together in new and crazy ways that only exist during sex.

In addition to the explosion-like sensation in my nipple when it is being sucked, I also feel it in my pussy, as well as my hands and toes.

When my G-spot is constantly stimulated, it feels as if my pussy and my throat have been joined together into one trunk-like structure. Like the rhythmic pressure in that space, which creates unison, connects my entire body and mental presence there, and all of me is stimulated by that touch, centred there, all while at the same time I go through a wide range of emotions ranging from lust and pleasure to helplessness, fear, excitement, joy, and gratitude or almost spiritual contact.

From this statement, you can say that during sex, you are in another world, experiencing different emotions at the same time. The woman explains that she feels like her whole body is connected in a single thread, and she feels stimulation in the entire body. This example is a very perfect representation of what does sex feel like for women.


Now you must have got the idea of what does sex feel like for women. Despite popular belief, the best part of a sexual encounter is not necessarily the orgasm but rather its buildup. Have an open and honest discussion with your partner about trying various types of stimulation if you want to orgasm more frequently. You can improve your sex life by improving your communication skills. So remember that to have a good experience during sex, you must have a good bond with your partner and move at a comfortable pace.

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