We all desire a partner who will be a match for our psyche and meet at least some of our expectations. On finding someone we like, it is quite natural to have sexual attraction towards someone special. The question is when is the ideal time to sleep with your newfound love. Should you follow the wait until the third date to have sex rule or should you wait much longer or should you have sex on your first date itself??

Coming to the third date rule, some of you might be familiar with it but for those who haven’t heard about this rule, let me give the gist about it. This rule has been around for a long time now. According to this rule, when you date someone, you have to wait until your third date with that person to have sex. The main principle that this rule follows is that make your partner wait and this will give you time to evaluate the relationship and the guy. 

Few people go on dates to sleep eventually with no intention to take the relationship further. This is okay for people who do not have any commitments. But for the women is a negative point who are in hope of finding their Mr. Big or Aidan (Sex and the City fans you know who).Now, this is a bit of a risk for us women because having sex in most cases makes us emotional, vulnerable and we tend to get attached to the guy. And if the guy isn’t interested in taking it further, it will break our hearts. 

So What Should Be Done?

My thought is waiting is good for relationships. If you and your partner have recently met and started dating, I will say get to know each other, check your compatibility, see how much you two connect. In relationships, there are several factors you need to see in your partner. If you are thinking what about sexual chemistry?? Yes, sexual chemistry matters a lot as usual but you don’t have to test your sexual chemistry ASAP. 

Go out and spend time with each other, make memories and understand one another. By spending time with them, you will get to know whether they are respectful of you or not. Many have tendencies of getting violent during disagreements. Now, you don’t wanna spend your life or be with someone who will hit you, do you? 

So, there is no fixed number of dates that will have to wait until you sleep with your beau. You should leave it to see how your relationship turns out and if you realize that the relationship is going to be a stable one then, you can go on and make love.  

One piece of advice from my heart to yours, getting to know a person from inside outside is not easy and takes a while. So, you will have to hold on to your lusts for some time. This is in case only if you are looking for a serious relationship with that person.

If you are looking for something casual, go on girl, have fun with him only if you are confident enough that you can uphold any emotional connections with him after the deed. There are so many Hollywood movies based on casual sex relationships like friends with benefits, no strings attached which depict the guy and the girl falling for each other eventually. So it all depends on you how much of it you can handle. 

Most importantly, if your partner agrees with you and waits rather than forcing you into it, it means he is interested in you and desires to have a possible future with you. Respecting your choice and the ability to make an effort to understand you are essential characteristics you must seek in your partner. All I am saying is having sex with a person you hardly know may make the situation awkward. Sleeping with someone you like and if you two are compatible, the entire experience will be so much better. Trust me! 

Bottom Line

Waiting until your third date or more than that is worthy. Rushing into things seldom gives a good outcome. So, take it slow and spend quality time with one another. Be romantic!

Take care♥ 

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