Among many sex myths and debates, one of the most convoluted happens to be ‘Viagra’s expiration date’. Does Viagra expire or not? Well, now we can put an end to this torturous debate as we have the answer. 

Yes, viagra has an expiry date. Like most of the things Viagra also comes with a specific shelf life. All the drugs contain chemicals that start to decompose after a certain timeframe from the manufacturing date, and so do Viagra. 

What is Viagra?

A brand-name prescription drug, Viagra, is used to address Erectile dysfunction in males. This drug contains sildenafil which helps men maintain an erection. 

Consuming this blue pill, when sexually aroused, increases the blood flow into the penis, helping the erection last for a longer period. Although, it is advised to be consumed by males who are 18 years old and above.

Viagra is the course of action to experience a highly sensuous action in bed.

How Long Can Viagra Last?

Death is inevitable, be it of humans or medications. Hence, Viagra’s expiration date is not out of bounds either. Viagra is composed of chemicals that help men enrich their sex life, like sildenafil which molders over some time. Therefore, the whole pill also expires eventually.

Viagra pills can last for a few years after its production date. However, degradation in the quality of chemical components may not give out effective results as well as unexpired Viagra pills. 

Other than the expiry date, improper storage can also cause the decomposing of chemical components that might affect the chemical activity of the Viagra.

Factors Determining Viagra’s Expiration Date

There remains doubt about how long can Viagra last. Viagra has a shelf life of about two years from its manufacturing date. One can also check Viagra’s expiration date on the bottle. If the Viagra’s expiration date or manufacturing date isn’t mentioned anywhere on the bottle, one can also find out about Viagra’s expiration date by contacting the consumer services.

Besides, Viagra’s expiration date, there is another factor which determines when does Viagra expire. The proper storage is necessary for any medication or drug to stay intact and do not react to environmental changes.

Improper storage can cause the Viagra pills to decay by reacting to the environment it is stored in. These reactions may cause Viagra pills to lose its chemical properties and hinder its potential effectiveness to the fullest. 

Proper Storage Guide 

Since it is pretty clear that proper storage plays an important role in how long do Viagra pills stay good, here are some basic proper storage instructions mentioned below.

  • Make sure to stack your bottles between 20°C and 30°C.
  • Do not leave the bottle’s lid open and close it tightly when you’re not getting a pill out. This way air won’t enter into the bottle and avoid any reaction with the pill.
  • Direct sunlight can also cause reactions to the pill so ensure that the bottles are kept away from direct sunlight.
  • Viagra pills should be kept in a locked or inaccessible storage area.
  • Freezing or heating medications can cause a change in the chemical properties of the pill, so never freeze or heat it.

These instructions not only restrict to Viagra’s storage but all drugs and medication in general.

Downsides of Using Expired Viagra

The breakdown in the chemical components of the pill after Viagra’s expiration date can completely change its effect after consumption. Forget about treating erectile dysfunction, it may rather cause side effects on the body.

Downsides of Using Expired Viagra
Downsides of Using Expired Viagra

Everybody is different physically as well as internally. Consumption of expired Viagra can have different side effects on the body, varying in its intensity or severity over different bodies. Therefore, some people may experience the side effects soon after consuming expired Viagra or a little later. Similarly, some people may experience more than one side effects while few people can experience many.

Possible Side Effects of Consuming Expired Viagra

The decomposition of chemicals changes the reaction of the pill on consumption. Consuming Viagra past its expiration date can cause side effects in unexpected ways. Anyhow, a person may experience a few of the side effects that are mentioned below –

  • Vision Problems: according to research, men with prior health problems, who consumed the erectile dysfunction drug, Viagra, after its expiration date can experience vision problems.
  • Rashes: Skin is the most delicate feature of the human body. Consuming expired Viagra can easily infect the skin and cause very irritating rashes, making the person feel itchy all the time.
  • Experiencing a sensation of pins and needles pinching throughout your body can also be a side effect. This happens when the blood flow in a body part is blocked. Since Viagra contains chemicals that are used to boost the blood in the penis, they are also capable of having side effects on the body like this.
  • Body ache: severe aching or pains in muscles, especially the back is a common side effect.
  • Nausea: The incessant sensation to vomit.
  • Stomach pain or abdominal pain
  • Diarrhoea: Problems in the bowel system is the most common side effect of consuming any expired drug.
  • Seizures: consumption of Viagra post-expiration can damage or attack the brain cells as well, ultimately causing seizures.
  • Heart attacks: Viagra deals with the blood flow in the penis. However, post-expiration date, Viagra can hamper the blood flow in the wrong ways. This hampering can lead to a severe side effect like a heart attack also.

Curing the Side Effects

If you have consumed Viagra after it has expired, you may experience one or more side effects aforementioned. To avoid all that, immediately stop using those expired Viagra pills and consult a doctor. It is better to get treated as soon as possible. 

Alternative Home Remedies for Erectile Dysfunction 

Feeling dicey about consuming Viagra but want to cure this problem too? Don’t worry, you can ditch the Viagra and practice the following to get improved performance in bed. So to top your game in bed a notch, here are some easy tips-

Reduce or Limit Alcohol Consumption: Alcohol can impede your blood flow. Since the root cause of erectile dysfunction is the lack of sufficient blood flow, consuming alcohol can make it worse for you to get an erection. 

1. Reduce or Quit Smoking

Smoking releases tobacco and nicotine in your body which, just like alcohol, impedes blood flow, and makes it hard for the person to have an erection.

2. Exercise Regularly

Exercising increases your lung capacity and facilitates blood flow by increasing the oxygen level in the body.

3. Get Proper Sleep Hours

Having slept sufficient hours of a good night’s sleep reduces the cortisol from stress and other toxins in the blood.

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