Adele, the well-known singer, just shared photographs from her 33rd birthday party on her Instagram account. Fans have observed her physical transformations over time. She is now slim and toned. Adele has spent a lot of time losing weight, and her weight loss journey was not easy. It is hard not to be inspired by her change if you are trying to lose weight. Because of her hard effort, she is overjoyed to be able to taste the benefits of her efforts.

To shed pounds, Adele adopted a more healthful way of life. She has not been as open about her weight loss as some celebs have been. In this article, we have explained in detail how Adele lost weight and her complete weight loss journey.

Adele's Journey Towards Getting a Toned Body

Adele has kept a tight lid on her weight loss journey. However, she has posted images of her transformed figure on social media, allowing her fans to see her progress. The picture of Adele at Drake's birthday celebration that she posted on social media sparked a lot of interest in her weight loss. "I used to cry, but now I sweat," she said as her caption.

When she posted a picture of herself around the holidays, even more people noticed her toned physique. Many people began to refer to her as a source of inspiration.

In the year 2020, a fan had the opportunity to meet Adele in person and have a brief conversation with her at a restaurant. She and Adele had a dialogue, which she documented on Instagram. The singer informed her that she had shed a whopping 100 pounds. As a bonus, Adele's weight loss was a great experience for the singer. The admirer also observed that Adele appeared to be in good spirits.

In addition, Adele celebrated her 32nd birthday by posting a picture on Instagram. When the pandemic was over, she thanked everyone for their well-wishes and praised the frontline workers who kept everyone safe. In the photograph, she appeared to be in excellent physical shape.

Adele looked like a completely different person when she shared a picture of herself on Instagram to congratulate Beyonce on her song Black Is King. She was also spotted in a bikini top at the Notting Hill Carnival. A large number of people were pleased to see her in a fit and confident state.

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Adele on SNL 

Adele appeared on Saturday Night Live in October 2020, looking fitter than ever before. In the show, she made jokes about her weight loss and transformation. She made a pun by saying that as she wanted to travel light due to COVID-19, she was able to bring only half of herself.

After this incident, Adele stopped posting to Instagram. The most recent posting on her social media was the picture of her 33rd birthday. Adele's face was without any makeup, and the photo had no filters applied. She appeared to be naturally gorgeous and fit.

How did Adele Lose Weight?

Adele's trainer said that the main secret behind Adele's weight loss is her healthy diet. Camila Goodis is the personal trainer of Adele who is a professional Pilates instructor. Goodis said that his first meeting with Adele was when he trained one of Adele's friends, Adya Field.  Despite the fact that Adele is not a client of Goodis, he has told us some secrets about how she lost a lot of weight.

Adele Weight Loss Journey

Because Adele changed her diet completely, the trainer thinks that 90% of her weight loss is because of that. The singer did not eat processed food, sugar, or soda. Goodis thinks that Adele does not like to do a lot of exercises, but she is willing to change her way of life. Somebody who does not eat processed food, sugar, or soda and does cardio and strength training can do a lot of good for their body.

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Adele is following the Sirtfood diet plan, which is one of the effective diet plans for weight loss.  This plan is all about proteins or sirtuins. So it will keep the body's cells healthy and keep them moving. There are a lot of foods in this diet that you can eat. Kale, matcha, blueberries, and buckwheat are some of the primary foods that are included in the diet plan.  People who are on this diet can drink red wine and eat dark chocolate while they are on it.

With help from her trainer, Adele was also able to work out properly. She went to the gym three times a week. In her 60-minute classes, she does cardio, circuit training, and Pilates. This was the complete Adele weight loss journey she followed to get her body in fit shape and size. 

What is a Sirtfood Diet Plan?

Adele's Sirtfood Diet Plan

Adele has been a big fan of the Sirtfood Diet for a while now, which has also become the main reason for the popularity of this diet plan. There are proteins in the body called sirtuins, and they play a significant role in how the body moves, how it fights infections and other important things. A lot of people who follow the Sirtfood diet eat a lot of foods that have a lot of sirtuins activators in them, which may make the body have more sirtuins. The idea here is that the more sirtuins we have, the better our bodies will be able to regulate our metabolism, reduce inflammation, and do other things.


This was detailed information about Adele's weight loss journey. The efforts she has put in for losing her weight have shown a great result. So, get the motivation from Adele’s weight loss journey and start your weight loss training now to shed down your excess weight. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Adele's weight loss natural?

A. The main reason behind the weight loss for Adele was her healthy diet, weightlifting, circuit training, and boxing which made her physique strong and toned. 

Q. How much does Adele weigh now after weight loss?

A. As per the information, after losing around 100lbs, the approximate weight of Adele is around 150lbs. 

Q. Is garlic included in the sirtfood diet plan?

A. Yes, garlic is included in the sirtfood diet plan along with the 19 other food items, including arugula, capers, buckwheat, chillies, celery, cocoa, etc. 

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