It was Susan’s first day at work. As excited as she was, it was important for her to look her best. She walked over to her closet only to find herself in a state of utter dilemma. “Skirts or Pants? Flats or Heels”? It looked like she was having difficulty contemplating what exactly she could wear to work. Still unsure of what to wear, she flipped through some pages of her favorite business magazine, and very fortunately, she happened to come across a particular page that was specifically meant for women business attire. Susan had her outfit of the day. But what about you? Have you made up your mind yet? No? We’d be happy to help!

Women Business Attire: The Evolution of Power Dressing

There was a time when suits were predominantly meant for men is long gone. Men usually have it easy to pick the best fit for work. Formal shirt, formal pants, and they are all set. However, picking the right outfit could get a little tricky and challenge for women. You need to maintain that perfect blend of both professionalism and style. The evolution of business women’s attire started when some women adopted the “androgynous” idea of fashion. With pantsuits gaining prominence in the early 1920s to patterned blouses, from tie-neck pieces to sophisticated coordinates, the fashion of formal business fashion is on the rise. It is almost certain to leave you feeling inspired for the rest of the week.

Casual Business Attire vs Formal Business Attire

Both these attires significantly differ from one another. Therefore, you must understand which one you are dressing for and how you can do so fittingly. Choosing the proper business attire for the right business occasion is absolutely necessary. If you have to attend events at a contemporary workplace or your office typically decides to stick to “only casuals on Fridays”, you can go with a more relaxed dressing style. This relaxed style of workwear is what we call “business casuals.” On the contrary, “formal business attire’’ implies a more sophisticated form of office wear, typically reserved for occasions that call for either business meetings or presentations. 

  • The office pick

Style and comfort should go hand in hand. While picking your outfit of the day, keep in mind the number of hours you will have to spend wearing that outfit because it is essential that you feel comfortable. Choose business attires that would very conveniently allow you to move around. Pants, in such cases, usually are the best choice. However, if you are comfortable wearing fitted dresses and skirts, they make a fantastic choice too. Inject personality into your closet, and you will see that confidence comes naturally to you. If you have been working for quite some time now, you will better know what goes best with your office. 

  • The interview fit

If you appear for an interview, your main goal should be projecting a polished and intelligent appearance. It would help if you created a lasting impression on the interviewers, and when you make your look presentable, half the battle you win. Keep your interview fit very flattering and conservative. A white shirt with a slim-cut suit and pointed heels will help you nail the look. Accessorize your outfit with minimal jewelry and a structured handbag. 

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Business Attire for Women

If you decide to wear a skirt, make sure it finishes around your knee or below. You should look comfortable, and your slit should not be too high. You are representing yourself as a businesswoman; wearing too flashy outfits can give off an impression of unprofessionalism.

Business Attire for Women
Business Attire for Women

A button-up shirt can never go wrong for business attire, and the variety of colors makes them suitable for all kinds of business occasions. Soft tones or pastel colors can always add more sophistication to your overall outfit, and black and white are, however, the go-to shades for every business attire.

1. The Cocktail Fit for Your Business

Paying attention to looking ridiculously beautiful and professional at cocktail parties organized by businesses is equally important. Select a dress that adds personality along with an appropriate business cut. Jeweled neckline, flounced sleeves will seem to do the trick. Pumps, clutch, and jewelry will make you look a bit more dressy, and that’s exactly how you want to look.  

2. The Summer and Winter Business Attire

Slaying in your outfit in the scorching heat of summer could be challenging and not impossible. Stick to lightweight pants or skirts that will help you achieve the sophisticated look the whole of summer. As much as tempted you might feel to wear open-toe shoes, wearing closed-toe styles is more office-appropriate. To beat the winter look, you can always swap your collared shirt for a turtleneck that will make you look professional and stylish. Switching to heeled boots can also look like a great idea. Investing in a smart blazer or a coat could never go wrong, especially when choosing winter business attire for women.


Women business attire is typically vital as they give the image of professionalism to the people working with you and for you. Make sure you are not overdressed or under-dressed. To maintain your elevated appearance, fill your wardrobe with button-down blouses, pencil skirts, button-up shirts, fitted dresses, and so on. If you are dressing casually, you can always team your trendy pair of jeans up with a white plain t-shirt. That could never possibly go wrong. Casual yet classy. What could be better than that?

The right personality with the right attire can help you seal the deal and help you create a lasting impression. Knowing how to dress appropriately for different business occasions is essential, and now that you know the trick to dressing the right way, you are all set to create lasting impressions. Remember- dress to impress

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