Weddings are special occasions in the life of a couple- especially a girl since let’s accept it, we girls are way more excited about such things. We spend months prepping for this one day, and every detail is gone over once and twice so that the day of your nuptial is just perfect.

Brides today juggle work and wedding preparation simultaneously, and it can be quite stressful. Thus, on D-day, you should be able to enjoy it without any hassle. But there are minuscule details that often fall through the sieve and can cause quite little disruption.

Tips for The Perfect Wedding Preparation

So, we will provide you with comprehensive details of wedding planning that needs to be taken care of and are often easily forgotten on the day.

1. Appoint a Day-of Point person

It won’t be possible to receive calls and direct vendors and guests. Your parents would be caught up to. Appoint someone else to be your Day-of Point person, who can co-ordinate and keep things on the track.

2. Arrange adequate transportation

You can’t expect the bridal party to drive themselves to the ceremony and reception and not everyone can go together in the bridal car. Ask for adequate transportation, so that everyone can reach the venue smoothly.

3. DO-NOT play tracklist

You might not want the DJ playing some tacky and done-to-death songs at your wedding or at the cocktail party. Provide the DJ with a list of songs that are no-go and then dance away the night with your bae and friends.

4. Get an alternate pair of shoes

It’s not possible to dance in those high heels matching your bridal attire. Thus, pack a pair of flats or pumps, which will allow you the dance to the tune.

5. Eat the wedding dinner

After the never-ending wedding rituals and socialization, most of the time couples, especially the bride don’t get time to eat the wedding meal that they so painstakingly curated.  Ask your caterers or a family member to keep your food separately, so that you can dig into it when you feel the stomach rumbling. 

6. Pictures with everyone that matters

There wouldn’t be another occasion wherein all the members of the extended family and long-lost friends and old acquaintances would be under one roof. Ask your photographer to capture pictures with your parents and family members. Appoint a sibling or friend- ‘photo wrangler’ who knows most of the invited guests to gather them when the photographer asks for them.

7. Keep an eye on the daily forecast

Weather can be extremely unpredictable, so, please make alternate arrangements if things get worse. This is an important aspect of any wedding preparation. For day weddings, if the sun is too warm, or if there is a sudden downpour or a cold wave, then it can be extremely problematic for the guest. Talk to your venue, for alternate arrangements if such scenarios arise.

8. Inquire about the overtime options

A wedding party often runs over time than what was estimated previously. Talk to your venue and other vendors like caterers, about any extra charge that would be incurred. So, that they don’t create a fuss on that day, and it is an important aspect to remember during your wedding preparation.

9. Food arrangement for the vendors

Hundreds of people work tirelessly to make your wedding run seamlessly. Talk to your caterers to provide food packets for the various vendors- servers, photographers, DJ, and their team, electrician and others.

10. Payments and tips

Finalize all the payments, so that you aren’t hassled on the most important day of your life. Also, keep the tips for your vendors in the separate envelopes and keep it handy. It isn’t necessary but an extremely thoughtful gesture, and an integral element of your wedding planning.

11. Proper arrangement for your gifts and cheques

Make sure you have proper designated space and a person to take care of your gifts and money that you receive. This should be the last thing that you need to fret about. Also, make sure someone is given the responsibility to deliver the gifts to your home after the wedding is over. You don’t want the gifts and money to be misplaced. 

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12. Drink water

It is important to remain hydrated throughout the day or the bridal glow will vanish before the day ends and you will end feeling fatigued. Most brides in all the ceremonies and photo ops forget to drink water.

13. Pack an emergency bag

You should always be prepared for the worst-case scenario. Carry a bag containing band-aids, and any particular medicine, some thread, wet wipes and tissues, bobby pins for if your hair comes loose, and some make-up essential like lipstick, water-proof mascaras, and eye pencils in the brand and shade applied by the makeup artist. Carry some perfume too. Pop in a change of underwear and some sanitary essentials.

You can also carry a change of clothes, something lighter than your bridal wear, it will help you to feel relaxed and have uninhibited fun. It is especially a necessity if you are spending the night in a hotel. You can also ask you, makeup artist, for some touch-up tips.

14. Bridal party gifts

Your friends, and the maid of honour who has worked tirelessly and also shouldered your bridal tantrums, need a little something to show how grateful you are to have them beside you. It doesn’t need something lavish, but just a small token of thanks. Buy them beforehand and distribute the day before or on the morning of the wedding. Or you might just forget it!

Wedding Preparation
Wedding Preparation

15. Get guest books and accessories ready

You might want your guests to leave you some wishes, so leave a guest book and don’t forget the pens. It is more easily forgotten than you can imagine.

16. Invitation paraphernalia to be photographed

You spent days choosing the exquisite wedding invitation and save-the-date cards. Order a couple of extras, and pop a few along with your other wedding essentials. The photographer will surely love you for this.

17. Have fun with your husband

Remember this day is ultimately about you both and in all the wedding shenanigans, you might not be able to spend those much needed intimate moments with each other. So even while mingling with your relatives and guests, catch those special moments together.

You get married once, and it is going to be the most important day of your life. So, pay heed to even the smallest details, so that you can sit back and relax on this day and not fret about any issues!

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