Buying and wearing branded outfits gives a different type of happiness and satisfaction, right ladies? The struggle to keep a balance between our budget and our shopping spree is real, and it is truly a relatable dilemma that most ladies face. 

Why are we more inclined towards multinational and international brands? My thought is, the branded outfits have a classy and unique look, which we don’t see in clothes from thrift stores or markets.

The positive side of shopping in thrift stores is you can easily make the street style outfits look fabulous and unique with some creative outfit ideas and a good tailor if required, who is very good with such alterations. The best part about this is that you can change the entire look of the outfit in to street style fashion. 

Street Style Outfit Ideas 

On a different note, another dilemma that some of us sometimes face is we may get bored with some of our outfit styles, and so our expenses increase in the hopes of getting new, different outfit styles or when our old clothes no longer fit us.

This will be no longer an issue because you will be able to use these street style outfit ideas for old clothes transformation. 

1. Make a kimono shrug out of a midi length shirt dress

Midi length shirt dresses are cute. However, if you feel like changing your style into something different and eye-catching, you can make your dress into a kimono shrug, giving you a boho-chic style. This could be your perfect street style outfit For details on how to do the magic changeover for your outfit, check this street style outfit tutorial.

2. Tighten the waist of a pair of flared jeans with minimal sewing

No matter how much we complain about the discomfort of wearing a pair of jeans, we can never really stop wearing them. So, all those ladies who want to tighten the waist of their favorite jeans (old or new), all you need is a roll of thread, scissors, and a roll of an elastic band. 

Cut on the inner side of the back of the jeans on two ends. Insert the elastic band through one end and pull it out from the other end. Sew the two open ends along with the elastic band. Bored with the long flared style, you can shorten the legs by a few inches and convert into a crop flared jeans. Ta-da! Now it’s your new street style outfit

3. Turn a simple shift dress into a skirt

Bored with your shift dress? Well, you can transform your dress into a wrap skirt. For starters, you have to cut the dress in the midsection. Followed by opening the seams on one side of the skirt (soon to be) and cut from the thigh portion to the waist like a curve and sew it.

To complete the wrap look, cut a portion of the upper part of the dress about three to four centimeters in width. Attach it to the skirt which will now act as the skirt straps. Sew the straps on both sides on the waistline of the skirt and done.  To understand better, you can check this street style outfit tutorial out for details. 

4. Add some colors and style your jeans with some embroidered flowers

For those ladies who love flowers, you can give your jeans a customized look by embroidering them with some colorful flowers. You can either make the embroidery on one side of the thigh portion of the jeans or one side of the calf portion. Most importantly, embroidered jeans, even though is an old-style, it is still in fashion.  

Street Style Outfit
Street Style Outfit

5. Turn a boring T-shirt into a hot halter top

You can also try converting any T-shirt of yours into a basic yet hot halter top, one of the easiest street style outfit ideas for girls. To make this funky and hot halter top, firstly cut the sleeves out and the collar as well.

Cut the backside of the T-shirt to make it backless. Cut through the back of the T-shirt to create the straps and cut the straps in such a way that it resembles the straps of a halter top. Viola! One hot halter top ready to go!

6. Take the style of your shirt to the next level of awesomeness

Thinking of going to the beaches with your friends or any plans for a get-together with your homies? Or having thoughts of buying a front knot style shirt? Well, you can make the knot on a normal shirt as well without making any alterations. 

7. How to recycle old clothes at home to make a dress out of a men’s T-shirt?

There is a Hollywood movie for the teens named Aquamarine, that showed something very different and a unique way to make a short dress out of a men’s T-shirt. 

For this, firstly, you will need a fully stretchable full sleeve T-shirt that will be pretty big for you. Now, you have to wear it, putting your hands out of the neck so that the sleeves are left free. Now take the sleeves and bring them to the back of your neck forming a cross and tie the sleeves into a knot.

Street Style Outfit
Street Style Outfit

Otherwise, if you have a half sleeve men’s T-shirt, you can also wear it in this same way. The difference will be, the sleeves will be tucked inside the top portion of the dress, crossing each other.

So, these are the seven street style outfit ideas that you can try as DIY ideas for old clothes or change the look of your outfit into something else. Adopting this concept of altering outfits, will for sure, save a lot of money for you, trust me! But of course, buying something new to wear always feels good.

The downside to this is that you will end up with too many clothes that can make it hard for you to sort your wardrobe. Although the thought of owning numerous outfits may seem tempting, it is not just worth it.

Now is the time of living a minimalist life with this amazing street style outfit ideas!

So try trying such outfit ideas and live a minimal life!

Stay safe♥

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