Since the time bralettes have gained significant recognition in the fashion scenario, to wear bralettes in the winter have been in demand in almost every season. They’re the trendiest and hottest combination of bras and crop tops, that have become absolute wardrobe essentials that fashion fanatics can’t do without. 

If you’re considering building up a wardrobe, you’ve got to get hold of some classy pieces, that can be styled with almost everything. While it is not a big deal to come up with outfits with bralettes in the summer months, it can be quite challenging to flaunt bralettes in the winter. Wondering how to do it? You’re at the right place. We’re going to list down a few ways on how to wear bralettes in the winter. Are you ready? Read along! 

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How to Wear Bralettes in the Winter? 

Here are the 7 perfect ways to wear bralettes in winter season:

1. Fur Jacket 

Are you ready to channelize your inner French fashionista? We’re here to tell you how. A fur jacket is a classic that’s never going to go out of style. It’s not only supremely fashionable but it also protects you from the chills, because it’s warm, soft and cozy. When you wear it, it feels like a hug and nothing could be better but than that in the winters. Pair your favorite lace bralette with a fur jacket, to look chic and edgy. A basic black or beige fur jacket works best with a nude or white lace bralette. Pair it with leather pants or a skirt, thigh-high boots, and gold accessories to complete the look. You’re going to turn heads for sure. 

2. Oversized Cardigan 

Oversized Cardigan
Oversized Cardigan

Flaunting bralettes in the winter is quite tricky but not too much when you have a comfortable, oversized sweater to pair them with. The best part about wearing a loose cardigan with a bralette is, you would not only feel warm and cozy but it’s sure to have a deep neck that’s perfect for a slight peek-a-boo. Your overall look would automatically become sexy and appealing if your bralette is visible through the cardigan. Steal your best friend’s or partner’s cardigan if you can’t find a suitable one in your wardrobe and you’ll be good to go. Denim and sneakers are going to be appropriate additions to this super chill winter outfit. 

3. See-Through Pullover 

A very important fashion hack is to invest in statement pieces that would make your ensemble stand out from the crowd. A transparent or sheer pullover is one such piece, being the right amount of sexy you need to rock an all-nighter with your friends or an evening date with your partner. Wear a fancy bralette, preferably of bright color, and top it up with a basic black or white sheet sweater to look your glam best.

You can also try other cooler tones for day events. Bralettes in the winter are better during the day since the days are warmer than the nights. Wear denim shorts and boots with this outfit to look like a diva. Don’t forget to accessorize before you step out. A fanny pack and gold hoops would work just fine. 

4. Turtlenecks  

We couldn’t possibly rule out turtlenecks while discussing how to wear bralettes in the winter. They are winter staples and look classy and elegant in almost all colors. You could add a stylish dimension to your outfit by wearing your bralette over your turtleneck. This would not only keep you warm but also make you look like a fashion influencer. Such outfits with bralettes can get bold but if you can carry them well enough, there’s nothing like it. This look is also perfect for those who love bralettes but are not comfortable showing skin. A skater skirt or a midi pleated skirt could go well with the overall vibe of the ensemble. 

5. Biker Jacket 

Biker Jacket
Biker Jacket

Stepping out for a fun ride? Calls for a sporty, yet sexy outfit. If the weather’s on the cooler side, opt for bralettes in the winter with a good old biker jacket. A biker jacket has a vintage vibe to it and when you pair it with skinny leather pants and chunky boots, you’ll surely feel like a badass. These jackets are best when monochromatic, with small accessories breaking the monotony occasionally. Go for statement pieces like gold chains and bracelets.

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6. Hoodies 

If you’re a lover of athleisure, hoodies with bralettes in the winter could be your thing. The sexy vibe of bralettes and the cool and casual vibe of hoodies can work extremely well together. You can go for hoodies with joggers and a bralette or even opt for hooded co-ord sets while going out for a long drive with your friends or a casual brunch. Big, bulky sneakers go quite well with athleisure outfits. Don’t shy away from experimenting with colors. Winters are the best times to go all out and wear fun colors, to say goodbye to the gloominess associated with it.

7. Puffer Jackets 

Are you a fan of puffer jackets? We’re for sure and we’re all for the fashionable touch it adds despite being big and broad. Body-hugging clothes are favorable for pairing with these jackets since they already give off a baggy feel. Wearing bralettes in the winters is not a bad idea at all if you have something as warm and winter-appropriate as a puffer jacket. The cropped ones are currently in trend and are available in different colors throughout the market. Invest in one before the next winters and you’ll be sorted. 


If you’re a bralette person, you should certainly try out wearing bralettes in the winter in the various ways mentioned above. Bralettes are available in different sizes, fabrics, and styles, there would be something that suits you the most. Buy the basic colors like black, white and nude, before experimenting with the more vibrant ones. Neon bralettes are quite dapper at this moment and suit most skin types. The best thing about bralettes is you don’t even have to wear a bra underneath. It does the job of a bra, as well as a top and we think there could be nothing cooler than that! 

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