Isn’t summer fun? The beaches, the ice-creams, the sunrises, and the sunsets? We love them as much as you do and that is the reason that we like to get dressed up well from head to toes. Talking about the head, there are always new hairstyles in the market or the old ones getting reinvented. Who doesn't like summer hairstyles? Because we sure do and we would love to acquaint you with the ones that we came across. 

Easy Summer Hairstyle

Everyone must have searched about summer hairstyle ideas on Pinterest at least once or twice. So we are here to make all you lovely ladies familiar with a few new summer hairstyles. They're easy to follow and easy to DIY (Do it Yourself). 

1. Rope Braid Ponytail

Just like the same already hints that this hairstyle is basically like a rope in a ponytail. Don't worry we won't make you look like some street person. This is actually a very good and easy hairstyle to try when you're bored and are in dire need of change. Rope braid ponytails are one of the summer hairstyles that is actually trending. Especially after watching Serena Van Der Woodsen from Gossip Girl rocking it. 

2. Double Twisted Bun

The double twisted bun is a versatile hairstyle that may be worn from tonight. It's a simple technique to dress up your regular top knot bun and make it look more sophisticated and posh. Make sure to test this lookout for your next summer special event, because you don't want to let go of embracing your grace do you?

3. Double Dutch Braids

How cool is it to even make one Dutch braid let alone two? Imagine getting two chocolates instead of getting one. You're jumping with excitement, aren't you? We were too when we came across the double Dutch braids. So put on that cute dress that you've been saving and rock it with these braids. 

4. Mermaid Waves

If the name itself is so beautiful, the hairstyle would definitely be then. This hairstyle reminds us of a beach wedding or a casual walk near the sea. You can even rock this hairstyle at your parties. Mermaid waves are popular this summer, whether you're going to the beach or on a hot date! Get instant waves with a triple barrel iron to make you look like you just stepped out of the water. For this incredibly trendy haircut, the longer your hair is, the more of a Kardashian look you'll attain.

Mermaid Waves
Mermaid Waves

Trending Summer Hairstyle

These are some hairstyles that you can easily attain since they require minimal work and show excellent results. But what if you don't want to go easy? What if you want to go trendy? We have an answer to that as well. 

1. Angled Collarbone Bob

One of the current trends is an angled collarbone bob, which is a terrific alternative for "shorter but not too short hair." Well, what better hairstyle than to chop those long locks off! It can be a sudden shift from an acute personality to someone with an edge. Who doesn't like to witness power just by looks? Well, this is a hairstyle that can help accomplish that. 

2. Summer-Ready Curls

Every summer, curls, and waves are popular: it's the greatest way to arrange your hair for a romantic dinner in the park, a girls' night out on an outdoor terrace, or just a nice hair day. Now blow them off with those beautiful soft curls and make them stare.

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3. Half Updo with a Scrunchie

What's the easiest hairstyle you can think about which brings about the cute and delicate side all at once? half updo right? Well, now just add a scrunchie to it instead of a normal rubber band. This summer, everyone seems to be obsessed with scrunchies — they're so 90s and so hip. There are several possibilities for a fashionable scrunchie hairdo, including velvet or silk, neutral or with a print, matching or contrasting with your hair color.

4. Face-Framing Layers

Face-framing layers are a fantastic technique to add a form to fresh growth after many people have grown their hair longer than before while in isolation.This cut will also offer your hair movement and reduce bulkiness around your face if you have thick hair.

Hairstyles According to your Face Shape

Now that you know about what's trending, you are surely up to making a choice about your favorite hairstyle amongst these. But what if none of these suit your face type and you end up looking like someone whose hair does not match their personality. This is why people are asked to choose a hairstyle according to their face shape and this is where we are taking you to next.

  • Oval Face

The optimum face shape for a lady is oval. It's neither too long nor too wide. You’re not alone because Beyonce too has an oval face. To highlight your best feature, you can attempt any hairstyle and haircut you choose. And get a pair of sassy brow-skimming bangs!

  • Round Face

The face is round and around the same height and width. It may have plump cheeks and no defined jaw corners. A deep side part and long side bangs will help to reduce the roundness. A choppy pixie with the additional volume on the crown will give your look an edge.

  • Square Face

A square face is distinguished by its sharp jawline and almost equal face width and length. On a square-faced girl, loose medium-length hair with long waves, chin-length bobs, and lobs will look fantastic. Blunt straight bangs are a no-no since they accentuate your strong jawline and make your face appear even larger.

  • Long Face

An oval face is comparable to a long face. A long face is comparable to an oval face, except it is slightly longer and narrower. Your hairstyle's density should be concentrated on the sides of your face rather than the head.

  • Heart Face

With a large forehead and cheekbones narrowing towards the sharp chin, the heart and inverted triangle are exceptionally appealing facial forms. Curly curls offer fullness to your chin area, balancing the contrast between your forehead's broadness and your jaw's narrowness. Add no volume to the top of your head; it will visibly expand your brow even more.

  • Diamond Face

The face shapes of a diamond and a heart are comparable. The heart is slightly wider than the diamond. The largest section of a diamond-shaped face is the cheekbones. Diamonds typically appear fantastic with swept-back locks or side-swept hairstyles because they have a beautiful bone structure and a lot to show off, such as awesome high cheekbones and a cute feminine jawline.

So be prepared for summers if you aren't yet because these easy, trendy, and face-framing summer hairstyles will make people go gaga over you. And we know that you like attention, so go conquer the world, my queens!

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