To Do List for Your Wedding

There comes your beautiful lady walking down the aisle with background music ‘heart-beats fast colors and promises, la la la la la la la la…’ and then you start living your dream for the whole occasion. While you keep on dreaming and start exhausting your wedding, a lot of things go out of mind and you end up regretting and wishing for another chance of gathering. 

A wedding is an auspicious day where two or more people get united. Wedding traditions and customs vary greatly.  People prepare for this event for days and maybe even months. Did you ever think about what the bride and groom might have planned and if it actually went according to their plan? If you are planning for your wedding, do not forget to read this ‘to do list for your wedding’ article because you may miss the most important thing that you wanted to do during your wedding.

Here is the to do list for your wedding:

1. Do Not Forget To Eat The Delicacies In Your List

The menu you have carefully decided should reach the tip of your tongue on the day of your wedding. You went through all the cuisines and tasted each and every delicacy, but the probability of having these dishes is almost zero on the day of your wedding. You would be the busiest person on this earth that day.

You would be greeting thousands of guests without even a piece of your menu in your mouth. And by the time you are done, you would either be tired to fill your plate with your favorite dish or all of it went into the stomach of the guests. Yeah, that’s when you regret it. So, keep your food separately by asking the caterer and eat whenever you get the golden opportunity of the day.

Delicacies In Your List
Delicacies In Your List

2. Shoes For The Dance Night

It is the most important component of spontaneous entertainment. A comfortable pair of shoes for the dance night is not only important for the wedding but for any other function. A good pair of flat Mojaris is the choice of the wedding for the groom. And for the bride, carrying a pair of low heels and flats is very much recommended. Do not remain on the sidelines, scorch the dance floor! Be a badass that your entire guest would talk about the day after and this is possible with your shoes for the dance night. 

Get some really comfy footwear for your wedding to reduce weariness.

Shoes For The Dance Night
Shoes For The Dance Night

3. Parents included pictures-Most important

You will be surrounded by Your BFF’s and your siblings on the day of your wedding. There will be Instagram stories and pout perfect selfies. Pose a thousand times on the day. Between these hefty schedules, you often forget the most important people in your life- Your parents. You should have enough family portraits for yourself and your parents to smile with tears in your eyes in the future.

4. Do not forget an eventful wedding entry

Are you a Bollywood kind of person? If yes, do not forget your eventful wedding entry. Have a groovy or ‘dhamaakedar’ entry to your wedding. Leave a mark. You will be happy that you did it amidst all the drama. Also, it is your one and only wedding. A smitten struck eventful wedding entry is a must!!!

wedding entry
wedding entry

5. Carry A Change Of Outfit

This is another to-do list for your wedding element. You need a comfortable outfit to dance freely or relax with your closest people after the hectic rituals are over. Get a light and comfy outfit other than your bridal lehenga. Don’t skip the change of dress.  Comfy dress, Grab it!

Carry A Change Of Outfit
Carry A Change Of Outfit

6. Do Not Forget To Have Fun With Your Partner

Make most of your day. But the mission does not get accomplished all alone, you should include your partner as well. Do not be at two different corners. It should not be like you and your partner are attending the guest and do not have time for each other. This is an important day for both of you, so make enough time for each other. You should create ample memories to cherish your whole life.

Have Fun With Your Partner
Have Fun With Your Partner

7. A Do-Not-Play List

It is obvious you must have planned your cocktail function, do not neglect to note down a do-not playlist of songs for your DG to not disappoint you. This will definitely save you from the songs that are done to death and you do not want them to blast out at your wedding. You should not have the risk of such things when there will be a generic variation of denarian to the centenarian.

I hope by now you are ‘all ready’ with the to-do list for your wedding. 

All the very best to the destined couples!!! 

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