Worrying about how to go ahead with makeup storage? If you are a makeup lover and have zillions of makeup products (pun intended!) and in times when you are in a hurry or getting ready for a special occasion, you might not be able to find a particular product that you were hoping to wear it. Happens to a lot of us right! Happens to me all the time and it is annoying!

Having makeup products is never enough for some of us and we keep on buying. We can’t help it right when there are so many variations in the shades and palettes and we are compelled to have more and more. 

Amazing DIYs for Makeup Storage

Buying makeup is fine but keeping them properly in an organized way is also essential. Organizing your makeup will save you so much time and you can get ready in peace. Here are some easy DIYs that can keep you organized. 

1. Painted Glass Jars

The glass jars make good storing material for our makeup products. To make them look prettier, you can apply metallic paints or add glitters for a sparkly feel. Jars are best to keep all your makeup brushes, eyebrow pencils, mascara. 

2. Painted Mason Jars

If you have mason jars at home lying around, you can use them as well for storing your makeup. Mason jars with their simple and standard build will make a good makeup container. Make it more elegant by covering it up with vibrant colors or metallic colors just the way you like.

3. Plastic Bottles 

With the rise in pollution and climate change in every nook and corner of the world, you can contribute a tiny bit too controlling the pollution by reusing the plastic bottles at home and using them for storing your products. Plastic pollution is the worst among the other types of pollution. So, do your part in curbing the pollution problem no matter how small it may be its impact on the world. 

4. Tray 

If you have a table full of makeup products lying around, you can organize them by keeping them on a tray or platter which is available to you. You can make the tray look attractive by customizing it. 

5. Easy Cardboard Makeup Holder

Use leftover cardboard and assemble them to make compartments according to your choice. Paint the whole thing and voila your very own cardboard makeup holder is ready. You can also use small cartons as well for this purpose.

6. Hanging Jars

For this, you can use plastic jars or glass jars whichever is available to you. You will need stick-on wall hangers and thick threads to make the jars hang on the wall. You can tie ribbons on the neck of the jars to make them look pretty. 

Hanging Jars
Hanging Jars

7. Old Brush Holder

Brush holders make good storage for your makeup brushes. A brush holder with its assorted compartments and a hanging loop is a smart idea for hanging your makeup. If required you can also, rollup the holder and carry it easily

8. Old Drawer

Have a spare drawer or thinking of disposing of your old wooden drawer?? Paint your drawer making it look brand new and use it for makeup storage. Or you can keep it that way which will give an antique look. You can utilize this to keep all your products in one place. 

9. Plant Pots

If you are a plant lover and love to decorate your indoors with pretty little plants, you may have small-sized pots lying around somewhere. You can use them as your makeup brush holder or for your makeup sticks.

10. Bookcase 

Now, this is another brilliant idea to organize your makeup products. You can arrange the products and keep them on the shelves of the bookcase. You can also use baskets according to the size of the bookcase where you can keep products at your convenience.

So, these are a few DIYs that you can try if you are thinking of being organized with your makeup. Or if you are bored with your current storage method, you can experiment and try a new one. There are numerous ways of sorting the makeup products that you can find on the internet. Hats off to the YouTubers and social media influencers to inspire us all by sharing with us such brilliant DIYs. 

Take care♥

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