Adorable And Easy Ways To Thank Your Beloved Husband

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ways to thank husband
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As women, we are often guilty of taking rash and impulsive decisions. Saying unpleasant things at the heat of the moment that we’ll only regret later. All thanks to our all-time fluctuating hormones. 

Our constant mood swings make it impossible for ourselves to go through the day. Even after doing all these things and putting our spouses through hell, they still keep up with us stoically. 

As women, we incessantly keep complaining about how men don’t get us and brandish this as a tactful weapon against them. Pitifully, men being men, always screw things up somehow. Probably because we have so much confidence that they will, we manifest it. But it is okay, every person has flaws, nobody is immaculate. The same applies to us too. 

Why should women have all the fun?

We have always seen and appreciated the idea of our husbands getting us small gifts or showing some adorable gestures to make up for things, or on special days. Women being conditioned by this idea of only men doing things, often forget about what they would want. Influenced by all the fictional chick-flicks and romantic movies, we always end up expecting and putting all unrealistically high hopes on our men, to go beyond lengths for us.

Due to all these things, we never realize that a relationship is a partnership. It is a two-way lane, not one-way. Men may not express it, but they experience down days too and would love being pampered and appreciated for their work and efforts. Being a feminist and not supporting this idea would be kinda hypocrite, right?

Don’t worry, this epiphany might have struck a little but its okay. Better late than never. There are several ways to thank our beloved husbands. Men aren’t that hard to please, they are no esoteric creatures after all. But appreciating your darling husband can be a total game-changer, it can strengthen your relationship. 

Show gratitude to your spouse- The Love Of Your Life

Appreciating your partner results in boosting confidence in them. Their insecurities fade away and communication becomes better. It will also help to keep the spark alive in the relationship. 

To do all this, you don’t need to go all-in and extra. Just coming up with sweet and little ways to thank your husband every day will do it.

So say goodbye to your monotonous and mundane life by expressing your love through these effortless and adorable gestures for your husband. Romance is in your cards and the cards are in your hands. 

Romantic ways to thank husband

1. Cook and hook

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Cooking his favourite dish, or getting it from his favourite restaurant, if you are a bad cook, can be a really cute way to express your gratitude to your spouse. So cook for him and get hooked to his heart.

ways to thank husband

2. Plan date nights

Initially, at the beginning of a relationship, couples often go out on dates by taking some of their time off from their busy schedules. These efforts mould the foundation of the relationship. But somehow, over time, when couples develop good understating between them and become comfortable, date nights gradually stop to happen. They become an event on the calendar, scheduled only on special occasions. 

So surprising your husband with a date night of his likings. It can be a great way to thank him for being him.

3. Spoil him with meaningful gifts

Just like women, men also love to get spoiled and showered with unexpected gifts. Giving him gifts, when he doesn’t expect it at all, can make his heart melt. It doesn’t necessarily have to be something expensive, even small things which have some special meaning for him can do. 

4. Write notes or letters

Hiding small cute notes about how much you love him and feel lucky to have him in your life can make his day. Put these notes at places where he can easily notice it. On some days, you can even write him a letter full of love and gratitude. 

A thank you letter for husband is not that hard to write. An appreciation letter for husband should be written completely out of love, organically. Even though it seems like an old school trick but still does the job very effectively.

5. Post a #CoupleGoals picture  

An unexpected social media appreciation post can be a really cute and surprising way to express your gratitude and make him happy. A picture of you two together along with a lovable caption can do the trick. 

ways to thank husband

Appreciating your spouse publicly will show how much you love and value them.

6. Praise him often

Besides, all these gifts and notes, praising your partner for his good habits and skill will also make them feel special. This will make them realise that you notice all the small things about him and do not take him for granted.

7. Dress to impress

Getting all dolled up and wearing his favorite dress would give him an expression that you like him giving you attention. You value his attention and want to give him yours. This way he will realize how much you appreciate his presence in your life.

8. Text him randomly

Sending an ‘I Miss you, wish you were here.’ or ‘I love you’ or just a plain and simple ‘thank you for being you’ text out of the blue could lift his mood. Whatever is our love language, send him texts in the middle of the day, when he is busy working. This will remind him that you think about him all the time and are thankful to have him in your life.

9. Buy tickets to his favourite event or show

Surprise him with tickets to his favourite match, band or any other event which he loves. Even if you don’t enjoy the same, get two tickets for yourselves and attend it together. This way he will be glad to know about how much you care for him and wants to see him happy.

ways to thank husband

10. Be supportive

Be supportive of him, all the things he stands for. Show support for his dreams and goals. Supporting him will make him confident and he will realise that you believe in him and care about his dreams as much as he does. 

All these are little ways which can make your man feel appreciated and happy. Often, we forget to appreciate people who keep us going in life. The sad reality is we forget to realise how important someone truly is until they are gone. We end up taking them for granted. Many marriages become as good as dead due to lack of appreciation between partners. 

However, with these easy tips, you can throw love and gratitude around like confetti. 

Being voluble about your feelings doesn’t make you inferior rather boosts your partner’s confidence in you and your relationship.

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