Weight Loss By Walk ?? Really?? Want to shed some fat right around your belly to fit in perfectly just about in time for your friend’s wedding? Or are you just tired of being lousy, guilt-tripped and want to work for your weight problems? We all know exercise is going to do the tricks but let’s be honest – who wants to get up and deal with all that sweat and gut-wrenching weird workout sessions? 

Are you wishing for a miraculous method to lose weight fast and not even put that much hard work into it? Who are we kidding? Everyone wishes that. Well, fasten your seat belts because we are here with just about the perfect article that will blow your mind. Here we have mentioned some tips about weight loss by walk. Yes, that’s right. Dreams come true, don’t they? Thank us later, read on this article first and get up and go for a walk.

How To Loose Weight By Walk?

Let us know about some amazing tips to loos weight by walk that no one told you:


A power-walking workout is a great method to get in shape. While a 30–45-minute power walk 4–5 days per week should be your focus, don’t break there. To reach your weight loss goals, try including brief walks of 20 minutes or less throughout your day when possible. Try a quick walk following meals, which can help control your blood sugar, prevent cravings for more food and give your metabolism a lift. When carrying out daily errands, walk between destinations instead of driving when it’s a mile or less. Take a brief walk when you feel frustrated or stressed. It can help with your mood while you burn a few more calories. Always take the stairs rather than the elevator.


Increasing your walking speed from a leisurely at-the-park pace is one way to get the heart pumping and burn more calories. Along with picking up the pace, researchers say that varying your walking speed during your workouts can help you burn up to 20% more calories than keeping a steady pace. All through your walk, include one 30-second burst every 5 minutes, walking as fast as you can without jogging. Follow this with a slower 30-second recovery walk before you retrieve into your normal power-walking pace and you will find weight loss by walk only.


Walking on a hiking trail with hills is another way to include intervals in your walking routine without making it feel like torture. Walking uphill also burns more calories and helps you build muscle in the lower body, which can help accelerate your metabolism, too. If your area does not have a walking trail nearby that you can access 2–3 times per week, try a staircase workout or set the incline on the treadmill at the gym. Just remember to change your technique a little. Lean forward as you climb, take shorter steps and bend your knees more than you would generally.


While it might look silly, amplifying your arm swing while you walk has additional benefits. It’ll help to get a move on your pace, work your upper body and burn up to 10% more calories when compared to a normal arm swing.

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Setting goals is necessary to keep you motivated. One of the best goals you can have as a walker is to work toward increasing the number of steps you take each day. The more steps you take, the more expected you are to burn calories. Shortening your stride to take more steps can essentially help you speed up the pace, too. Unlike distance and speed goals that can lead to an injury when advanced too quickly, increasing your steps is safer and can be amped up more rapidly. If you’re stern about losing weight, aim for 10,000 per day to start and increase your step count from there as you can tolerate.


Walking can be a great way to distress, improve your health and toughen your bones and muscles without risking injury. But for weight loss, you’ll need to focus on diet to make it happen. Focusing on lean proteins and vegetables and off-putting sugary and processed foods is where you should start. Keeping track of your daily caloric intake helps you shed pounds faster and more safely than opting for one of the many fad diets instead.



A good way to break up your walks, toughen your muscles and burn more calories is to include bodyweight exercises during your workout. Now we know, this is not what you want to do, but it is only necessary if you really want to amplify weight loss process. Two or three times per week, stop and perform a five-minute push-up, Squats, Walking lunges, Front or side planks session during your walk. Exercise these tips in your daily walking sessions and you will notice better and faster results in no time!

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