Are you a party animal? You might love being tipsy and having fun. Talking about tipsy, a Vegas bomb shot is enough to make your soberness go away. The quick bottoms up can give you the instant cocktail kick you might be looking for the night. The main Vegas Bomb Shot ingredients whiskey and rum can get you high in minutes and the fruitiness of cranberry juice and peach schnapps used in the Vegas bomb shot recipe will make you fall in love with its flavor. So, want to know the not so secret Vegas bomb shot recipe? Well, you are in the right place! Read on to find out more about this perfect shot you’ll ever taste. 

About Vegas Bomb Shot 

Here's what you should know about the Vegas bomb shot. 


The Vegas Bomb shot is an amazing cocktail made with Royal Flush Shot and any energy drink of your choice- so it is a proper energy booster for you. If you have ever been to or going to Las Vegas, this drink is the most probable drink to find. Of all the ‘bomb drinks’ available out there, the Vegas Bomb Shot is one of the most popular ones for all the party animals. If you love bomb shots, it is highly likely you’ll love this badass bomb shot. This drink contains three liqueurs, Whiskey, Peach Schnapps, Rum, and an energy drink (mostly a red bull). 

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Origin of Vegas Bomb Shot

The name “Vegas Bomb” is said to come from the true Las Vegas fashion. While no one is sure from where the name comes from, it is believed that the popularity comes from its name and from where it is from, the perfect city to party, Las Vegas. Vegas Bomb shot was originated in the early 2000s because from there on it started to make a manifestation in Vegas’ Club scene. This drink is known for its effect rather than its taste. It’s a kind of a party battery so it should be savoured accordingly! 

What’s in Vegas Bomb Shot? 

The content of the Vegas bomb shot is pretty potent and strong. While cocktails are meant to be strict in their ingredients, the Vegas bomb shot is pretty creative and fun. So, feel free to play with the ingredients according to your preference and your taste.

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Vegas Bomb Shot
Vegas Bomb Shot 

This shot has simultaneously been named a rum and a whiskey cocktail because of its flexible nature. The classic and original recipe of Vegas Bomb Shot includes Crown Royal whiskey, peach schnapps, cranberry juice, red bull, and ice. 

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How to Enjoy Vegas Bomb Shot? 

The Vegas bomb is not something you would call a cocktail but it is a popular party drink if you are looking for one. This drink is particularly enjoyed by college students and bachelorette and bachelor parties. So, this drink is best for someone who has a party-centric mind and wants to enjoy life to the fullest. The best way to enjoy sipping this drink is by pouring the shot into a large glass and gulping it down in one go. 

Vegas Bomb Shot
Vegas Bomb Shot

There’s no restriction on whether you should gulp it down in one sip or take it slow. It doesn’t matter! However, there should be a restriction on the limit to which this drink is sipped. Make sure you are drinking in a moderate amount to enjoy the shot in the best way possible. 

Tips To Make A Vegas Bomb Shot

If you are going for a Vegas bomb shot and making it by yourself you should consider some tips before making it. The potency of this drink is pretty high so it is recommended not to pour overly. The fewer shots you gulp, the better (if you don’t want that aching hangover). The ingredients or aspects of this drink can be interchanged, so don’t think you need to stick with the ingredients. You can use any good quality whiskey you can get, the flavor is not going to change. Make sure everything is fresh and of good quality to have the best experience. 

The Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe 

The Vegas Bomb shot recipe is the best made at your kitchen table or even when you are outside at a party where you can easily prepare yourself. While you can make your own Vegas bomb shot, you can get creative and try the ingredients of your own choice and proportions according to your need. Here’s the basic recipe we want you to try out:

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Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe
Vegas Bomb Shot Recipe 


  • ½ ounce Crown royal whiskey
  • ½ ounce Peach Schnapps
  • 4 ounces Energy drink
  • A large shot glass

How to Prepare it?

  • Pour crown royal whiskey and peach schnapps in a large shot glass.
  • Add chilled energy drink or any carbonated water on top of it.
  • Chug it up and enjoy the booze!

For an excellent experience, make sure to pre-chill all the ingredients as there’s no ice in the ingredients list. 

Variations of Vegas Bomb Shot 

As said earlier, the Vegas bomb shot is a flexible and creative drink. So, you can make variations according to your need. You can change the flavor of the schnapps or you can use tequila instead of whiskey if you have a tequila personality. If you are looking for some variations, here are a few of them: 

Variations of Vegas Bomb Shot
Variations of Vegas Bomb Shot 

1. First Variation

For the first variation, here’s the recipe:


  • ½ ounce Canadian whiskey
  • ½ ounce coconut rum
  • ½ ounce butterscotch schnapps
  • Dash of cranberry juice
  • ½ can of energy drink
  • Large shot glass

How to Prepare it

  • Add whiskey, schnapps, rum, and cranberry juice into the large shot glass.
  • Pour the energy drink into it and gulp it down immediately.

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2. Johnny Vegas Bomb


  • ½ ounce watermelon schnapps
  • ½ ounce tequila
  • ½ can of energy drink
  • A large shot glass

How to Prepare it

  • Add the schnapps and tequila into a large shot glass
  • Pour energy drink into it
  • Gulp it down immediately and enjoy!

This was all about the best party bomb shot. If you have a party spirit, this is a shot you shouldn’t miss out on the energetic parties. 

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