Whether you purchased a new property, want to sell your house or you just want to light up the space by some restyling and redecorating i.e. home renovation, we’ve got it all for you. To most people, home renovation sounds like a day job, how tough could it get? Just need to buy stuff and put it in your home. Well here’s some news for you, home styling is a whole process, comprising of analyzing the space, getting the right things, doing it the right way. This is the only way you can do efficient home styling.

Styling Tips For Home

Below are some steps involved in this process:

1. Envision Your Home

By just looking at your space, analyzing it, and imagining how you would like this place to look, you can get a brief idea of where to start with your home styling. Home styling is a multi-layered process. Breakdown your plan to rooms, to areas, walls. 

Start off by selecting a room and imagining a particular space of it in your mind. How would you like this space to look? What furniture would you put there? How would you like to detail it? Once you have done this for every part of all the rooms, note down the things you are going to do and things you will add to your shopping list. Also, when buying stuff for your space, always start with the big furniture first. Then work your way to other details like plants, decorative pieces, etc.

2. Focus on your Bedroom

Style Your Home
Style Your Home

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One of the important parts to cover when home renovation is giving your bedroom the perfect look. Go all the way up with your bedroom. Make it luxurious, make it your sanctuary. A place where you can relax, find yourself and get some rest. Invest in plump bedding and huge plump pillows. White pillows and sheets are always easily available at any store, plus they give a really authentic look to your bedroom. Add on some more decorative pillows on top of the huge white pillows. 

3. Lights

Lights are hands down the most important feature you can add to your styling. The right lights can make your home look like the home of your dreams, and the wrong lights can just make every other styling go into vain. Use Big and small lights all the way. Get chandeliers, table lamps. Also, add dimmers to your lights for adding the mood.

4. Mirrors

Mirrors can do two benefits if added to your furniture and styling. Firstly, it reflects the lights perfectly well into the room, making it look bright and shiny. Secondly, adding mirrors will almost double the visual square footage of your room. Place mirrors opposite to any source of light for this effect. You can also place 3-4 mirrors opposite to a window for the same effect during daylight.

5. Wall and Art

All of the areas left after furnishing that catches the eyes is your wall. Decorate your walls as home renovation tip. Use art pieces, paintings, frames. In fact, always get big and huge art pieces for your walls. Place these on any wall above any furniture like a sofa, couch or bed. This will make your walls look prettier and make your space look bigger and beautiful.

6. Drapes

Curtains, drapes for your windows gives your windows a finishing look, while also creating an illusion of higher ceilings. Get plain solid colored curtains, or go for a basic white look. The curtains should be hung properly. They should always start as high as they can from the ceiling and go all the way down to the floor.

7. Bathrooms

Most people tend to overlook their bathrooms. You, on the other hand, are informed not to do so. Bathrooms are just as important as any part of the styling. Get luxury items for your bathroom, add fluffy white towels, decorative items, and eucalyptus to create a luxurious spa effect in your bathroom.

8. Color

Add color to your space for a more lively look. Pick a color and add some accents or rugs, pillows or art and let it work it’s way through the room. Try adding any one color accent 3-4 times in a room. It will work almost magically. These are some tips and tricks to consider when styling your home or for home renovation. If you want to go for a more specific styling look and can’t get it right, try getting help from a professional.

Remember: A healthy house gives you a healthy life in return!

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