‘Tissue salts’ might be a new term to some of you. It is also a way of treating many diseases. Just like chemicals in allopathy, they are the natural minerals used in homeopathy.

It works on an independent theory of heeling. Homeopathic medicines are a couple of decades-old now. It is like naturopathy and is believed by many. Homeopathy is a concept that is dependent on tissue salts. We will tell you everything related to it. 

What are Tissue Salts?

Tissue salts or biochemistry salts are ?minerals that are already there in a human body. Medically, an imbalance in these salts is the cause of illness and diseases in the body. Interestingly, these salts are also available by mother earth in rocks and in soils. This concept functions to keep the body in balance by maintaining these tissue salt. 

Tissue Salts and Homeopathy

Tissue salts are the minerals used in homeopathy medicines. Homeopathic tissue salts are specially formulated in the form of homeopathic micro doses making them effective in retaining body minerals, therefore, triggering the healing process. These are safe for every age group starting from 1 year old. 

Why does your Body Need Tissue Salts?

No matter how health conscious you may be, the modern lifestyle is too consuming. Street food, bad nutrition, pollution, atmosphere everything’s adding up to some illness or the other. Humanity is becoming weaker with each passing generation.

We are more prone to diseases and illness is becoming a part of our lifestyle. The ongoing mineral deficiencies and illness are getting passed on from a mother to her children and the cycle doesn’t seem to end. Homeopathy stands by the concept that there should be regular mineral replacement policy in our lifestyle.

They believe in the fact that the correct amount of tissue salts in the body can heal and restore itself from within naturally. And this concept seems to work for those who believe in it.

Tissue Salts
Tissue Salts

The 12 Primary Homeopathic Tissue Salts

In homeopathy, there are 12 main tissue salts that are about 20 years old. Each of these provides adverse health benefits and helps to heal the body from different diseases.

  • Calc Fluor: It is the elasticity expert. It strengthens tooth enamel and bones. It also restores tissue elasticity and helps with hemorrhoids and hernia pain.
  • Calc Phos: It is the cell restorer. It heals minor growing pain, joints pain, and heals fractures. It is good for the digestive system and helps with body weakness.
  • Calc Sulph: It is the sinus and skin cell salts. It heals skin sores and wounds. It is a blood purifier and also clears cold, congestion, and yellow mucus.
  • Ferr Phos: It is the iron cell salts and is anti-inflammatory. It helps with fever, cold, fatigue, and pale skin. It also reduces bleeding and throbbing pain.
  • Kali Mur: A cleansing agent that is great detoxifying. It purifies blood and treats infections. It treats acne, thrush, ingestion, and white discharge problems.
  • Kali Phos: It is the nerve and brain cell agent. It is great for reducing anxiety, irritability, and fatigue. It treats insomnia, nerve pain, and headaches. It is also helpful in sharpening memory.
  • Kali Sulph: It is a deep cleaning tissue salt. It is great for the pancreas. It heals skin issues and boosts metabolism. Also great for severe cold and congestion.
  • Mag Phos: It is the best pain killer. It eases cramps, pains, and reduces spasm. It is also helpful in reducing menstrual cramps.
  • Nat Mur: It is a restoring agent. It balances body fluids and reduces water retention. It also aids in cold, sinus, emotional stress, sleeplessness, and headaches.
  • Nat Phos: It is the anta-acid tissue salt. It is an aid for acidity, gas, seasickness, arthritis, and indigestion.
  • Nat Sulph: It is a liver cleanser. It treats nausea, biliousness, sick headache, joint pain, and sadness.
  • Silica: It is a skin and connective agent. It cleanses the blood and strengthens hair, skin, and nails.

Who can use?

A great property of tissue salts is that they can be used by any person of any age group. They are 100% safe and inexpensive. It has no side effects. It is safe for babies, patients with diabetes, hypertension, or even cancer. They can be taken by anybody. 

Tissue Salts
Tissue Salts

How are these Tissue Salts used?

Tissue salts are available as a lactose tablet that is a very small amount of chosen tissue salt. These are not swallowed tablets but should be dissolved in the mouth. They are also available in other forms like creams, gels, and ointments. 

Are tissue salts effective?

Researches have proved that tissue salts are quite effective. But there are a few individuals who do not find salts as effective as allopathy medicines. It is a fact that these salts tend to provide slow recovery but have no side effect and are completely safe for use. They are suitable for those who believe in it. 

Side effects of tissue salts?

In general conditions, these tissue salts are extremely safe. But one should stick to the determined dosage. A body will respond to over-dose in a certain manner. In the majority of cases, there is no side effects of tissue salts. 

Possible reactions

Tissue salts may react to some sensitive people. Symptoms of a disease can be temporarily intensified. There could be an increase in pain, rashes or a sense of fatigue. It is an indication that an organism with the help of tissue salt is intensifying its work on the affected areas. 

Tissue salts aim to correct ailments by correcting imbalances or deficiencies and helping the body to restore itself to its normal being. It does not aim to fight with the infectious disease but boosts the body’s health to fight against it.

It is a different way of treatment when compared to intense treatments of allopathy, it fights with the root cause of the problem so surely it is better in today’s scenario when lifestyle is complicated and the body’s health is unpredictable.